How to improve the texture in Photoshop?

25 Mar, 2013 gus_ann
25 Mar, 2013 # Re: How to improve the texture in Photoshop?
Hello, help me, I know bad Photoshop. I make the interior, should be pokleit wallpaper. The texture found on the Internet, even texture and image in a very poor quality and resolution (775 * 600) Well I can not find. Superimposed on a wall - the result of lamentable. Tell me how it can be improved in Photoshop - to increase up to 2000 * ... This web is the size of 3720 * 2800, to remove noise and improve quality to less priemlevogo? I've tried, removed the letter, but it was still not very good. Screens enclose texture: render:

8 Apr, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
8 Apr, 2013 # Re: How to improve the texture in Photoshop?
Hello! In this situation, there is no technically competent reception. At least for this texture. In the most extreme case it is possible to try to draw again, there are so many branches and manually if you have a tablet, you can restore the contours. Alternatively, you can just try to find such a branch with flowers and sfeykovat a blurred background behind them or find a similar picture and adjust its color. But that machine, and beautiful - is unlikely. I do need to inform the client that a report of wallpaper and if he wants to see "exactly this picture" on 3d rendering, then either he has to go to the store and take a picture bigger piece or put up with the fact that the wall is such poor quality texture. With retouching of images I do not mess around because, for which the client does not exactly want to pay to repair it in high resolution manually can take several hours😁

25 Mar, 2013 gus_ann
8 Apr, 2013 # Re: How to improve the texture in Photoshop?
Anton, hello! It seems that in this case, even so have the very texture look good resolution, no other choice. But that's half the Internet obryla can not find anything. In any case, thanks for the reply, I did not hope to get it.

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