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Free Classical eight-armed chandelier 3d model rendering image

Classical eight-armed chandelier

Free 3d model of the great classical eight-armed ceiling chandelier. Chandelier is a massive bowl with a chain hanger. Bowl, as the chain itself and the links of a chain hanger made of metal, coated with gold. Patined gold coating of metal parts of chandelier 3d model is very elegant and typical for this class of lights. It is, like most patined surfaces, mimics an ancient surface covered with scratches and rubs, which are actually made artificially by master-professional. However, this is not all the features of the bowl. At its center is the ceramic disk, which you can see the pattern, resembling those that can be seen on many ancient wall tapestries. Bowl itself is a metal ring with ceramic disk inside. The strong metal arms with the typical wrought patterns come out a base. Total number of lampshade holding arms is eight. Of course, like any modern lighting, even old-fashioned classic gold chandelier, runs on electricity, and in all eight ceiling are bright energy efficient light bulbs. High power bulbs need for a reason, because the ceiling made of a light-tight shiny beige silk. Therefore, the light energy comes only from above and below the ceiling domes. The main source of lighting in the room is not direct light, which rises from below the bottom of the chandelier from the ceiling, but a indirect illumination reflected from the white ceiling above the chandelier. That is why it is important to the ceiling material being preferably white; otherwise, the room will be colored in light, different from the white. That is, it will be painted in a color of ceiling material. This is true not only of the real world, but also for computer graphics. By putting this chandelier in your 3d renderings, be careful and consider the probability of the color bleeding effect appearing. In some cases, where photorealistic precision is not important, it makes sense to remove the lampshades models from the whole chandeliers 3d model. Then, placing inside them the spherical light sources, exclude these lampshades from the shading, lighting, or even from these sources illumination. Such a move would reduce the rendering time and reduce the demands on the quality of indirect lighting in a scene. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Magnificent chandelier Caramel 3d model rendering image

Magnificent chandelier Caramel

Chandelier in an ancient style of King Louis XIV times. Her artsy glitter and extravagance is inherent in the classical baroque of the seventeenth century. At the heart of chandeliers is a frame made of blackened steel rods. The same rods make eight branches, bent in the shape of the vine. They are enshrined in the center of the frame on a metal base. At larger bending, these rods hold the candlesticks of gilded metal. In the centers of each of the candleholders, the metal candle is set. Its name the chandelier has gotten because of the metal color of the candles. The metal itself has a typical scrapes and stains, slightly resembling rust. However, the top metal layer is covered with a transparent shiny varnish and its layered structure with a reddish stains with the shiny gloss is very similar to sweet caramel candy. This feature gives to the atmosphere of any classic interior, which is decorated with this chandelier, the feeling of warmth and coziness. At the top of each caramel candle is elongated bulb. In this 3d model light, tungsten filaments of incandescent lamps are simulated by the self-illuminated material applied to the plane, located inside the 3d models of glass lamp bulbs. This trick completely eliminates the need for additional post-processing of the image in a raster graphics editor to simulate the glow of filaments. Top frame attached to the metal base, which looks just like their form censer or thurible used in rituals and actions of the priests of the church. At the top of this foundation, as well as the bottom of the frame there are eight curved rods, but smaller than the bottom one in size and diameter, ending in metal forms in the form of gold flowers. The same flowers are located on the lower ends of the rods that hold the candle-light. However, this is not the only similarity. All chandelier adorned with pendant Swarovski crystals of a golden hue, reminiscent of amber. Such crystals are suspended to the lower and the upper bars. The only difference is that the massive and long lower rods have more of them. Chandelier itself has a chain suspension, which keeps its upper base frame. On the ceiling, the forged hanging chain attached to the metallic tumbler in the shape of a dome. This glass is made of the same metal of burnt sugar color that the eight metal candles. The general chandelier composition is very warm, rich with soft yellow flowers. This free 3d model is very realistic and has not only the correct chain suspension with full 3d model of a chain, but also a model of electric wire, woven into a suspending chain. Wire curls from a large base of the dome ceiling suspension along the whole chain, alternately passing through each of its links. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Hallway forged pendant 3d model rendering image

Hallway forged pendant

Nice black metal lamp for the hall or lobby, designed as an antique forged lantern. This illuminant creates a romantic atmosphere of a medieval castle. The shadow falling to the walls, furnishings and ceiling from elegant intertwined forged details of this 3d model will emphasize the luxury and will give a special charm to the interior. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Fluorescent lamp for suspended ceiling 3d model rendering image

Fluorescent lamp for suspended ceiling

Fluorescent lamp of daylight for a suspended ceiling 3d model. The lamp represents a block of four fluorescent tubes, embedded in Armstrong-type ceiling, what allows to save much space and create an excellent decorative effect. Lamp will be an ideal as a general illumination of office buildings, halls, trade halls, offices, public premises. Model of the suspended ceiling, you can find here: Armstrong suspended ceiling. This lamp will ideally take the place of any of the plates in any section of the ceiling. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Breckenridge triple billiard lamp 3d model rendering image

Breckenridge triple billiard lamp

3d model of a billiard lamp for lightening the playing surface of a billiard table. Fastened to the ceiling with long forged chain and lowered to a height of 100 cm to the green table cloth. General dimensions of the hanging assembly are H 386.0 mm. x L 1372.0 mm x D 381,0 mm. Each plafond is equipped with a separate 100-watt bulb. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Classic Sconce Chandelier 3d model rendering image

Classic Sconce Chandelier

Classic Sconce Chandelier with gilded carriage and eight glass ornamented lights 3d model. Geometry only, the light sources must be set manually at your discretion. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Classic Amber Chandelier 3d model rendering image

Classic Amber Chandelier

Classic Amber Chandelier with gilded ornaments 3d model with six lights. Geometry only, the light sources must be set manually at your discretion. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Golden strawbs chandelier 3d model rendering image

Golden strawbs chandelier

Suspended ceiling fixture with the twelve shades. A feature of this free chandelier 3d model is that it is a collection of elements and details inherent in the old classics, while it looks ultramodern. All twelve 3d models of plafonds are of elongated cylindrical shape with a few narrowing of diameter at the top. They are made of frosted translucent plastic dark brown. The base of 3d model of chandelier is plated metal frame, reminiscent of a luxurious chandeliers, which can be found in large concert halls and theaters. This framework is decorated with pendants in the form of large strawberries from a glass of dark colors with red shade. Bordeaux strawberries of frame diluted with 3d models of transparent, slightly greenish, glass strawberries of the same shape, but slightly larger. At the bottom of the 3d model this pendant chandelier topped with a whole bunch of transparent glass of strawberries with a greenish tint. The whole construction hangs on the suspension of six small chain with marked adjacent to one large chain, which is attached to a ceiling hook in the ceiling of the room. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.