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21 Feb, 2018 Maks (Staff Author)
21 Feb, 2018 # How to set texture paths in 3ds Max?
Artem, There is an utility in a Material Editor called Instance Duplicate Map that searches duplicate similar maps and lets you instantiate them, i.e. make single from duplicates, virtually by one click. You should look into that.

21 Feb, 2018 Maks (Staff Author)
21 Feb, 2018 # Re: Modeling complex objects in 3ds Max
Hi Yevgeniy, To create slab table 3d model, you may use the polygon modeling, where you start from some primitive and then manually manipulate vertices, edges, and polygons to achieve desired shape. Please provide a link to an image with the typical slab, so we can discuss its 3d modeling basing on particular example.

18 Feb, 2018 Marina
18 Feb, 2018 # Re: VRayLightMtl wont display in viewport
Thank you!

18 Feb, 2018 Darya
18 Feb, 2018 # Re: How to save separate models from the 3ds Max scene
simple, but very useful tips! Thank you

16 Feb, 2018 vasya
16 Feb, 2018 # Re: Control 3ds Max Camera like in FPS video game
Thank you

11 Feb, 2018 Konstantin
11 Feb, 2018 # Re: GI Engines VRay 1.5 tutorial
2018 I really thank you!

10 Jan, 2018 oskar03154
10 Jan, 2018 # Re: Making Grass in 3ds Max
Hello. I just started to study 3d max and there was a problem. I model the panorama of the steppe - a huge space, from horizon to horizon, in places filled with grass. Actually the problem is - I create grass with hair and fur in a millimeter scale: Then with the help of Merge I load it into the scene where the meter scale and it turns out some nonsense: How to correct the distortion of hair and fur? The second problem with the multiscatter,

21 Feb, 2018 Maks (Staff Author)
4 Jan, 2018 # Re: Best CPU for 3ds Max, May 2017
George, unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to check all the memory options on Ryzen personally, so I will not advise anything about overclocking. From a practical and realistic point of view, plain arithmetic shows that the choice of fast out-of-the-box memory will make the Ryzen 1600/16Gb base kit price higher by 6%. And the difference in CPU performance from the memory speed described by you lies in the range of 5-10%, what completely justifies the extra price for better memory. The funny thing is that the same fact justifies buying cheaper memory as well, because the quality-price ratio is the same.

30 Dec, 2017 Goodman
30 Dec, 2017 # Re: Align vertices along the same line / face / axis
Roman, if the problem is not solved then assign to the whole model modifier EditNormals will appear a bunch of hairs, this is the normals, select them all and click Reset

13 Dec, 2017 yura.
13 Dec, 2017 # Re: Light Cache Retrace parameter
Good afternoon, tell me what to do with Retrace in Light cache. As I understand it, it has a positive effect on glass and ortazheniya. But the rendering time and the hang of buckets on the glasses increases by the clock.

4 Dec, 2017 Denis
4 Dec, 2017 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Anton! You are my savior !! I spent the whole day. Shoveled the floor of the Internet. But it was your advice that helped! Thanks you!!! From the heart!

2 Dec, 2017 Nataliya
2 Dec, 2017 # Re: The 3ds scene file size increases after each save
Thank you!!!

29 Nov, 2017 Evelyn
29 Nov, 2017 # Re: Problems in the 3ds Max viewport
good afternoon. The problem is this: in max 2017, when textures are applied, in the perspective window everything becomes black at once. it is not possible to see any textures. This problem does not exist when rendering.

21 Feb, 2018 Maks (Staff Author)
7 Nov, 2017 # Re: Choosing PC for 3ds Max and CG, 2017
Artem, Now it is better to wait a little until 8xxx intels massively hit the market to look what is the situation and make possibly better choise.

29 Oct, 2017 Yekaterina
29 Oct, 2017 # Re: V-Ray Physical Camera quick setup, Mini-Tutorial
Yes, only it is added by distorting a little angle.

28 Oct, 2017 Bestviz
28 Oct, 2017 # Re: Realistic Sofa Creation in 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer, V-Ray from scratch
Here's what I get:   I think that would be a great idea to turn the internal seams on 90 degree, otherwise the seams will be too rounded.

27 Oct, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
27 Oct, 2017 # Re: Reflections and shadows of invisible object in 3ds Max
Hi, Yeah sure. All that your need is to select an object and then click by the right mouse button on it, not losing the current selection. The context menu appears. In that menu, choose the Object Properties… option:   Then actually, the Object Properties menu appears. Uncheck there the Visible to Camera option:   Done. Now chosen object is invisible to camera in render, but still visible in refLec

21 Oct, 2017 Dmitriy
21 Oct, 2017 # Re: Antialiasing and Color mapping in VRay 1.5 tutorial
It would be very cool if the article was updated in accordance with the current version of V-Ray (3+)

21 Feb, 2018 Maks (Staff Author)
12 Oct, 2017 # Re: CPU for 3d rendering: FX-8350 vs FX-9370 vs i7-4790K vs i7-5820K
Alexey, I hope the delidding will give you an advantage in TurboBoost and better overclocking, if you opt for that. I can confirm that out-of-the-box i7-4790K reaches peak temperatures very easily: I couldn't overclock mine even a tiny bit with monstrous Thermalright Macho cooler. While being the 3 years old CPU, Intel® Core™ i7-4790K still has high-end overall performance, and is in the Top 10 of the most powerful CPUs in single-thread performance by today.

21 Feb, 2018 Maks (Staff Author)
10 Oct, 2017 # Re: Best Mouse for 3ds Max on 4K
I have used Razer Death Adder 2013 WoT 6400DPI mentioned here for about two years, and the middle button have failed today. It does nothing when I press wheel anymore, despite I hear distinct mechanical click sound. There is a rumour that you can disassemble the mouse and clean it - will leave this option for future. Got A4Tech Bloody R8 Wireless instead. If someone interested, I can share my opinion on its usage with 109ppi display setup.

7 Oct, 2017 Svetlana
7 Oct, 2017 # Re: 3ds Max arrows gone! Help!
Thank you, Alexey! I only worked with the 3rd item.

19 Sep, 2017 Anastasiya
19 Sep, 2017 # Re: Drawing with size labels in 3ds max
This is genius!!! Thanks to the author of the Plugin and to everyone who helped to find and install !!!

18 Sep, 2017 Sergey
18 Sep, 2017 # Re: Downloaded 3d model is displayed black
What to do if after pressing the button extrude the text does not appear

15 Sep, 2017 Cyber4ainik
15 Sep, 2017 # Re: Getting alpha channel in V-Ray
By the way, here is the above dude with a mirror picture spread with a question. In short, who can benefit from it. For each object, in addition to the transparent material, you can manually register its effect on the alpha channel. right click on the object, then v-ray properties, and on the right there is an alpha contribution at the top - default = 1, can be reduced to 0

15 Sep, 2017 Cyber4ainik
15 Sep, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode
It's cool. Here the avatar generator) Generally an interesting forum

4 Sep, 2017 Anastasiya
4 Sep, 2017 # Re: Why are reverse sides of polygons transparent?
At me Bacface Cull it is not necessary and vseravno varies transparency of object depending on a corner prostomtra. For the first time such.

1 Sep, 2017 evgeniya
1 Sep, 2017 # Re: How to save or move render settings to another scene
Yes I do not have a preset button either, what should I do?

29 Aug, 2017 RUCHI
29 Aug, 2017 # Re: 360 panorama in 3ds Max tutorial

23 Aug, 2017
23 Aug, 2017 # Re: 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe]
How do you estimate the cost of works on modeling, on these examples

27 Oct, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
23 Aug, 2017 # Re: How to Render a Transparent Object on a Transparent Background
Hi Vitaly,   Sorry for BIIIIIIG delay. Hope you already found answer on to your question. Anyway, it is the widespread topic, so I’ll explain how to get glass render with transparency.   There are three common things you need to know: 1) There is no actual transparency in raster files. Transparency effect is achieved only thanks to additional b/w «alpha» mask. Even in «naturally» transparent formats, *.png for example, the alpha mask is implicitly built-in. Every time you open up a transparent image, the image viewer is forcibly applying build-in alpha mask on main image and you see it as the image with transparency as the result.   2) By default, the materials alpha generation is turned off in material settings, so to add material alpha information on general render alpha channel you need to turn it on in material settings. &n

4 Aug, 2017 Valeriy
4 Aug, 2017 # Re: Import various formats to 3ds Max
Good afternoon! Help, please, urgently need help. What formats of 3D models from the program CATIA V5R21 supports the program 3D studio max 2017?

1 Aug, 2017 Anna
1 Aug, 2017 # Re: Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 3
Good afternoon! Thank you for such a detailed lesson, everything turns out! But here's the problem, the images with the final settings can not open in good resolution. What should I do for this? Thank you in advance!

26 Jul, 2017 Vladimir
26 Jul, 2017 # Re: Polygons smoothing on 3ds max models
Ilya_sp Thank you very much, helped, +10 to karma

13 Dec, 2017 yura.
20 Jul, 2017 # Re: Standard and IES lights in V-Ray
Tell me, how is this done? I downloaded the model of the lamp in it a photometric with a tagget. I turn the lamp in the desired direction, and with it the photometric with the target is rotated in the same direction.

21 Feb, 2018 Maks (Staff Author)
20 Jul, 2017 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Irina, for example, in me In 3ds Max 2017, the auto-save time is set in minutes: Backup Interval (minutes). 5 minutes with SSD and optimized scenes is absolutely acceptable. (300 seconds = the same 5 minutes)

20 Jul, 2017 Aleksey
20 Jul, 2017 # Re: DMC Sampler Vray 1.5 tutorial
Thank you for the lesson!

16 Jul, 2017 Viktoriya
16 Jul, 2017 # Re: Technical problems with 3d Max viewport. Scene display bugs
I downloaded the student version of 3ds Max 2017 and can not switch to Realistic mode. When you press F3 instead of it, the Default Shading mode is turned on, this mode is also absent in the drop-down menu. I tried again to re-assign the hotkey - it still does not turn on. What's the matter?

21 Feb, 2018 Maks (Staff Author)
8 Jul, 2017 # Re: Unwrap in 3ds Max: texturing complex models
Alexey, You shouldnt expect anything good from Flatten Mapping. It works just like this: spreads every flat face along a template, well, not taking care of the seams, the integrity, or the location of the neighboring pieces. For a good mapping, you will have to use a more efficient tool. In 3ds Max, this is the Pelt technique of the Unwrap UVW modifier, or the old-school manual unwrapping by the means of selection of the desired general logical piece, the application of the planar projection onto it, sewing them to the desired place. Also, there are very good 100% automatic unwrappers in other software products.

6 Jul, 2017 Masloff
6 Jul, 2017 # Re: Modeling Roman curtains: Marvelous Designer - Part 1
Many thanks for the tutor! Guys, tell me why has the lesson on retopology disappeared?

6 Jul, 2017 Ilshat
6 Jul, 2017 # Re: Lampshade with cutouts modeling
I understood you, thanks for the solution, I wouldn't do that without your help ?

25 Jun, 2017 Yuriy
25 Jun, 2017 # Re: Subdivision Surface: tips and tricks of SubD modeling
It turned out quite neatly! Once again many thanks for the help.

21 Jun, 2017 gus_ann
21 Jun, 2017 # Re: Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 1
Love, you most likely get turned out normals, you need to select all polygons and in Editablr Poly mode, click on these Flip polygons. Stas, you do not have to get attached to a corner in this situation, you have to do the binding on the tops.

17 Jun, 2017 Oleg
17 Jun, 2017 # Re: Customizing 3ds Max UI
Hello.Help "teapot " to find the command panel disappeared in the 3ds max. Immediately I say that all the "jackdaws" are where they should be, but there is no panel.

10 Jun, 2017 Alena
10 Jun, 2017 # Re: Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 4
Gus_ann hello.Thank you for your lesson. Please tell me, for the optimal settings - what values ​​to use - the new vray. In which case do I use Progressive, and in what case is Bucket and with which parameters (values)? Is there any information on the renderstuff where I can read about Progressive and / or Bucket in detail?

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