Mirror 3d model cheval glass of gilded wood

24 Jan, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Large rectangular floor standing mirror. This free 3d model has a quite impressive size, towering six feet in height. Long, similar to the arch of reflective surface, stretched vertically, can show the reflection in all growth. Pedestal and the frame, attached to it, in this free 3d model are made of solid wood lumber. The pedestal is construction made of two identical legs connected by a crossbar. Bottom of the 3d model of each rack splits into two legs, on which the cheval glass is installed on the floor. In the middle between the legs are beautiful carved decorative elements in the form of flowers. The 3d model stands are connected with a horizontal crossbar, representing a curved decorative element in the ground, attached to the pillars, and adorned with decorative petals. From the center of doubled leg-stands, the long vertical poles come. By the middle of each of them there is a hole. The 3d model of the mirror frame holds on those. Mirror frame sits on a pin, the outer ends of which are made in the form of round knobs. Such mounting of a frame allows user to rotate the mirror on a horizontal axis relative to the stand. Pedestal and mirror frame are made as separate 3d models. You can freely rotate the 3d model of a mirror on the horizontal axis, this also possible due correctly set pivot point of the frame. Pins with round handles in the real turning psyche mirror are equipped with clips that can easily fix it in desired position. Frame repeats a continuous bends of an almost rectangular mirror with rounded edges. At the top, еру 3d model of frame with recessed into it reflecting surface, decorated with shell and curved petals, reminiscent of coral. The tree from which the foundation and framing made is slightly yellowish with worn spots. The foundation and frame of the 3d model are painted with gold paint, which resembles the golden paths, lavishly describing the long pirouette around the perimeter of the wooden parts. Carved wooden frame with a complex pattern 3d model of the mirror will look great in the interior art deco style. However, not less astonishing the mirror-psyche 3d model will fit in the empire, because it was in France the second half of XVIII century, when such mirrors were most popular among the court nobles and wealthy merchants. Such a mirror would be an excellent decorative and practical addition to a hallway or bedroom. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

24 Jun, 2012 Azor
24 Jun, 2012 # Re: Mirror 3d model cheval glass of gilded wood
great !!! I want to do something with their hands.

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