Mirror V-Ray material

2 Mar, 2011 Dimy
2 Mar, 2011 # Re: Mirror V-Ray material
Please tell how to create a mirror material?

2 Mar, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
2 Mar, 2011 # Re: Mirror V-Ray material
Hello, Dimy.

If it is about reflecting canvas, it's just totally reflective material.

All you need is to open the Material Editor and create a material VRayMtl with the options as followed.

In VRayMtl for reflection brightness corresponds to a Reflect color swatch. Where the black color is an absence of reflection, and white is completely reflective material.

Therefore, click on the Reflect color sample and in the dialog box, Color Selector: reflection choose completely white.

Also, it is important to set the color of Diffuse to black. If the material reflects bright object that emits a lot of light energy, it is as bright will be reflected in the reflecting material. At the same time, dark or dim objects with less light energy not affect this mirror or their influence on the reflective material would be minimal. That is on a reflective material not reflections will be visible, but just the diffuse color of material itself. It is therefore important to establish Diffuse to dark, so the reflection has more contrast and dark objects that have little effect on the pattern of reflection, will not showed with light diffuse color. With such colors, the mirror reflection will be clear and contrast.

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