Mirror 3d model wall of carved wood

4 Sep, 2010 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The wall carved wood mirror for bathroom or hallway. The decoration of the mirror made as a frame of a wooden leafs. Around the perimeter of the framing there is a decorative bar that adds the completeness to a construction. The frame made of four main wooden parts that are carved from solid oak wood. Despite the apparent symmetry, the each leaf has their own look. All four frame parts glued together with the hard epoxy. The wood has specific dissimilar worn that imitates oldness. This gives to this mirror the particular singularity. The frame is covered with the moisture-resistant lacquer. The thick quartz glass itself is placed in the center of the framing. The side borders of the mirror glass plane have a sharp cutting that accentuate its massiveness. The oblique edges are mat and this clearly outline the perimeter of the reflecting surface of the mirror. On the back side, the mirror is coated by the reflecting silver composition with a protective copper layer behind it. Such mirror not only is a decoration for the bathroom, but also is a nice functional toilet furniture. For better lighting the wall white lights should be placed near the mirror. The 3d model of the mirror has a symmetric conjugating pattern. This allows to change the size of the model to any desired. For change the size and the proportions of the mirror you shouldn't use the usual scaling. This can change the scaling of the patterns and will corrupt the mapping of the model. To change sizes, you need to use 3ds max integrated Symmetry modifier and check the correctness of the welding on the symmetry plane. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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