Priority of the 3ds max process in Task Manager

25 Jan, 2012 Rustem
25 Jan, 2012 # Re: Priority of the 3ds max process in Task Manager
Hello! I 3d max 2010 V-Ray 1.50 SP4. 3 days ago put on rendering the project, the scene of course heavy perspective more trees in multiskattere and proxy ... question! whether through Task Manager "process-priority", "high" designate ?! RAM 4, W7-64x ... will I render to render faster ...?! Thank you in advance for an answer!

25 Jan, 2012 Maks (Staff Author)
25 Jan, 2012 # Re: Priority of the 3ds max process in Task Manager
Hello, Rustem! Unfortunately, accelerate rendering by assigning 3ds Max high priority on Windows, do not get 🙄 Although at first glance it may seem that such action could accelerate the work of the renderer, in fact it is just the priority redistribution, which, at best, "knock out" the share of interest in performance of the computer system processes and, for example, anti-virus. In practice, the benefits of this meager growth will be infinitely small, and the damage will be clearly manifest. A high priority of 3ds Max is almost impossible to switch to the window of the file manager, or check email while the render is not fully completed. As for lowering the priority in the same way, it is useful and justifiable thing. Decreasing the priority of a process of rendering in Windows, you can easily perform other demanding tasks, while the rendered image. For example, you can easily watch a movie or even run a modern 3d game 🙂 In addition, options V-Ray has the option Low thread priority, which you can assign a lower priority V-Ray rendering , putting a single checkbox. It's even faster than by lowering the priority of the task manager.

2 Aug, 2015 Yevgeniy
2 Aug, 2015 # Re: Priority of the 3ds max process in Task Manager
If not the same capacious parallel tasks (that is almost absurd when rendering), then increasing the priority will not help. Priority 3dsMax, when rendering, on the contrary, would recommend to put "below average". Why is that? For a man who appreciates the resource "time" and wants to maximize the power of your CPU this option will greatly facilitate life. A person can comfortably engage in work, performing parallel rendering, at the same time work, for example, takes a maximum of 3-5% of their CPU time in Photoshop. It turns out, it will increase the rendering time by 3-5%, but it will save you many hours of time, because in this mode it is possible to render something permanent.

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