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Free Big forged golden mirror 3d model rendering image

Big forged golden mirror

Free 3d model of wrought wall mirror. Mirror is made in the form of a massive metal frame adorned with decorative art forging. All forged parts of this free 3d model represent a bizarre plexus of petals of an author’s work, collected on the curving branches. Itself is a rectangular frame and, besides the forged outside, it has a small decorative groove around the perimeter. Near to the inner edge, the frame smoothly transforms into reflecting mirror panel. Panel of a mirror plane has sandblasting surface, matt with blurred reflections. This allows us to focus on the oblique boundaries of the mirror facet and on the fact that the reflecting mirror surface is slightly pushed forward relative to its mounting in the frame. This design gives not only visual, but literally physical massiveness to this mirror. Thanks to this performance, it is even richer and more luxurious. Such a mirror is appropriate in virtually any room of any classic interior 3d rendering. It perfectly complements the classic atmosphere of interior styles, such as Baroque, Empire, Rococo. Such a mirror is a spectacular room decoration. Real forged mirrors are distinguished by their longevity, because they frame made entirely from forged steel and top coated with a protective layer of solid gold, which is not only spectacularly decorate forging, but also a practical protection against oxidation. You may also like the large wall mirror 3d model with gold frame and a wooden carved mirror 3d model. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Large golden frame wall mirror 3d model rendering image

Large golden frame wall mirror

Free 3d model of a high hallway mirror attached to the wall. Reflecting mirror surface is made of thick glass with a frosted facet. Matt facet gives a mirror a somewhat volume, slightly pushing it forward toward the viewer. The very surface framed by a ornate carvings. The actual frame frame is made of solid wood to light the overall construction, however, it is completely covered in gold paint. This creates the illusion of gold on the frame, and from there is no doubt that the frame is completely from metal. Thanks to this performance, this 3d model of the mirror is very similar to an old painting in a gold frame, but instead of oil paintings, is a reflection of the interior. 3d model of a mirror has large dimensions and can cover an area of the walls entirely from floor to ceiling, giving the opportunity to see the reflection looking in full growth. In addition, it visually changes the dimensions of the room, making a small entrance hall visually larger and more spacious. Free 3d model of wall boundary mirror, fully universal with a repeating three-dimensional pattern of gold frame. This allows creating a mirror on its base of almost any size and proportions. You may only use the symmetry modifier to reflect any portion of 3d models and choosing the correct center. You may also like the original 3d model of wall mirror for the bathroom, which is in a very similar style. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Cosmetic extendable mirror 3d model rendering image

Cosmetic extendable mirror

Free 3d model of a remarkable double-sided Italian mirrors in a circular frame. 3d model of a mirror attached to the arch with a handle, which from a distance resembles the slingshot. The mirror itself rotates freely in the fixture by 360 degrees on the horizontal axis. Feature of two-sided mirror is the fact that one side of it is quite normal mirror, while another is magnifying. The second side of the mirror has a five times magnifying, thanks to the special curvature of the surface. This allows user to perform easily a professional make-up right in his apartment or just to get rid of small speck in the eye. This woman's make-up mirror, with a bright light directed at a person, allows her to perform daily facial care, eliminating all even the tiniest flaws on skin. However, it would be useful in clean shave for most men, attentive sensitive to their appearance. Such a mirror greatly simplifies the procedure of putting on contact lenses. Arc, holding the mirror frame is attached to the slide mounts. 3d model of the holder consists of a six flat-connected strips, fastened with rivets. Rivets on the straps are not fastened tightly. They have enough clamps to hold the sliding design in a fixed position. At the same time, they allow its unhindered flexion and extension on telescopic principle, depending on the individual needs to use. This flexibility allows user to precisely position the mirror at the desired distance, increasing the comfort of use, as in this case it obviates the need to stretch oneself to the mirror and balance in front of its face. Sliding mirror holder mounted to the wall. Despite its mobile telescopic design, strict wall-mount makes sliding glass a decorative stationary element of the interior. Everything except the actual reflecting mirror surface is made of steel plated in gold. The most appropriate position of this mirror is the zone on the wall to the right or left of the main bathroom mirror. That is, the mirror is not the main bathroom mirror, it merely complements it. This 3d model of a mirror with a sliding mechanism and rod fastened to the wall, are made separately. This allows you to rotate the mirror, positioning its 3d model in the best perspective on the 3d visualization. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Cheval glass of gilded wood 3d model rendering image

Cheval glass of gilded wood

Large rectangular floor standing mirror. This free 3d model has a quite impressive size, towering six feet in height. Long, similar to the arch of reflective surface, stretched vertically, can show the reflection in all growth. Pedestal and the frame, attached to it, in this free 3d model are made of solid wood lumber. The pedestal is construction made of two identical legs connected by a crossbar. Bottom of the 3d model of each rack splits into two legs, on which the cheval glass is installed on the floor. In the middle between the legs are beautiful carved decorative elements in the form of flowers. The 3d model stands are connected with a horizontal crossbar, representing a curved decorative element in the ground, attached to the pillars, and adorned with decorative petals. From the center of doubled leg-stands, the long vertical poles come. By the middle of each of them there is a hole. The 3d model of the mirror frame holds on those. Mirror frame sits on a pin, the outer ends of which are made in the form of round knobs. Such mounting of a frame allows user to rotate the mirror on a horizontal axis relative to the stand. Pedestal and mirror frame are made as separate 3d models. You can freely rotate the 3d model of a mirror on the horizontal axis, this also possible due correctly set pivot point of the frame. Pins with round handles in the real turning psyche mirror are equipped with clips that can easily fix it in desired position. Frame repeats a continuous bends of an almost rectangular mirror with rounded edges. At the top, еру 3d model of frame with recessed into it reflecting surface, decorated with shell and curved petals, reminiscent of coral. The tree from which the foundation and framing made is slightly yellowish with worn spots. The foundation and frame of the 3d model are painted with gold paint, which resembles the golden paths, lavishly describing the long pirouette around the perimeter of the wooden parts. Carved wooden frame with a complex pattern 3d model of the mirror will look great in the interior art deco style. However, not less astonishing the mirror-psyche 3d model will fit in the empire, because it was in France the second half of XVIII century, when such mirrors were most popular among the court nobles and wealthy merchants. Such a mirror would be an excellent decorative and practical addition to a hallway or bedroom. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wall solid mirror glass with lightings 3d model rendering image

Wall solid mirror glass with lightings

The special wall mirror for the bathroom. The two 3d models of wall lights, decorated in the same style as the mirror come with this free 3d model. Framing of a mirror made of a dark slightly reflective matte finish with a pearl shimmer. The actual framing is very massive and occupies an area not less than the reflective surface of the mirror. In addition, the base of the mirror 3d model has an impressive thickness, across the edge of which is applied a thin layer of chromium. It makes the illusion, as though it were carved from a large piece of sheet metal. The reflecting mirror has an oval shape and is slightly recessed into the body of the bounding foundation. The interior of the deepening of the 3d model on the perimeter is chromed as well as its external form. The 3d model’s framing material is slightly darker with a slight blurry reflections. If necessary, one can safely reduce blurring and increase the strength of the reflection of this material. Then it will become the big double mirror, and framing with central part of which perfectly reflects the incident light. In this version, it looks no less original than when covered with black pearl-plated as in the basic material of this free 3d model. Framing base that by texture of the own material is reminiscent of black pearls, has a fanciful shape in a slightly gothic style. Such its shape creates a very strict and moderately sharp atmosphere, familiar from the illustrations of old tales, creating the illusion of a medieval castle, the home to a powerful warlock. Gothic atmosphere of the composition of this 3d model is just a perfect complement located on the edges of wall lights. Their yellow flowing up the wall light looks like the flames of oil lamps, came out and greedily devouring oil. Lighting design is so original, that it creates a full illusion of fire in them and there is internal excitement to get burned - so skillfully they cope with the idea of their creator. Material of the outside lamp cover is also a black pearl, as well as setting of the 3d model of a mirror, repeating it beautifully bold shapes and designs. Wall-mount fixtures made of chrome-plated metal, perfectly accompanying on shine and texture of chromium, which covers the inner and outer edge of the mirror. This excellent piece of furniture attracts the viewer to look on it for hours, as in a magic mirror that shows unprecedented futuristic landscapes. The mirror is the main and most powerful expressive element present in the design of each bathroom. Despite the fact that the original 3d model of this mirror was designed as a component designed to logically complete the cabinet with sink, however, it fits perfectly in the interior corridors and rooms. This magically attracting element does not leave anyone indifferent and surely flaring to the even the most indifferent to the interior design visitor, emphasizing style and taste of its owner. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wooden carved wall mirror 3d model rendering image

Wooden carved wall mirror

The wall carved wood mirror for bathroom or hallway. The decoration of the mirror made as a frame of a wooden leafs. Around the perimeter of the framing there is a decorative bar that adds the completeness to a construction. The frame made of four main wooden parts that are carved from solid oak wood. Despite the apparent symmetry, the each leaf has their own look. All four frame parts glued together with the hard epoxy. The wood has specific dissimilar worn that imitates oldness. This gives to this mirror the particular singularity. The frame is covered with the moisture-resistant lacquer. The thick quartz glass itself is placed in the center of the framing. The side borders of the mirror glass plane have a sharp cutting that accentuate its massiveness. The oblique edges are mat and this clearly outline the perimeter of the reflecting surface of the mirror. On the back side, the mirror is coated by the reflecting silver composition with a protective copper layer behind it. Such mirror not only is a decoration for the bathroom, but also is a nice functional toilet furniture. For better lighting the wall white lights should be placed near the mirror. The 3d model of the mirror has a symmetric conjugating pattern. This allows to change the size of the model to any desired. For change the size and the proportions of the mirror you shouldn't use the usual scaling. This can change the scaling of the patterns and will corrupt the mapping of the model. To change sizes, you need to use 3ds max integrated Symmetry modifier and check the correctness of the welding on the symmetry plane. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.