Quality bathroom stuff 3d models for download

3d models of the bathroom accessories. This is the section for the 3d models, such as: toilets, bathtubs, wash basins, decorative mirrors, bathroom vanity tables, mixing faucets, showers, water-supply taps, shower cabins, Jacuzzi bathtubs, pool decoration, bath barrels, towels, dryers, bathroom lamps, glass shelves, tooth brushes, electric razors, creams and gels. All that are related to the bathroom and bathroom accessories. From the inside filling to the wall tiles, furniture modules and bathroom equipment.

Free White console washbasin with golden frame 3d model rendering image

White console washbasin with golden frame

Beautiful classic sink for the bathroom. Made in the form of a small console table. The washbasin is ceramic itself. Besides the beauty and elegance of its basic form, it has extra stylishness because of built-in soap dishes. They are made in the form of corrugated sea shells. These shells fully made with geometry. Despite the complexity of their shape, mesh of 3d model of a console sink has the correct topology and perfect the optimized structure. Curved grid shells smoothly go into the plane of the sink’s body, without any drawbacks of smoothing. Actual ceramic wash basin has a special apron, adjacent to the wall, to prevent the ingress of moisture. Free 3d model is equipped with a sink plumbing accessories that come with the sink. This is a two valves and water tap. One hot valve and one cold, respectively. In the center between them is curved non-turning tap water. The deepening of the drainage basin is equipped with a special part of the metal cap-fuse, to prevent clogging of the siphon. Below the wash-basin is located the 3d model of fan pipe and siphon. Real washbasin looks like a console table. More precisely, it is built into the console metal framed stand that has two front legs and back fastened to the wall brackets. His legs are long, slender balusters, attached to the frame, the rim that encircles the basin below. At the bottom of both legs is a small ball, which comes into contact with the floor. Side of the rim are rung for drying towels. They are arranged symmetrically on the right and left sides. This allows drying several towels on them. Down below is a free 3d model basin, going from the wall to the legs. At the crossbar, a rectangular glass sheet is set. Thus creates a beautiful transparent shelf for toiletries. Totally, this 3d model has three materials. They are gold-plated steel, ceramics and transparent tempered glass. Note the non-MAX model versions are extra-optimized. This 3d model is copy of an existing real console washstand. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Built-in transparent shower cabin 3d model rendering image

Built-in transparent shower cabin

Modern shower canite. Free 3d model designed exclusively for installation in a niche in the bathroom or shower room. The 3d model itself is the double doors to a niche that opens inward and outward by more than 90 degrees. It comes with the matching door shower tray. Door design allows installation at floor level, if the door will be used as a simple partition, but not as part of an improvised shower cabin. Each door leaf is made of large steel rack, fastened to the wall, which with the help of large flat loops hung the glass door. Doors of shower cubicle are also called barn doors. The glass of doors is completely transparent. It is firm and secure through a special hardening firing. Both the vertical face of the glass sheets are equipped with sealing profile that removes the moisture and allows taking a shower, boldly splashing drops of water inside the cabin. Both glass doors are equipped with a handle in a circular design. All parts of this free 3d models, except the actual door glass paintings, stylized by chromed steel material. Shower pan is a solid ceramic part. Porcelain tray is much more robust than plastic tray. Tough ceramics eliminate sagging, even at very large weight of a man who takes a shower. Free 3d model of a pallet is equipped with a drain hole, covered with a special metal cap of the same steel as the 3d models of parts of doors. This stopper allows user to securely protect drains booths from penetrating into the third-party items, hair, particles of soap and so on. In addition, it completely eliminates an annoying loss of jewelry, which were not removed before taking a shower. Niche for the organization of the cubicle can be a recess in the wall, and formed through an extra wall, next to one wall of the shower room. To prevent the destruction of the walls inside the booths, they should be lined with moisture-resistant tiles. Ready-assembled cabin is an enclosed and technically equipped area for showering. Taking a shower in this cubicle turns into something more than just a bath. The ease and adaptability of its design will completely relax in the morning shower and give strength for the day. At the same time in the evening it will help to relieve tension and relax. This 3d model consists of three parts. The first part is a door frame of two uprights with a tray. The second and third parts of this 3d model are the wing doors. Centers of rotation of each set to correct points that allows you to freely open and close winds 3d models, ensuring the most advantageous their position in the desired perspective of created 3d visualization. This free 3d model is a copy of an actually existing shower cabin made in Germany. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Rectangular wall-hang toilet sink with chrome flush button 3d model rendering image

Rectangular wall-hang toilet sink with chrome flush button

Original modern box shape WC pan. The toilet sink bowl and body made in sanitary faience. The free toilet sink 3d model does not have the support leg, but it's hanged in a special way using the brackets on the bathroom or toilet wall. All sanitary communications are covered inside the rectangular shape of the toilet sink 3d model construction. Only the main flush pipe, connected to the sewage, slightly sticks out at the bottom of the sink's body. However, with the normal positioning, anyone coming into the bathroom simply can't see the pipe. The shape and supporting method of this toilet sink are so non-standard that it seems that the bowl is hanging in the air. Such design makes special visual lightness to this free 3d model. The four outer sides made of white ceramic body and decorated with the black flower patterns. This feature makes this 3d model universal, allowing to use it both in the modern and in the classic bathroom designs. The upper toilet sink surface has the black plastic seat of a rectangular shape, for heat insulation and comfort of use. The culmination of the toilet bowl's construction is the slip rectangular metallic cover that fully covers the top part of the toilet sink, including the seat also. In some ways, this toilet sink 3d model looks like a urinal bowl, covered wit a lid, except it has a box shape and hung considerably lower than the urinal bowls hanged usually. Water drains out jets of water under relatively high pressure. The water tank is of the hidden type, and of course is built-it the wall, what visually greatly frees the occupied bathroom space. But, for the real set this like construction toilet sink, usually the false-wall may be raised, for hiding the water container, communications and the sewage pipe, if the existing walls design do not allow to hide all mentioned equipment. The WC pan free 3d model includes the big square chromed button that activates the flush built-in system. This button also is wall built-in. Such a combination of a wall-hang toilet sink 3d model and the big chrome flush button 3d model looks very elegant. Usually, bathrooms are decorated with the wall ceramic tiles and, for the button 3d model to look suitable, it is enough to remove the few tiles. In the special cases, a little wall 3d model editing may be needed. It is the making the hollow in the wall for the free flush chrome button 3d model placing. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Natural wood bathroom sink cabinet 3d model rendering image

Natural wood bathroom sink cabinet

Big bathroom cabinet for sink in a classic style. Used for storing washing accessories and covering the sink pipeline and technical parts. There are the natural wood panel and the elegant legs in the base of the cabinet. The case and the facades decorated with the natural brown veneer sheets of the different structure. For the esthetic attractiveness the directions of the veneer structure has been positioned in different ways, making the completeness of the composition. The cabinet has five main sections. The four of them are closed with a nice bent facade doors. The each door is opened with a handy gilt handle. The five section is a horizontal box. Its facade has the decorative function only and do not hide any drawer behind. All of the internal space of this section is occupied with a sink and technical utilities. The case and facades of the cabinet are covered with a water-resistant lacquer to protect the wood from the destructive water exposure. The top of the cabinet is equipped with the beige marble tabletop. There is a white ceramics sink in the center of the tabletop. For better comfort of the hygiene the big mirror is recommended to be present on the adjoining wall. This will let not only to make the more comfortable usage, but also will add an suitable decorative element for a bathroom. The mesh of the 3d model is optimized and any change of it may break the veneer mapping. For the freeness of the choice, the 3d model has no tap element. The mixing faucet should be merged separately. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Bath and shower Devo tap 3d model rendering image

Bath and shower Devo tap

Gourmet luxury bath faucet. Equipped with not only a water tap, but with the mobile attachment for shower with a long hose in a metal casing. Switching hot and cold water, as well as between the faucet and shower is done by using handles of original design. Handles are made in the style of the beer tap traditional English pub the first half of the twentieth century. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Swimming pool ladder 3d model rendering image

Swimming pool ladder

Chromed pool ladder 3d model. Has high railings and elegant rubberized areas on the ladder stairs. Will successfully fit to any pool as in high-tech, as well as in the classic style, just replace the chrome material with the golden one. The ladder has a great length what allows to use it in the pools of almost any depth. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Corner Jacuzzi Bath Tub 3d model rendering image

Corner Jacuzzi Bath Tub

Corner hot whirlpool (spa) bathtub with optical fiber lighting 3d model. Built-in to small-tiled elevation. Includes lighting models. To get preview-like lighting you may set the light sources with appropriate IES properties. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Bath Barrel 3d model rendering image

Bath Barrel

Round wooden bath barrel 3d model. Made of staves, the curved wooden members and bound with two wide dark iron hoops. Includes the water with waved surface model. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.