Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC

14 Jun, 2011 Dikij
14 Jun, 2011 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
Lord, tell me how to solve this poser. I myself am a beginner in max so sorry if I ask a stupid question. There are 2 computers, one weak, the other stronger. Create a scene on low, it works, but it is very hinders the system, copy the file with the extension max on the second computer and try to open it. The result was a sad, after the application downloads the computer hangs, and an error video driver, or even go on the restart. Before you downloaded previous versions of the scene it worked. Both computers should MAH9 and VRAY 1.5. He tried not to open the stage and add or import one result, all hanging. Somehow it turned open, worked all day, remained. Now, again, it does not open the scene already stored on your computer. As I understand the problem with the settings that are loaded along with the scene, but that's where it is to configure, and how to adjust, if the scene had not yet opened.

15 Jun, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
15 Jun, 2011 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
Hello, Dikij! Frankly, it is not clear what is happening. You're on your computer but to create a scene and moved it to computer B. Now you launch 3ds Max on computer B and try to open the scene created in computer A and 3ds Max scene after loading on a computer B, it takes off? In general, without this scene itself 3ds Max on a computer B is working properly? Sometimes a scene with a lot of facilities and a variety of textures simply destroys 3ds Max. In particular, this occurs when the scene is in Smooth + Highlights mode, that is when you see the objects are not in the form of a grid, and polygons with textures on them. To check whether this bug you, open this scene on your computer and go to the A Wireframe mode by pressing the F3 key on the keyboard. Then your scene will be displayed in a grid. Now save it as such and try to open on the computer B. If opened, the glitch in this. In any case, that there was a clearer picture of what you've got going on, please lay out a couple of screenshots from those mistakes that you have issues 3ds Max on the computer B. If you have to work with 3ds Max 9 (not 2009), then download and install service pack. In nine of at least two. It can fix this bug. Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Service Pack 1 Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Service Pack 2 / adsk / servlet / ps / dl / item? siteID = 123112 & id = 9593622 & linkID = 9241178 also vyuportom problems are due to the old version of DirectX. Try and update it😉

16 Jun, 2011 dikij
16 Jun, 2011 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
thank you very much, optimized facilities remove extra polygons, will switch the view from the camera on top and earned, pro SP thank necessarily put, new problems not from them would not be?

15 Jun, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
16 Jun, 2011 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
On the contrary, fixes many bugs, including viewport😉 And about the stamp, it is likely that you have the default is the top Wireframe view, this is not visible textures on objects. Here and there Crush max out of it 🙂

14 Jun, 2011 Dikij
16 Jun, 2011 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
Put the update, I began to open without error. Thank you very much!

9 Jan, 2013 Mary
9 Jan, 2013 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
Hello, prompt please novice) I make the interior in the 12th and Max 2.0 virey like) and I'm going to buy a new laptop because this as I say 3GB malo.Kogda I had previously tried to open a file on another machine came off empty stage and now I'm afraid that the new computer all that I now do not otkroetsya.Chto I need to know in advance, and do so no problems when I try to open a file on a new computer and continue working on it? and is it possible to install a new version of the laptop 13 or better or postaree such zhe12 and virey)

21 Jan, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
21 Jan, 2013 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC

Most likely, you're trying to open a scene on another computer where the 3ds Max younger version than the one which created the scene. Moreover, probably, at the opening of the scene on the other computer, 3ds Max gives you an error message that you're likely to ignore, not just closing vchityvayas. Then, 3ds Max simply opens a new stage, as your scene, he could not open. So you can think that your scene is empty, it really is a new scene, and your just not open at this max.

Of course, that's your scene opens on a new computer, you need to make sure that there will be installed 3ds Max as old computer or or newer.

31 May, 2013 Yana
31 May, 2013 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
Greetings! That's what's interesting: I created on my computer scene, has set up for the scene v-ray, illuminates the scene HDRI map. Now to render me want to move the stage to the other computer. I have already had to do so, but the sky was black instead of parametric maps. Prompt how to move the stage to the other computer to preserve the HDRI sky with all its settings, and configure v-ray?

16 Jul, 2014 Olga
16 Jul, 2014 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
Then the man said in an accessible format, how to transfer the project to the textures. I did everything happened: truth with HDRI not done, but can no difference there.

17 Jul, 2014 Ilya_sp
17 Jul, 2014 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
Olga, this way not migrated proxy will not be saved background, perhaps something else. As an alternative: use the command: file-save as-archive. Only have then from the resulting tree to pull files folders.

24 Feb, 2015 Chacha
24 Feb, 2015 # Re: Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC
Olga, and what to do next after clicked Begin? something I have nothing in the specified folder. Sorry for the stupid question. I'm quite new to Max yet.

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