Lamp 3d model with golden floor stand

31 Aug, 2010 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The floor lamp with a black lampshade. The lamp stands on a massive gilded rounded form base. The top of the base has an spherical decorative element, the continuing of which is a high thin cylindrical stand. There are beautiful bucket of a forged golden petals on the upper part of the stand. The each petal is decorated with a crystal pendants. The one of the elements made of transparent white cut glass. The other element of an each petal made in a form of a big black glass drop. The both elements have a ascetic cutting like the Swarovski crystals. This like faceting gives them a special shine and beauty. The top of the lamp equipped with a lampshade covered with a black mat fabric. The inside part of the shade trimmed with a orange lining in a tone of the golden stand and petals. In spite of the austereness of the form of this floor lamp, it nicely fills to the modern style interior and is usable mobile alternative to an attached to a night table bedside lamp. This floor lamp has a long electricity cable and lets to enjoy the reading of the favorite book while being in any interior zone. For good and realistic rendering, the 3d model of the floor lamp should be merged with a spherical warm light source with an orange to yellow color. The 3d model of the lampshade designedly do not have a 3d model of the lamp itself what simplifies the light setup eliminating the need of excluding some elements from the scene illumination. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

11 Dec, 2010 Uchus.)
11 Dec, 2010 # Re: Lamp 3d model with golden floor stand
guys are unreal beautiful! Super!

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