Quality acoustic systems 3d models for download

3d models of the acoustic equipment. From the exclusive authors Hi-End devices of the acoustic systems, vocal microphones and headphones, to the simple consumer Hi-Fi and Low-End models for the multi-functional home receivers or miniature PC acoustic systems.

Free Elite Cone Speaker System 3d model rendering image

Elite Cone Speaker System

Elite Speaker System for precise playback of audio recordings. Equipped with a high frequency acoustic lens, made of machine aluminium and zinc with chrome finish. A special feature of the acoustic lens appearance is the red strip of light. The main body of the speaker has a medium size and decorated with an acoustically transparent fabric. It softens the appearance of the system, below which the are large ten-inch 500 watt bass driver and a five-inch midrange sound unit in a closed pressure chamber. The sound system has no coarse external connectors for connecting speaker wire. It is hidden inside of an unapparent little groove at the bottom of the rear panel. This 3d model has high detail both front and rear parts and can be used in close-up renderings in any position and place of the interior. The scene with the model contains five materials with different colors of fabric: black, dark-gray, blue, red, white. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wireless vocal microphone 3d model rendering image

Wireless vocal microphone

Wireless karaoke vocal microphone 3d model. Equipped with the on-off switch to be able to disable the transmit-receive signal path. Designed for professional vocal sound in the recording studios and on concert stages. Has a built-in wind protection. Model has been fully implemented by geometry (Poly), without using transparency maps on the protective microphone grid, which makes this model very photorealistic. This allows you to use it even on the ultra close-ups. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Acoustics Sound system 3d model rendering image

Acoustics Sound system

Stereo sound system of type 2.1 trifonic complete with front monoblock. Free 3d model of the acoustic system consists of two front phase-inverting circuit speakers, which uses two midrange and a woofer 3d models, bass and rear speakers. A distinctive feature of trifonic is that the low-frequency works in the frequency range of 20-160 Hz, in a separate enclosure and forms a so-called subwoofer. In this frequency range the human ear can not distinguish between the stereo, so for good reproduction of low frequencies one speaker is sufficient. System is complemented by another 3d model of a small front speaker with two midranges and tweeters one. Such a loudspeaker is usually used in home theater, specifically, to play the voice frequency range, thus simulating the sound of voices coming from the movie heroes of the TV screen. The bodies of speaker sound system made from chipboard covered with plastic laminitis, with a pattern simulating a wood structure. Included with the free 3d model columns in its 3d scene 3ds max format, there are three laminate material: beech, cherry and graphite black. You can use any on your taste, simply by applying the right material at the 3d model of the acoustic system. At the front speakers are protectors of the acoustically-transparent fabric. You can remove the tissue lining on the sub-object level mesh front speakers to make them public. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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Qulity Handheld Megaphone 3d model rendering image

Handheld Megaphone

The 3d model of a portable electric megaphone. Megaphone is an electric acoustic device used for amplification of a sound. Its main purpose is a public voice warning. It means it used by speakers to bring some information in public places. Besides the popular use, the electric megaphones are often used by special services, such as fire brigades, lifeguards, fishing inspections, police and other structures. The megaphone is a needed thing on the vessels and river yachts for communication. The amplifying of a voice by this device lets transmit it to far distance. The bigger the megaphone cone and more powerful its built-in amplifier are, the louder and clearer is the voice from it. The actual megaphone 3d model device consists of few main components. They are the handle with the orange ON button, the cylinder of amplifier with microphone and volume regulator on it. The same part is used for power supply , which are usually the banal batteries. Naturally, the “heart” of the megaphone 3d model are the big cone and speaker inside. The 3d model of megaphone comes with the rolled fabric lace, hanging at the bottom of the megaphone. In a real megaphone its purpose is to hold a device on an user’s wrist. The real megaphone also has the antibacterial covering of the surface. This 3d model comes in four color options. The fully red megaphone is the default megaphone coloring of this 3d model. Blue megaphone 3d model has the white cone. The yellow one has white and yellow cone, and the grey option has a white cone. All these materials are in the scene file. To have another coloring you need just to apply the existing material to the actual megaphone 3d model. The look of this megaphone 3d model, as well as its color variations, you can observe on the number of the renderings of this photorealistic model.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.