Mirror 3d model wall with lightings

16 Jan, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The special wall mirror for the bathroom. The two 3d models of wall lights, decorated in the same style as the mirror come with this free 3d model. Framing of a mirror made of a dark slightly reflective matte finish with a pearl shimmer. The actual framing is very massive and occupies an area not less than the reflective surface of the mirror. In addition, the base of the mirror 3d model has an impressive thickness, across the edge of which is applied a thin layer of chromium. It makes the illusion, as though it were carved from a large piece of sheet metal. The reflecting mirror has an oval shape and is slightly recessed into the body of the bounding foundation. The interior of the deepening of the 3d model on the perimeter is chromed as well as its external form. The 3d model’s framing material is slightly darker with a slight blurry reflections. If necessary, one can safely reduce blurring and increase the strength of the reflection of this material. Then it will become the big double mirror, and framing with central part of which perfectly reflects the incident light. In this version, it looks no less original than when covered with black pearl-plated as in the basic material of this free 3d model. Framing base that by texture of the own material is reminiscent of black pearls, has a fanciful shape in a slightly gothic style. Such its shape creates a very strict and moderately sharp atmosphere, familiar from the illustrations of old tales, creating the illusion of a medieval castle, the home to a powerful warlock. Gothic atmosphere of the composition of this 3d model is just a perfect complement located on the edges of wall lights. Their yellow flowing up the wall light looks like the flames of oil lamps, came out and greedily devouring oil. Lighting design is so original, that it creates a full illusion of fire in them and there is internal excitement to get burned - so skillfully they cope with the idea of their creator. Material of the outside lamp cover is also a black pearl, as well as setting of the 3d model of a mirror, repeating it beautifully bold shapes and designs. Wall-mount fixtures made of chrome-plated metal, perfectly accompanying on shine and texture of chromium, which covers the inner and outer edge of the mirror. This excellent piece of furniture attracts the viewer to look on it for hours, as in a magic mirror that shows unprecedented futuristic landscapes. The mirror is the main and most powerful expressive element present in the design of each bathroom. Despite the fact that the original 3d model of this mirror was designed as a component designed to logically complete the cabinet with sink, however, it fits perfectly in the interior corridors and rooms. This magically attracting element does not leave anyone indifferent and surely flaring to the even the most indifferent to the interior design visitor, emphasizing style and taste of its owner. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

2 Mar, 2011 Nastya
2 Mar, 2011 # Re: Mirror 3d model wall with lightings
Beautiful mirror more pasibki🙂

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