LED strip in V-Ray

20 Apr, 2017 Irina
20 Apr, 2017 # Re: LED strip in V-Ray

How to make LED lighting for glass shelves?

I've tried VrayLight, but some light work while other dont for some reason, help

20 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
20 Apr, 2017 # Re: LED strip in V-Ray

Hi Irina,


Since I’m not aware of what you have actually built with VRayLight, I can’t comment on why some of lights work and some don’t. I will just explain most practical options.


Easiest option starts from creating a small Sphere primitive. Apply VrayLightMtl on it and clone self-illuminated spheres wherever you want. To achieve better results, I advise you to activate Direct Illumination checkbox in material settings. It allows VrayLightMtl to not only shine bright and generate GI, it also make it generate direct light, as it is with VRayLight you used.


The more complicate and more realistic option is the imitating actual LED strip geometry. To do this, create a strip from long flat Box primitive, add few cross segments to it. Then convert Box primitive to Editable Poly and select every other polygon along one of the long flat sides. Extrude them and you will get LED’s on your stip. Assign material ID1 for the improvised LED’s, ID2 for the strip. Next, create a Multi/Sub-Object material. Put VrayLightMtl (see option above) into ID1 Sub-Material and white VRayMtl into ID2.


That’s how you can get LED strip in V-Ray. Using textures and more complex geometry is better for close-ups, but that isn’t necessary for general views.

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