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3d models of the lightings. Here may be found the different lamps, such as pompous crystal ceiling chandeliers and golden picture lights, and simple integrated daylight bulbs for a suspended ceiling. Also the modern wall-based lights, bedside standard lamps, night sconces, standing lamps and other light source 3d models.

Free Desk Lamp with Beige Shade 3d model rendering image

Desk Lamp with Beige Shade

Free 3d model of an elegant desk lamp with the ceramic base, covered with gold. The gold covers the top and the bottom of the rest, which is the base of the whole lamp. The actual gold is matt and has the significant abrasions, which imitate the oldness. The dark-brown prime coating covering the ceramic vase show through these abrasions and this overall composition becomes very elegant. The rest of the ceramic vase area holds the beautiful picture. At the top of the real lamp’s base there is a light bulb socket. However, in this free 3d model, this place is empty for 3d light source placing. This feature lets you turn on the lamp’s light on the 3d rendering with ease. The top of the whole construction is decorated with the main attribute, usual for this kind of light fixtures, the big beige lampshade. The top and bottom edges of this shade lined with the band of light-brown color. It gathers the cut borders of the actual shade material. Additionally, the fabric is goffered, which is seen on the preview of this free desk lamp 3d model. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Black floor lamp with golden stand 3d model rendering image

Black floor lamp with golden stand

The floor lamp with a black lampshade. The lamp stands on a massive gilded rounded form base. The top of the base has an spherical decorative element, the continuing of which is a high thin cylindrical stand. There are beautiful bucket of a forged golden petals on the upper part of the stand. The each petal is decorated with a crystal pendants. The one of the elements made of transparent white cut glass. The other element of an each petal made in a form of a big black glass drop. The both elements have a ascetic cutting like the Swarovski crystals. This like faceting gives them a special shine and beauty. The top of the lamp equipped with a lampshade covered with a black mat fabric. The inside part of the shade trimmed with a orange lining in a tone of the golden stand and petals. In spite of the austereness of the form of this floor lamp, it nicely fills to the modern style interior and is usable mobile alternative to an attached to a night table bedside lamp. This floor lamp has a long electricity cable and lets to enjoy the reading of the favorite book while being in any interior zone. For good and realistic rendering, the 3d model of the floor lamp should be merged with a spherical warm light source with an orange to yellow color. The 3d model of the lampshade designedly do not have a 3d model of the lamp itself what simplifies the light setup eliminating the need of excluding some elements from the scene illumination. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Triple decorative candelabrum 3d model rendering image

Triple decorative candelabrum

Decorative candlestick with three white wax candles. The candelabra made of solid metal and covered with golden glossy sputtering. Each element, each curve of this object radiate luxury and three flickering flames give the feeling of serenity. The melt wax cups and the base of the candelabrum made of rich ceramics covered with old-fashioned biblical motifs picture. The antique decorative element splendour in the head of this candelabrum. The spice of it is the rich crystal which the ceramic details are inlayed with. The cut glass has a specific brilliant cutting, what gives it an unusual shine and lets to fully discover it's dispersion properties. Each candle set in the candlestick has an elegant spiral decoration. There is the 3d model of the flaming wick on the candle. The each body of flame professionally set to have a self-illuminating material that imitates the flame. This frees the user from using third-party plug-ins or post processing methods. The material of the crystal created from VRayBlendMtl shader with using RGB filters for transparent sub-materials with different refraction coefficients to imitate the dispersion of the light. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Orange table lamp with flowers 3d model rendering image

Orange table lamp with flowers

Table lamp made of gilded ceramics and decorated with a beautiful pattern of bed tones in the form of colorful flowers. Lampshade is made of orange satin silk with distinctive brilliance, which imparts to any room the comfort and warmth. Such a lamp would be good in the design of the living room or as an on-top decoration for the bedside drawer, becoming beautiful and practical nightlight. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Modern table lamp 3d model rendering image

Modern table lamp

Modern table lamp 3d model with original metal base in the form of two interlocking pieces and shade. Perfectly fits in almost any environment. Would be a practical night-light with a warm soft glow, and just a beautiful decorative element for a bedroom. The light-source should be established into the model to get the illuminating effect. The feature of the model is that the light wouldn't intersect with the geometry. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Classic Plump Table Lamp 3d model rendering image

Classic Plump Table Lamp

Classic Plump Table Lamp 3d model. Folds on the fabric made with geometry. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Massive Desklamp 3d model rendering image

Massive Desklamp

3d model copy of the same named desk lamp. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Globo Lamps 3d model rendering image

Globo Lamps

Original modern night lights in the high-tech style. 3d models of these lamps represent a paper lanterns of cylindrical shape, suspended from a curved steel mounting rod which is attached to a stable flattened hemispherical base. 3d models flattened chrome bases have not only mounting and a decorative function and also serve as large switches sensitive to touch. Simply touch and this ground and built into the paper ceiling lamp warm night light will shine immediately, emitting a nice warm glow. The free 3d models of nightlight lamp performs the role of 3d object in the form of an ellipse. On it the self-luminous VRayLightMtl material applied, which eliminates the need to apply for 3d visualization separate light source to simulate the scattered glow of night. Included are two 3d models of night lights. Their mesh is completely identical, they just have different materials. One free 3d model lamp has a white paper lampshade, lampshade of another 3d model lamp is colored red. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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Qulity Old Ship Anchor Lantern 3d model rendering image

Old Ship Anchor Lantern

3d model of an old ship's lantern made of copper for wall mount. A light itself is a metal housing that looks like a big camping thermos, which has no bottom. It is made specifically to the metal bottom not absorb light energy emanating from the light bulb installed inside. This design feature allows the using of this lamp 3d mode not only as wall sconce, but like a chandelier on a ceiling. Specifically for this purpose in the upper part of the body, there is a brass handle, an arm, for which the lamp can be attached to a ceiling. Then through the open bottom, the light will break out the body, covering the hold of a ship. However, the role of the main light window in the this ship's lantern 3d model is not an open bottom; it is a yellowish blown glass, enclosed in a brass cage. This cage is both decoration and ribs of this lamp. The material of this ship light 3d model simulates aged metal, giving the model type of a seasoned naval unit, battered by time. Inside of the lantern also contains a 3d model of a light bulb with a filament, which can be seen clearly through the yellow blown glass shell. Despite the ship origin of this light, it can be perfectly used as a lantern in the stairwell or hallway or even as a hand lamp (without fastening mesh parts). Another advantage of this lamp is that its cover is humidity resistant and it will make the lantern usable for exterior 3d renderings.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.