PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes

7 Dec, 2012 Denis
7 Dec, 2012 # Re: PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes

Hello guys.

Faced recently with a very unpleasant story. After our last conversation about iron, I bought myself a system:
Proz: Phenom II X6 1100T
Mother: SocketAM3: MSI 870A-G54
RAM😁DRIII 4 * 4Gb Team 2000MHz
Video card: HD6770 PowerColor 1Gb / 128bit / DDR5
500W Power Supply

Until now, working on my computer suited me. From the very beginning, the computer used directly to work in 3d max, but it turned out that relatives came to me and decided to play a game and showed such a thing - the computer began to hang in powerful games, accompanied by all this is such an ugly screen

And locking the sound, sometimes the computer goes into reboot itself, sometimes gets BSOD (can hang at any time, and sometimes it does not hang at all).
Since there is no one to ask, I write to you, I know that the question is not entirely correct, but still ... maybe in your practice there were such problems with iron.
Solve this problem by trying to reinstall the drivers (put many versions, including native and newest), with the complete removal of leftovers (prog Driver sweeper). Also, when flying into the reset, memory dumps were analyzed, the analysis sinned on the file "atikmpag.sys" (video card driver). Also read topics with a similar problem and all indicate a problem with the video card.

So I want to ask you advice on how to solve such a problem, as an option you can take the systemist to the store for diagnostics. This brings up the question ... if you change the graphics card under warranty, then I think there is a reason to pay extra and buy something more productive under my system, which would recommend buying instead of HD6770 within 1000-2000 UAH.?

9 Dec, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
9 Dec, 2012 # Re: PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes
Denis, hello! Yes there were, it is very likely that your graphics card is overheating. I was on a passively cooled graphics card. Helped tough (drilled a hole in the radiator) installing the cooler. Right now, I just cut down the laptop, if it is unsuccessful, and he closed the weekend-duct openings. I advise you to just open the system unit, unscrew vidyahu and clean it from dust. And the other piece of iron in sistemneke too. It is likely that a video on the radiator going lump of fine dust and does not allow air to circulate properly. Also, check whether the video card cooler is spinning, it also can not be twisted, for example there fell some postings and blocked it, this also happens. If the Problem is with the video card or the fact that I have described, but because of this burnt some components, then of course you can change vidyahu if the warranty case. When we chose the HD6770, then its closest analogue performance, if I am not mistaken, it was the GeForce GTX 560 Ti, but he was worth UAH. 300 more expensive, despite the fact that there is nothing to stand out not for the better, in our view. Alternatively, you can take this card to exchange. As for the more expensive option, it will not be the best choice and to give advice in this case, I will not. Theoretically - the more expensive the better, and then see for yourself😉

15 Feb, 2013 Nick
15 Feb, 2013 # Re: PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes
And do not even need to save on the manufacturer. Video card from PowerColor - is bad, and it can cost $ 15-20 cheaper, but the quality of the components would be appropriate. I have the same 6770, but by Sapphire works perfectly, and is heated to a maximum of 45 degrees. I believe that it is better to take the same sapphire, ADR or gigabytes, even paying a little bit more expensive, but then used without problems as long as it is not necessary to update equipment

17 Mar, 2013 Anton
17 Mar, 2013 # Re: PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes
Hello!! recently I tried the video card radeon 6770. got 4 frames per second (wireframe) in stage 5.7 million polygons. it's normal parameters for this card? percent: i5-2400 3.10GHz RAM: 8Gb

9 Dec, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
18 Mar, 2013 # Re: PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes
Hello! The features of the viewport-engines is something that is very much influenced by the performance of not only the mesh density models in the scene, but also, to an even greater degree, the number and size of texture to them. Therefore, 5.7 million polygons, 5.7 mlionam landfills - are different😁

17 Mar, 2013 Anton
19 Mar, 2013 # Re: PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes
even in wireframe mode? there after all textures are not visible. only Net

9 Dec, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
19 Mar, 2013 # Re: PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes
I overlooked about the wireframe. Out of the frame mode it is not, but nevertheless these textures will still be loaded together with the scene and at least take up RAM, which also can cause inhibition. There or not the light source in the scene. Which mode (realistic, shaded) or used engine viewport (OpenGL, Direct3D, Nitrous). What geometry in the scene. How many objects, how many of these instances. All affected. On your question simply can not be answered objectively. But most likely, you have the capacity, which should be with this video card in your case😉

17 Mar, 2013 Anton
19 Mar, 2013 # Re: PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes
understandably. Thank you)

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