Lantern 3d Model Old Ship

11 Nov, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
3d model of an old ship's lantern made of copper for wall mount. A light itself is a metal housing that looks like a big camping thermos, which has no bottom. It is made specifically to the metal bottom not absorb light energy emanating from the light bulb installed inside. This design feature allows the using of this lamp 3d mode not only as wall sconce, but like a chandelier on a ceiling. Specifically for this purpose in the upper part of the body, there is a brass handle, an arm, for which the lamp can be attached to a ceiling. Then through the open bottom, the light will break out the body, covering the hold of a ship. However, the role of the main light window in the this ship's lantern 3d model is not an open bottom; it is a yellowish blown glass, enclosed in a brass cage. This cage is both decoration and ribs of this lamp. The material of this ship light 3d model simulates aged metal, giving the model type of a seasoned naval unit, battered by time. Inside of the lantern also contains a 3d model of a light bulb with a filament, which can be seen clearly through the yellow blown glass shell. Despite the ship origin of this light, it can be perfectly used as a lantern in the stairwell or hallway or even as a hand lamp (without fastening mesh parts). Another advantage of this lamp is that its cover is humidity resistant and it will make the lantern usable for exterior 3d renderings.

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19 Jan, 2012 Anna
19 Jan, 2012 # Re: Lantern 3d Model Old Ship
Terrific! Such work still need to search 👍

19 Jan, 2012 Maks (Staff Author)
19 Jan, 2012 # Re: Lantern 3d Model Old Ship
Thank you, Anna 😉

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