Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray

10 Oct, 2011 Asya
10 Oct, 2011 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Hello, Can you please tell how to make blasting pattern in verey? does not work, crawled all forums ... Please!

10 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
10 Oct, 2011 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Hello! All you need is to create a composite material Blend. This is a standard 3ds Max material. Come to the Material Editor and create Blend material. Then, in his first slot Material 1: invest mirror material, and the second slot Material 2: the material is embedded in white or any of you should be very sandblasting drawing. In the Mask slot Put your map (mask) pattern. It should be strictly black and white. Himself drawing on it should be white, and the background is black. Then, in those areas where the black mask, - the mirror is displayed material, and in those areas where it is white - will appear mat sandblasting. That's all 🙂

17 Oct, 2011 Margarita
17 Oct, 2011 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Anton, good afternoon. Please tell me how to simulate the staircase with wrought iron railing. How to simulate the forging? I looked through many lessons, but could not find how to model. Thank you in advance. And one more question, I am planning to purchase a powerful laptop, but do not know which system to be able to simulate and rendrit as on a laptop in my picture is considered to be in poor quality 18 hours, all blurry texture, and contours indistinct. Tell me please.

Edited Anton (RenderStuff):

Margarita, hello.

Questions of modeling are discussed in our CG forum in the section of the Max 3ds . In particular, look at the subject of the simulation of classic furniture in the Max 3ds . Simulation of forging is the question of the topic.

Questions computer purchase, etc. are discussed in Section 3d iron . There is desired topics, in particular the topic of choosing a configuration nouta or companies to work in the Max 3d .


22 Nov, 2011 Yelena
22 Nov, 2011 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Hi guys! When I do sandblasting on the mirror, then I see the slot pattern, but directly in the viewport window there. Because of this, I can not know whether he went, whether in the right scale, as long as not to render, ie, vslepuyu.Pochemu work shows no picture? tick all removed (use real-world scale), the display of the mat is also included: |

23 Nov, 2011 Maks (Staff Author)
23 Nov, 2011 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Hello, Elena! The fact that the renderer can not display viewport composite material, i.e. Two materials mixed in Blend card material. Fortunately, it can display any one of them to choose from. Click Interactive circle opposite the slot in the Mask Blend materaiale. Also, in the card itself, exhibited there, click Cube Show Standard Map in Viewport😉

23 Nov, 2011 Vladimir
23 Nov, 2011 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray

17 Dec, 2011 Olga
17 Dec, 2011 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Tell me, do not know how to do the same thing in Maya? In principle, all the same, but there is no icon Mask!

23 Nov, 2011 Maks (Staff Author)
17 Dec, 2011 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Olga, unfortunately, we do not use Maya, so the full Council can not give him. All the same, you can try to assign the card to the slot Blend Amount, if such there is😉

5 Feb, 2012 Aleksandr
5 Feb, 2012 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray

I work for SKETCHUP.
Render - VRAY.
I think in 3ds max you will get similar.
Mirror with a sandblasting pattern I do this:

In the layer diffuse - picture jpg in the dimensions of the object. Colors any, I mirror the color of the mirror in gray, the color of the blasted - white. You can make a black and white picture if you want.
In the reflection layer - do a reflection FRESNEL and in the settings fresnel we insert pictures into the points perpendicular and parralel. The color of the images is black and white !, the shape of the picture and its dimensions are exactly the same as in the diffuse layer - white color it will be your mirror, the black color will be the same as on the diffuse layer. If you inserted a black and white image in the diffuse layer, Then insert here the same picture but with the tick INVERT (ie inverted).

But now in more detail:
1) in the vector form (Corel) I create a picture in the dimensions of the mirror:

A) for the DIFUSE layer - a white picture on a gray background (this texture will be displayed on your screen regardless of whether you will render the scene or not, so the gray background will simulate a mirror, and the white color will simulate a sandblast)
B) for the REFLECTION layer - the same picture, but in black and white (if you created a picture for DIFFUSE in black and white, then invert it, because here the white color is a reflection, the black color is what you have in it Diffuse layer)

2) save the drawings in .JPG
3) create an object and apply a texture to it for the Diffuse layer (if necessary, then scale this texture so that it covers the entire object)
4) go to the editor of the materials VRAY and find the material that we just used to text
5) create a layer REFLECTION and apply to it a map M = FRESNEL
In the settings FRESNEL assign cards to the points parralel and perpendicular. (Click on the m button near the parralel and perpendicular items and select TexBitmap (or just Bitmap) - assign the .jpg image we made to the Reflection layer)

look like that's it.

11 Jun, 2012 Snum
11 Jun, 2012 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Hello, really like your site very much learned information on setting Vray_ya, though working in Maya (not kick unless slippers😁) answer Olga though and probably too late to set up the mat blends the bottom there is a point hardveyr texture in which you can select the channel that will be displayed in the viewport _ choosing the right one can see the imposition of the viewport. Incidentally options for settings in vrae shirts are very similar to the settings for Max

10 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
11 Jun, 2012 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Hello! We, once it is too late to give a good answer😁 Our site not only provides a platform for dialogue on the theme of 3d, how much is original, reference solutions and tips for trideshnikov. Regarding May, as far as we know that for Maya that 3ds Max, that for Cinema 4d, that Sketchup and Blender, V-Ray interfaces, virtually identical. And on the operating principle, and did the same. According to this, no matter how you use 3d editor. All tips relating directly V-Ray, relevant and Maya😉

29 Jun, 2015 ALik
29 Jun, 2015 # Re: Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray
Anton cps, rescued🙂 👍

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