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25 Jul, 2017 Manulov
25 Jul, 2017 # Problems in the 3ds Max viewport
Hello. When will the day come when someone will solve the problem described above - OFFSET OF VYUPORT. I basically do not mind sitting in 2014 max, but still, I want to join the new technologies.

23 Jul, 2017 Ilya
23 Jul, 2017 # Re: 360 panorama in 3ds Max tutorial
Good day! Learning - light .. The equidistant projection did (everything turned out), but further in Pano2QTVR - the video is 1sec. ((

20 Jul, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
20 Jul, 2017 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Irina, for example, in me In 3ds Max 2017, the auto-save time is set in minutes: Backup Interval (minutes). 5 minutes with SSD and optimized scenes is absolutely acceptable. (300 seconds = the same 5 minutes)

20 Jul, 2017 Diana
20 Jul, 2017 # Re: How to save or move render settings to another scene
Comrades, tell me, if there is no preset button, is it vrey crookedly installed or what?

20 Jul, 2017 Aleksey
20 Jul, 2017 # Re: DMC Sampler Vray tutorial
Thank you for the lesson!

16 Jul, 2017 Viktoriya
16 Jul, 2017 # Re: Technical problems with 3d Max viewport. Scene display bugs
I downloaded the student version of 3ds Max 2017 and can not switch to Realistic mode. When you press F3 instead of it, the Default Shading mode is turned on, this mode is also absent in the drop-down menu. I tried again to re-assign the hotkey - it still does not turn on. What's the matter?

20 Jul, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
8 Jul, 2017 # Re: Unwrap in 3ds Max: texturing complex models
Alexey, You shouldnt expect anything good from Flatten Mapping. It works just like this: spreads every flat face along a template, well, not taking care of the seams, the integrity, or the location of the neighboring pieces. For a good mapping, you will have to use a more efficient tool. In 3ds Max, this is the Pelt technique of the Unwrap UVW modifier, or the old-school manual unwrapping by the means of selection of the desired general logical piece, the application of the planar projection onto it, sewing them to the desired place. Also, there are very good 100% automatic unwrappers in other software products.

6 Jul, 2017 Masloff
6 Jul, 2017 # Re: Modeling Roman curtains: Marvelous Designer - Part 1
Many thanks for the tutor! Guys, tell me why has the lesson on retopology disappeared?

6 Jul, 2017 Ilshat
6 Jul, 2017 # Re: Lampshade with cutouts modeling
I understood you, thanks for the solution, I wouldn't do that without your help 🙂

5 Jul, 2017 Photo-Graph
5 Jul, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode
So, ideally, it was worth leaving everything as is, and the test site rolled out on a separate sub-domain, so that there was an opportunity to both use the old resource and test a new one. Successes in development, of course) Just a site at a similar stage is not rolled out for everyone) There is a closed test (between mods, developers and resource administrators), there is an open testing of the already finished product. A little inconsistently approached the topic🙂

25 Jun, 2017 Yuriy
25 Jun, 2017 # Re: Subdivision Surface: tips and tricks of SubD modeling
It turned out quite neatly! Once again many thanks for the help.

21 Jun, 2017 gus_ann
21 Jun, 2017 # Re: Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 1
Love, you most likely get turned out normals, you need to select all polygons and in Editablr Poly mode, click on these Flip polygons. Stas, you do not have to get attached to a corner in this situation, you have to do the binding on the tops.

21 Jun, 2017 Mariya
21 Jun, 2017 # Re: Import various formats to 3ds Max
Hello. Such problem: I import the model into the scene and it loads into an incomprehensible place, then I can not find the main scene and bring them closer, it looks like a glitch, what can I do, please!

17 Jun, 2017 Oleg
17 Jun, 2017 # Re: Customizing 3ds Max UI
Hello.Help "teapot " to find the command panel disappeared in the 3ds max. Immediately I say that all the "jackdaws" are where they should be, but there is no panel.

10 Jun, 2017 Alena
10 Jun, 2017 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 4
Gus_ann hello.Thank you for your lesson. Please tell me, for the optimal settings - what values ​​to use - the new vray. In which case do I use Progressive, and in what case is Bucket and with which parameters (values)? Is there any information on the renderstuff where I can read about Progressive and / or Bucket in detail?

10 Jun, 2017 Alena
10 Jun, 2017 # Re: Antialiasing and Color mapping in VRay tutorial
Hello. Tell me please, the optimal settings - what values ​​in which case do you use Progressive or Bucket?

20 Jul, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
1 Jun, 2017 # Re: Best CPU for 3ds Max, May 2017
Pavel,   As I've noted, the CPUs under each category are ranged from most rational to the less rational ones. Having i7-7700K at the bottom of the Rendering Node category, you should consider it as the least rational choise for rendering purposes camparing to the top ones.   Thus, for the rendering purposes, Ryzen 1700 is better than 7700K.

30 May, 2017 Natasha
30 May, 2017 # Re: Scene file size increases after each save
A huge human thanks! The file has decreased 485 MB to 85 MB!

28 May, 2017 Arc_fresky
28 May, 2017 # Re: Realistic Sofa Creation in 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer, V-Ray from scratch
WOW.......................thank Goodness I found this

17 May, 2017 Inga
17 May, 2017 # Re: Hidden objects are being rendered in 3ds Max
Thank you !!!

15 May, 2017 Valentin
15 May, 2017 # Re: 3ds Max Missing Dlls
Good day to all! Who got the 3ds Max 2017/2018 without the plug-in installed V-Ray is dedicated ... If someone created the project in previous versions of Max with the plug-in installed and the V-Ray render settings applied, then pushing this project (scene) into the new Max without this plugin, Will receive such a message (Error Missing Dlls ... etc) and that later in the Material Editor in the window displaying the entire list of materials will see solid black windows. Even if you immediately create a new project, then the material editor will already be black. You can fix this only after restarting Mach for a new project with new default settings. The fact is that the project created in the previous version of Mach with the V-Ray plug-in prescribes its data, which in the new Mac without this plug-in will not be able to clean the project. It is solved in only one way. Put the version of Max in which the project was created and put the plug-in V-Ray to it. Run it in your project, call%... Sorry, but the rest

13 May, 2017 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
13 May, 2017 # Re: How do you clean a PC from dust?
Hi, Anton, Maks! I have a question, how to clean your computer from dust and dirt. Well, as a matter of fact, you know my past efforts in the selection of the best PC, and the moment of its cleaning has come. PC begun to do the buzzing noise, so I've cleaned the grill where the air comes in. It doesn't buzz anymore, but I'm obsessed with cleaning... I open the case, and there ......... disaster ... Everything is covered with the dust or its consequences. I rubbed it with a super rag .... a little wet, and only there where I could reach. But they say that you can not do this. You can not wipe, with wet, you are not allowed to do anything there. I carried my previous PC to the computer service, they kind of cleaned, there was also a blue screen bug. Well, they did everything, cleaned everything, but the count of the native screws had lessen... That is not a most pleasent thing. Maybe if there is no vacuum cleaner with reverse blowing I should not even try? Can a hairdryer d

8 May, 2017 XeoniuMiX
8 May, 2017 # Re: GPU vs CPU rendering, 2017
When you see statement: ‘V-Ray will be render one 4K frame for about 2 hours while the Graphic Card will do this job for a ~30 minutes.’, especially on respected resources, you begin to wonder. Did I miss something???   Well, now I see what processor still the best choice for my renders. Thank you very much for the expanded answer and for the links! Went to read.

6 May, 2017 Pavel
6 May, 2017 # Re: How to save separate models from the 3ds Max scene
Thanks, I've found what I was looking for 🙂

6 May, 2017 Yuriy Ye.
6 May, 2017 # Re: SSD tuning and how to save it from failure
2Maks That's right. Only I did not call to ignore all RECOMMENDATIONS. On the contrary, I encouraged and encourage everyone to follow the RECOMMENDATIONS, but not the techno-superstitions, rather the specific recommendations / requirements from the manufacturer of solid-state + information from microsoft. Well, the one's head does need to be turned off and it's always better to critically look on all the advices .. Even this one, mine 😉

20 Jul, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
5 May, 2017 # Re: Choosing PC for 3ds Max and CG, 2017
Hi Ilya, As for the info from the Internet, the "easy" overclocking of i7-7700K would get you around 10% boost. The choosen Asus Z170-P is approximately as higher in price, as the easy overclocking potential of this PC. The same coolers that are capable of keeping the noise low with the 95W CPU with full TurboBoost, would probably withstand the overclocking by going into noisier mode. I think, they are $40-$50 models like Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, Thermaltake Riing Silent, be quiet! Shadow Rock 2. Not sure if you can really save any money here having the overclocking intent.    

20 Jul, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
4 May, 2017 # Re: Embree support (V-Ray)
Since we know the new AMD Ryzen is capable of effective use of Embree, basing on the info kindly shared by sur-pur and Dreamer, we finally can do direct comparsion of Intels and AMDs! Let's define the rating of best CPUs for 3d rendering for today.   Please feel free to use this topic for discussion any questions regarding Embree support.

25 Apr, 2017 Pernataya
25 Apr, 2017 # Re: Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 3
The problem is in the riddle of the render and in its fuzziness, in principle, so that the rendering is not too much delayed. I will be glad to any constructive criticism about my renders

25 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
25 Apr, 2017 # Re: Bronze material for Bell
I can assume that your bronze material has overly perfect look. Usually bronzeware is handmade, so realistic bell 3d model must have many imperfections such as dents from a hammer or green signs of oxidation. That means you need to add appropriate bump map and create oxidation zones on diffuse.

25 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
20 Apr, 2017 # Re: LED strip in V-Ray
Hi Irina,   Since I’m not aware of what you have actually built with VRayLight, I can’t comment on why some of lights work and some don’t. I will just explain most practical options.   Easiest option starts from creating a small Sphere primitive. Apply VrayLightMtl on it and clone self-illuminated spheres wherever you want. To achieve better results, I advise you to activate Direct Illumination checkbox in material settings. It allows VrayLightMtl to not only shine bright and generate GI, it also make it generate direct light, as it is with VRayLight you used.   The more complicate and more realistic option is the imitating actual LED strip geometry. To do this, create a strip from long flat Box primitive, add few cross segments to it. Then convert Box primitive to Editable Poly and select every other polygon along one of the long flat sides. Extrude them and you will get LED’s on your stip. Assign material ID1 for the i

20 Jul, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
19 Apr, 2017 # Re: Huge 4K TV for 3ds Max is a good choice!
Nikitakit, congratulations with such a great bargain!  As I understand, BDM4350UC is being sold as a monitor (not a TV) for a regular price around 800 USD and higher. The DisplayPort that available in this panel is a monitor-only feature, and it came handy as we can see. I personally use the onboard graphics ports on my MSI motherboard and can confirm some strange issues with them. Please feel free to share any info regarding the work on a large display, and other subjects of course.

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