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3d models of the chairs and armchairs. Classic carved chairs with a complex wooden carving, modern high-tech models with the straight and plane contours, bar stools, leather armchairs and chairs of different models and finishing, from the classic austere tones to bright modern colors, all this you may find in current section.

Free Chair with soft arms and curved back 3d model rendering image

Chair with soft arms and curved back

Classic chair of a dark wood with two armrests. The free 3d model of this armchair has a four main elements. They are the decorative legs, the soft seat, the curved chairback and the nice arms. The carved legs of the armchair made in a form of straight cylindrical balusters, decorated with a leaf gold. The legs carving has a regular repeating design. The base of the chair is the soft seat, upholstered with a white back and golden threads sewed silk image. The pattern of an upholstering material image of a soft seat chair part corresponds the golden classic flowers pattern on a white silk background. The white fabric silk has a little nacre tint and beautifully play on the light. The second main part of this free armchair 3d model is a high slip back with the soft inset. The soft back is made of the same fabric as the soft part of the seat. The feature of this back is its shape. It is almost straight at the base, but bends closer to the top, as if it wants to twist back to a form of roll and it is visually captured the beginning of this process. This rolled element is covered with the gold on the both sides. Such a design way even more accentuates the twisting effect. Additionally, at the very top of this armchair free 3d model the back itself becomes wider relatively to the it's base, making the own form looking like the triangle. The center of the upper back part is decorated with the golden bow inset. The whole back 3d model is closed and only the lower close to base part has a little rectangular opening between the soft seat part and beginning of the closed back part. The decorative triangular ticks are carved around the perimeter of the wooden frame. The main difference of this free chair 3d model from the simple chair is the presence of the curved figured arm rests, which makes this chair an armchair. The base of these arms is attached to a wooden chair frame of the soft part of the seat element and the arms look like a rectangular parallel bars, in which the golden flowers with the eight oval petals coming out from the round middle inside carved in. Further, out these bases the bent vertical parts of the arms are coming out. They are decorated with carved triangle ticks, which are the same to those are on the back's sides of this free armchair 3d model. The actual soft armrests are placed to this element. The parts of the arms, which are attached to the horizontal elements, are decorated with the twisted gilded details that also remind the beginning of the rolling process, like it is on the chair back's top. The other sides of the arms, for better steadiness, connected to the back with their half-circled bends. This 3d model has the regular topology and rationally optimized mesh. Although, geometrically made ticks around the perimeter of the wooden elements, which give the model the realism, increase the polygon count of the whole model in many times. One should carefully use the high-poly objects, especially if there is a need to decorate big dining hall with many copies of this armchair 3d model. Sometimes, the Display as Box function activation may be rational, and when the scene have more than twenty copies of this 3d model they may be converted to Proxies, not only for speeding up the viewport work, but for a saving the RAM space at the time of the rendering process. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Dark brown hardback dining chair 3d model rendering image

Dark brown hardback dining chair

Austere wooden chair for the kitchen furniture group, made in a modern style. The wooden framing of the chair is painted with the dark brown wood paint, which darkens and, in the same time, gives contrast to the wood texture. The back is hard, what is very specific for the dining chairs and easy chairs. This feature keeps posture and carries the body in the straight state, not letting to over relax, what positively affects the meal process. The actual back made of solid light brown wooden plank. This gives a spice and contrast to the overall dark chair's design. The dark brown frame and the light brown inset are covered with the shiny protective lacquer. The soft part of the chair is on the seat. It is upholstered with a dark hard fabric with the rough thread structure. This completes and accentuates the austere chair design very wisely. The most acceptable way of using this chair is the decoration of the furniture suits in the dining and kitchen areas of the living and public interiors. Despite the straight modern forms and lines of this chair, it greatly fits the moderate classic style interiors. The 3d model has a textures set, professionally tuned materials and is fully ready for the rendering. The wood material of the 3d model's back collected, using the composite VRayBlendMtl shader for the matt wood covered with lacquer imitation. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wooden classic bar counter Set 3d model rendering image

Wooden classic bar counter Set

Classic wooden counter 3d model. Can be placed in any interiors with the recreation zones. Bar is used like a rest for different drinks. Set contains two classic bar stools with leather seats and wooden feet supports. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Rectangular dining table Kit 3d model rendering image

Rectangular dining table Kit

Rectangular dark wooden polished dining table with white farbric chairs kit 3d model. Chairs are instanced. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Round Kitchen Table and Covered Chairs 3d model rendering image

Round Kitchen Table and Covered Chairs

Round kitchen table and chairs 3d models. Performed with dark polished wood, the chairs covered with white cotton cloth and decorative cylindric pillows. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Pro chair 3d model rendering image

Pro chair

Classic usual wooden chair with a fabric sits 3d model. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Veranda Table and Chairs kit 3d model rendering image

Veranda Table and Chairs kit

White marble-like table and chairs 3d model. May be used in exterior scenes. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Foiled Barstool 3d model rendering image

Foiled Barstool

Bar stool 3d model with very odd design. Just refer to image. Made fully with geometry. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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Qulity High Directors Chair 3d model rendering image

High Directors Chair

Photorealistic 3d model of a big folding directors armchair. It has classic design and is a folding chair with four crossing wooden legs, soft fabric back and seat, and has compact wooden armrests. Considering the chairs heights, it is equipped with moving footboard for extra comfort of the person, who sitting on this director’s chair 3d model. The main feature of this armchair is its mobility. This is an main requirement as it has to follow movie director on all the film sets in all parts of the world. It is light and compact in folded state and, in the same time, be easily unfolded. The director’s chair 3d model is made as the chair used by anglers, who spend all day sitting in an expectation of biting. These like chairs are also called beach or deck chairs, but its difference from them is that the frame is made of wood, not aluminum tubing. But only folding chair with wooden frame has long been a stereotype and without a doubt is associated with movie or film set, cameras and stern director yelling “Cameras! Action!” in a handheld megaphone, 3d model of which you can find in RenderStuff library. This is very typical attribute; even when someone wants to say that particular person became a director of some movie, they say that person took the director's chair. To make an inscription on the chairs back, the Blend material is used, and the texture text.tif is set as its mask. To write any other word on a back, it is enough just to edit the Type layer in this file, for example, in Photoshop.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.
Qulity Upholstered carved side chair with cabriole legs 3d model rendering image

Upholstered carved side chair with cabriole legs

Traditional side chair of natural carved wood with soft silk upholstering. The chair head made in a rich style with a love of masters of the woodwork. Each curve made by hand accentuate the wealth and greatness of an interior, making one want to touch. The internal cavities of the carvings mesh in the 3d model the wood has a character darkening while other it's parts are one dark brown color. All wood is covered with lacquer what gives it the smoothness and glossiness. The soft parts of the chair to seat and back upholstered with pearl silk fabric in a light and violet strips. The upholstering is sewed with gray thick hem around the perimeter. The back legs of the chair are almost straight for more steadiness and the front cabriole legs have specific classic curves. The beautiful carved patterns are on the legs and the front part of the chair. This chair can be found in the decoration of the luxurious presence chambers, on the dignitaries receptions, and still it ideally fits the classic dining room area with the same style dining table. This 3d model has a multilevel materials with according raster maps, which are mapped using UVW Unwrap.