Materials MTL file in 3ds Max

1 Jul, 2011 Aleksandr
1 Jul, 2011 # Re: Materials MTL file in 3ds Max
Hello, a question, Entire Library to a file with the extension model .mtl. Here's how to apply it as a ispodzovat, please tell me πŸ™‚ thank you. PS I tried simply by importing the model, all odny folder, see such materials, but they are transparent and not rendered ..

2 Jul, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
2 Jul, 2011 # Re: Materials MTL file in 3ds Max
Hello! MTL file verbatim Material Template Library, this is a 3d format OBJ file supplementary information about the materials. It contains a library of base materials used for concomitant 3d model. Supports multiple lighting models that include features such as diffuse, ambient, highlight, reflection raytrace and fresnel, transperancy, refraction, and not all at once, but only in limited combinations πŸ™„ To these materials were available, the model should initially correctly exported . However, the big advantage of such materials at the moment is gone. The only distinct advantage of using materials in the OBJ, is the preservation of material ID to the landfill model, which is not for export without MTL. Therefore, if it is a photorealistic rendering with V-Ray and Mental Ray, you can safely do not pay any attention to the MTL, and importing the model, used her full materials customized for your sceneπŸ˜‰

1 Jul, 2011 Aleksandr
11 Jul, 2011 # Re: Materials MTL file in 3ds Max
So clearly, thanks for the reply πŸ™‚

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