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27 Apr, 2017 Dreamer
27 Apr, 2017 # AMD Ryzen & Use Embree (V-Ray)
So the render settings are pinned from the same file. Or am I wrong?

26 Apr, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
26 Apr, 2017 # Re: Problems in the 3ds Max viewport
Maksovich, Fedor, the textual description of unpredictable or illogical behavior, unfortunately, is not enough to imagine what is going on. It is a reason no one helps, or advising very general things. In order to get an opportunity to even understand your problem, I suggest you to record the screen with a video grabber and share here a link for the resulting video on youtube.

25 Apr, 2017 Pernataya
25 Apr, 2017 # Re: Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 3
The problem is in the riddle of the render and in its fuzziness, in principle, so that the rendering is not too much delayed. I will be glad to any constructive criticism about my renders

25 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
25 Apr, 2017 # Re: Bronze material for Bell
I can assume that your bronze material has overly perfect look. Usually bronzeware is handmade, so realistic bell 3d model must have many imperfections such as dents from a hammer or green signs of oxidation. That means you need to add appropriate bump map and create oxidation zones on diffuse.

24 Apr, 2017 Ilya
24 Apr, 2017 # Re: Technical problems with 3d Max viewport. Scene display bugs
Good afternoon, there is such a problem with viewports - I deploy the viewport on the whole screen and it seems to be inactive, although it is selected, the zoom with the mouse wheel does not work, for example. You have to move the scene or click on the lcm window, then the wheel zooming starts to work. What could be the problem?

25 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
20 Apr, 2017 # Re: LED strip in V-Ray
Hi Irina,   Since I’m not aware of what you have actually built with VRayLight, I can’t comment on why some of lights work and some don’t. I will just explain most practical options.   Easiest option starts from creating a small Sphere primitive. Apply VrayLightMtl on it and clone self-illuminated spheres wherever you want. To achieve better results, I advise you to activate Direct Illumination checkbox in material settings. It allows VrayLightMtl to not only shine bright and generate GI, it also make it generate direct light, as it is with VRayLight you used.   The more complicate and more realistic option is the imitating actual LED strip geometry. To do this, create a strip from long flat Box primitive, add few cross segments to it. Then convert Box primitive to Editable Poly and select every other polygon along one of the long flat sides. Extrude them and you will get LED’s on your stip. Assign material ID1 for the i

26 Apr, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
19 Apr, 2017 # Re: Huge 4K TV for 3ds Max is a good choice!
Nikitakit, congratulations with such a great bargain!  As I understand, BDM4350UC is being sold as a monitor (not a TV) for a regular price around 800 USD and higher. The DisplayPort that available in this panel is a monitor-only feature, and it came handy as we can see. I personally use the onboard graphics ports on my MSI motherboard and can confirm some strange issues with them. Please feel free to share any info regarding the work on a large display, and other subjects of course.

19 Apr, 2017 Liza
19 Apr, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode
It was better before, revert back

15 Apr, 2017 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: Modeling fabric sofa Foliage in 3ds Max + Marvelous Designer and its studio rendering in V-Ray
Aidar.Attention: The most important moment on which the success of the whole operation depends is the force of pressure. The divan-avtar must be tightened so that the fabric clearly repeats its shape!After we have indicated what to sew with, it is necessary to carry out the actual stitching simulation. To do this, select all pieces of fabric in the right window and set the maximum negative pressure force (-70).Select your canvases and give them a negative value of inflation. Pressuer must be signed with a "-" (minus). You have a positive value. Assume 70, and you need -70. 😉

15 Apr, 2017 Sashga
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: Import various formats to 3ds Max
Hello. In the existing scene, I import a 3ds object (with the current scene saved). But after importing, only the most imported object is visible in the scene. What was in the scene before, can not be seen. Unhide All was pushing. Tell me, please, how to fix this situation.

15 Apr, 2017 Maksim Gorky
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: V-Ray Physical Camera quick setup, Mini-Tutorial
VERY GOOD !!! 🙂 Thanks! Olga, you do not have to create a new camera each time! Just select the camera itself, not its Target!

15 Apr, 2017 Dar
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: Lights gone in the 3ds Max scene
Thank you!!! 👍

15 Apr, 2017 Svetlana
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: Scene file size increases after each save
🙂 Much thanks! I'm using both of these methods. Always helps.

15 Apr, 2017 nina
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: How to make Vray Mtl a default material
Help me with the same problem, but by default is set

15 Apr, 2017 Mila
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: Subdivs setting for VRay Sun and VRay lights
Thanks for answers!!!I tried a lot during this time, I picked up more or less parameters for myself, but the question remained open ...Interest is no longer the minimum settings, if only there was no noise, but from the experience of othersWhat is the maximum number of Subdivs you put on the sun, lights, materials ???? !!!For interiors and subject visualization.Need a superb image

15 Apr, 2017 Anastasiiya
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: An error has occurred and the application will now close - 3d Max & VRay
Such a problem. I use floor generator for floor texturing. And applying Unwrap UVW, when I select all polygons produces an error. _En error has occured and the apiacion will now close.

15 Apr, 2017 Varya
15 Apr, 2017 # Re: How to set texture paths in 3ds Max?
Many thanks for the article! 👍

20 Feb, 2017 renderstuff (Staff Author)
20 Feb, 2017 # Re: Terms of Service
Google Translations THIS SERVICE MAY CONTAIN TRANSLATIONS POWERED BY GOOGLE. GOOGLE DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES RELATED TO THE TRANSLATIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTIES OF ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT.   RenderStuff Content Usage: PRIVATE NON-PUBLIC USE You can freely use all information in your own private projects and scenes. Working with the materials from the site you can modify them at your own discretion as long as it is done for personal purposes and doesn't shared publicly. NON-PROFIT & PERSONAL PUBLIC USE You can republish or use for non-profit purposes the articles (tutorials) and 3d renderings (images) from this site ONLY if there is a dofollow visible hyperlink to as the author OR any sensible mentioning of the authorship ONLY in case of imp

25 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
24 Jan, 2017 # Re: Creating laquered timber material in V-Ray
With the clarity of the texture on the renderer, it's not so simple. The fact is that the renderer does not basically render the texture "pixel-to-pixel", by and large, it generally does not have such a thing as a pixel texture. Render - this is the tracing (emission) of rays to objects of the scene, falling into the camera and the formation of color pixels of the final rendering, depending on what "see" the rays at the point of impact.

20 Jan, 2017 Serega
20 Jan, 2017 # Re: How to make selected object transparent in the viewport
Many thanks! I've spent two nights looking for this function

18 Jan, 2017 Karina
18 Jan, 2017 # Re: Exterior Rendering with V-Ray
Hello! Tell me please. Do exterior visualization, I tried to use the settings of some of the lessons learned from your own site. It turns is this: How to make the picture sharper and vibrant? In Photoshop, you can, but it turns out not quite the way we would like, and probably more correct to achieve results by using the render settings. Add the brightness of the sky / sun - it gets washed out but still some dull ..

13 Jan, 2017 Vasiliy
13 Jan, 2017 # Re: VRayLightMtl wont display in viewport
Thanks for the advice! Helped!

8 Jan, 2017 Olya
8 Jan, 2017 # Re: Creating plants 3D models
Thank you, Anton. Yes, the most important thing in my head there was a clear understanding that whether or not all this is done the geometry and everything is done by hand. Although everything else I model it manually, but think: "Suddenly there is some easy way to to model such a complex in the modeling beauty" And now I understand that there is. Two days wool web sit to the question that I finally around confused. Ready to use libraries, of course, but for streaming renders and want something their already exclusive and even just have to learn how to model the flora for another model I have no problems. And most of all I'm interested in exteriors. I sought as a model recently poplar. Well, is not it, and does not allow to buy .. but do not let money, so I want to learn how to simulate all this greenery). Thank you very much for your reply !!!

25 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
1 Jan, 2017 # Re: Sand-like noise on reflections with V-Ray materials
Hi, You have one problem creates another. No glare in reflective materials, because there is nothing to reflect, and there is nothing, because the main source of glare in your scene - it is the light from the window. And there you have, apparently, dark VRaySky. Since it is dark, and the half-dark room, and the shadow of "love to make noise." This is possible, at least for two reasons: - the VRaySun container, which linked into VRaySky, raised high enough relative to its target with (VRaySun.Target) and generates VRaySky "evening" gradient. - In the settings of the VRaySky set a very low value «sun intenity multiplier». It is necessary to increase it and the background behind the window becomes brighter. If you on the background of the window is not the VRaySky (I can not see the settings and only guess), but, for example, raster map (texture), that are similar - it is dark. Make the background behind the window lighter and in general to the windows is something shining (I can not see if t

25 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
1 Jan, 2017 # Re: Removing hotspots and overbrights in V-Ray
Hello yura., About how to adjust interior lighting has already been analyzed. If you after reading the threads on the link even any thematic questions, write them down there. In addition, I advise you to read the detailed tutorial on gus_ann about interior rendering in-Ray the V . In a more expanded form the subject of interior lighting in the V-Ray is difficult to even imagine. With regard to the work function of «Force color clamping» then again, we have the support of one of the lessons from gus_ann and Usco about visualization of Roman blinds in the window opening . It clearly shows how and why, in practice, you can use this VRayFrameBuffer. For an idea of what Color Clamping (Clamp output) in principle, read

15 Apr, 2017 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
28 Dec, 2016 # Re: What should pro interior rendering artist know
Correctly Max said - we should start ... even with what is. With simple things. And further complicating. Most right direction oddly enough - is a sale. That is, You're not yet modeler, but you want them to be. That is the time to enter the market. There is a lot of negative reviews, but it's necessary to go through these reviews and learn for the future, too. According to tell me - she studied at all, and no one in particular. Something I can, what is not. And most importantly - everything, absolutely everything is learned in the process. There are no modeler, which will make the model for 1 hour .... I mean complex shapes. For the purpose, and the funds will be found.

25 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
14 Dec, 2016 # Re: Distributed rendering for dummies
Hello, Network rendering does not depend on the operating system, it depends on the software renderer and right configured network connection between computers on the network, even if they have different operating systems. If you have both computers should have the same version of 3ds Max, but the renderer and Backburner'a network renderer is not, then it is almost certainly the case in the network connection. And not necessarily in the network settings, Firewall can simply trite to block incoming requests from other companies. Anti-Virus can. To eliminate this, temporarily disable them. And try to connect again. The network itself must be Home (not Public), it is less secure, but that's why creates fewer barriers to incoming requests. Also, there should be one working group for both computers. As for the network settings on different operating systems, that is, some of the features, but it is a question of the system administrator. In any case, on the Internet a lot of detailed text and video instruc

10 Dec, 2016 SharpOo
10 Dec, 2016 # Re: Gold material in V-Ray
There are elegant series of lessons on Vray called "GW Master Vray", it understands very meticulous method of creating photo-realistic materials, including gold.

2 Dec, 2016 Oleg
2 Dec, 2016 # Re: Adjust the vray settings to the original photo or video
I agree. Problems with composing I do not have, and post-production - too. With animation and all is well. I would like to just find the finest professional and technical comments on the matter, in theoretical terms. For example, the laws of physics, optics, and various types of distortion, under certain conditions, etc .. but as designate one buzzword - can not know. ) The after Effekts and many techniques and features that it has, just closer to the real number of video effects - a simulation of the actual properties of the material in the environment where it is located. This is not correct, although not distinguishable. Maybe have the appropriate terms that have lead me to the right information?

28 Nov, 2016 Yuriy
28 Nov, 2016 # Re: Transfer mapping from HI-POLY to LOW-POLY model
Thank you for the clarification. I'll try to simplify version (bringing to the low poly) haypolnoy modeli.Posmotryu both stretches texture. If possible lay out.

26 Nov, 2016 Darya
26 Nov, 2016 # Re: Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 4
Good afternoon! The question arose: what to choose in terms of force glow scene. Is it possible to put a technically correct settings of each light bulb, for example, in a sconce lamp power of 60 W = 600 lumens. Ctavim in Vraylight settings in sconces Luminous multiplier = 600. The chandelier bulbs 6 to 60 Lumens = 3600 Lumens. (By the way, Radiant power is the power in watts?) And configure all the lights. Whether such efforts are successful? I tried I got dark, but maybe I got it wrong, so decided to ask.

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