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22 Jun, 2012 Naugal
22 Jun, 2012 # Re: Max files viewer
Good day. Please tell me how maksovskie view files without opening each of them in 3dmax? For example, I have found on the endless expanse of a collection of 3d models, and * pdf catalog attached to it is not to know where what model account for each of them to open in max. Very uncomfortable. Is there a third-party and built-in tools to facilitate this process?

25 Jun, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
25 Jun, 2012 # Re: Max files viewer


The most universal and advanced viewer of 3d formats is Deep Exploration. There's a huge number of supported formats, if I'm not mistaken, there is also a * .max format.

There are even Autodesk 3ds Max Preview plug-in for Total Commander.

However, all the "salt" is that you can not just look at the 3d scene so simply. At once there is a question, and what to look? Which of the models in it? In what perspective?

If we just run the light version of the 3d program, and in it we scale and view 3d formats, then we stupidly roll back to opening each of the bottoms in 3ds Max.

However, 3ds Max, when saving * .max file, takes a screenshot of the viewport and writes it to * .max file when saving. This, in fact, is the official thumbnail * .max file.

You can view them, as I mentioned before, with a total or Asset Browser (built-in 3ds Max manager).

But again, all that we see is only the screen of the vyuport recorded at the time the file was saved. It's not a fact that this will be a successful angle and in general it will be clear what is behind the model in the scene, since someone, while maintaining his scene, does not adjust to the preview.

Therefore, there is no adequate way to view Max files without opening each of them in 3dmax.

What do you advise?

Formally, it will be correct to create a catalog of models yourself. That is, you open each of them, make a preview and lie next to the file. So you can catalog and quickly view what is contained in the 3d files you need.

But, the only true, in practice, the way will not be to collect, and not to accumulate on the hard drive heaps of models, most of which you once in life do not use, but only to download what is necessary and when necessary. This is easier than climbing in a landfill, found "in the vastness of the boundless"😁, bunches of polygons. The earlier you come to this idea, the earlier you will close this question for yourself. Perhaps someone knows really rational ways to view * .max files or more convenient programs than the same Deep Exploration, then welcome to the topic😉

22 Jun, 2012 Naugal
26 Jun, 2012 # Re: Max files viewer
MGM, thank you. Another would be to know where to get what you want, good quality ...) All do not otmodeliruesh ... For a tip thank you, once again, poke)

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