Mental Ray's Lume Ocean: V-Ray alternative

27 Oct, 2012 Aleksandr
27 Oct, 2012 # Re: Mental Ray's Lume Ocean: V-Ray alternative
Good afternoon. Rummaged through the Internet, I can not find a replacement mentalreevskomu shader Ocean Lume. From the mental refused for a long time, but just as easy to create beautiful and the water in the V-ray does not work (not just water and the huge expanse of ocean). Please tell me whether there are analogues for shader Vire whether podkonnektit ocean lume and not clog your head, or at least how to create something decent with the standard procedural maps. Thank you very much in advance. I know that as always, help! )

27 Oct, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
27 Oct, 2012 # Re: Mental Ray's Lume Ocean: V-Ray alternative
Hello! I have no idea what the Ocean Lume and why you need it😁 Is not it easier just to understand how to correctly adjust the water surface by means of a standard photorealistic V-Ray, than to search for analogue procedural Faika from another rendering engine? 😁

27 Oct, 2012 Aleksandr
28 Oct, 2012 # Re: Mental Ray's Lume Ocean: V-Ray alternative
Thanks for the answer. Perhaps easier. On this I ask, is there an analogue of (I think the easiest thing I have not found unfortunately) Can prikonnektit procedural mental ray map to vireyu? Or please tell where to find the Old lesson or to create a realistic water surface for Vir. Why interested in this Ocean Lume or analogues, because it can be animated, and the result is very realistic, using only one card. Without geometry (Plain + map). My task is to make the water animation. Create a fake and not geometry, not enough computing resources (approximately 50h20 meters can create a smooth surface, and should be spacious with ocean water is not static). Please help, who had experience in the creation of this or know where to find the Old. Thank you.

29 Jan, 2013 Dmitriy
29 Jan, 2013 # Re: Mental Ray's Lume Ocean: V-Ray alternative
Good afternoon! I also encountered this problem and find a decent solution to me by means of v-ray could not find it if you want to live geometry. The only solution to a program called Real Flow there managed to create a truly living water geometry moreover with the correct miscalculation reaction of water in the motion on her yacht. But I say once the process is very resource-intensive and miscalculation of the speed depends on the line from the power of the machine. Good luck πŸ‘

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