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3d models on the sea, water, sailing, and nautical theme. It is all related to the sea, seafaring and navigation. You can find here everything from lifebelt to iron ship anchor. The 3d model of this category may also be useful for object rendering of the ships and vessels, for the exterior basins 3d rendering, and even for decorating the interior 3d scenes of the nautical style.

Free Large ship anchor 3d model rendering image

Large ship anchor

Free 3d model of a metal ship anchor. It is a cast metal construction, designed to keep shipping in one place above the water. Anchor is a device to keep the ship of the vessel or other water floating craft when stopping in open water. The mooring lines are used on moorage or anchorage. The main design principle is that the anchor has a prehensile ends and a lot of weight. Because of this, it is easily submerged under the water and clings to the ground. The surface of the free anchor 3d model is worn with a black iron oxide. Some places of the anchor 3d model are rust. However, this is an exactly how a typical anchor looks like, because it is regularly dipped into the water, destroying its unpainted surface. This 3d model of the classical in its form ship anchor consists of a typical for such things parts. They are rod, shank, arm and two flukes. The rod is a horizontal cylindrical bar with the two spheres at the ends. It firmly seated in the rod body, which is the basis of the anchor. At the bottom the spindle transforms into an arc shape that looks like two arms. At both ends of the arms there are flat flukes, similar to the arrowhead that increases grip with bottom ground. This anchor is sometimes called the admiralty common anchor. Lowered from a ship anchored in the water with a massive anchor chain. To do this in the very top of the spindle is tightly welded strong iron ring, which serves as basis for fixing the first link of anchor chain. 3d model of a real ship's anchor copies is meter in size. Therefore, if you choose to use this anchor in the interior rendering as a furnishing, you will likely have to reduce its size using proportional scaling. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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Qulity Handheld Megaphone 3d model rendering image

Handheld Megaphone

The 3d model of a portable electric megaphone. Megaphone is an electric acoustic device used for amplification of a sound. Its main purpose is a public voice warning. It means it used by speakers to bring some information in public places. Besides the popular use, the electric megaphones are often used by special services, such as fire brigades, lifeguards, fishing inspections, police and other structures. The megaphone is a needed thing on the vessels and river yachts for communication. The amplifying of a voice by this device lets transmit it to far distance. The bigger the megaphone cone and more powerful its built-in amplifier are, the louder and clearer is the voice from it. The actual megaphone 3d model device consists of few main components. They are the handle with the orange ON button, the cylinder of amplifier with microphone and volume regulator on it. The same part is used for power supply , which are usually the banal batteries. Naturally, the “heart” of the megaphone 3d model are the big cone and speaker inside. The 3d model of megaphone comes with the rolled fabric lace, hanging at the bottom of the megaphone. In a real megaphone its purpose is to hold a device on an user’s wrist. The real megaphone also has the antibacterial covering of the surface. This 3d model comes in four color options. The fully red megaphone is the default megaphone coloring of this 3d model. Blue megaphone 3d model has the white cone. The yellow one has white and yellow cone, and the grey option has a white cone. All these materials are in the scene file. To have another coloring you need just to apply the existing material to the actual megaphone 3d model. The look of this megaphone 3d model, as well as its color variations, you can observe on the number of the renderings of this photorealistic model.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.
Qulity Brass Ship Bell 3d model rendering image

Brass Ship Bell

The 3d model of the ship bell with the metal wall suspending. The dome of the bell is made of light-brown bronze with a bit of mat. A massive bolt to a curved metallic frame, painted in gray, suspends it. The same paint is also used on a beater inside the bell. The ringing of a ship bell is used on the vessels to give the crew important signals, for example, when there is a fire on a ship. The inscription on a ship surface is made using texture. This texture map is in a TIF format with a procedural text layer, made in Photoshop. To change the bell’s label it is enough to just write new name and apply the desired font. Or, if you need to have the image there, just paste it or paint to this texture file. The 3d model of ship bell have the same level of quality in the both inside and outside parts. The beater of a bell hangs inside, on a special hold. That is what can be seen on the previews of the ship bell 3d model. The wall suspending frame is bent to conform with the cylindrical pole of the classic wooden mast. However, the actual bend is relatively small, so it can be placed of a flat wall, for example, to the nautically styled interior. For ease of use, the 3d model includes the mast part.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.
Qulity Ship Bell with Rope Beater Handle 3d model rendering image

Ship Bell with Rope Beater Handle

The 3d model of bronze vessel or ship bell. It is a very simple sound-producing instrument, which consists of dome, fastened by a lug to an L-shaped stand. The 3d model of the stand comes with the 3d model of the actual bell. Inside a dome there is a 3d model of metal beater, which in the real bell, used to hit the bell, making it vibrate the surrounding air. These vibrations are nothing else but a ringing, which we are able to hear. The special feature of this beating bar is the presence of the fabric handle, made as a red braided rope. In a real bell, this is good because the user does not need to grab a cold metal, and this makes the ringing better, because the hand not damping the produced sound. The displacement makes the relief of the braided rope on the hanging handle. The actual bell has the name “SHIP BELL” on it. This inscription made using Blend material with a corresponding texture brass-bl.tif, coming with the model. This texture map is made in Abode Photoshop in a TIF format as an editable text on a separate layer. This lets you change the image on a bell on your consideration. As a rule, the ship bells have the ship’s name or the decorative image on it. What will you place on this blend-map depends on the scene this bell is present. The bronze of the bell’s dome is yellow, almost gold. This is the special alloy of the copper and tin, called bell metal. Such bells are usually polished until they become shiny, to improve their look.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.
Qulity Old Ship Anchor Lantern 3d model rendering image

Old Ship Anchor Lantern

3d model of an old ship's lantern made of copper for wall mount. A light itself is a metal housing that looks like a big camping thermos, which has no bottom. It is made specifically to the metal bottom not absorb light energy emanating from the light bulb installed inside. This design feature allows the using of this lamp 3d mode not only as wall sconce, but like a chandelier on a ceiling. Specifically for this purpose in the upper part of the body, there is a brass handle, an arm, for which the lamp can be attached to a ceiling. Then through the open bottom, the light will break out the body, covering the hold of a ship. However, the role of the main light window in the this ship's lantern 3d model is not an open bottom; it is a yellowish blown glass, enclosed in a brass cage. This cage is both decoration and ribs of this lamp. The material of this ship light 3d model simulates aged metal, giving the model type of a seasoned naval unit, battered by time. Inside of the lantern also contains a 3d model of a light bulb with a filament, which can be seen clearly through the yellow blown glass shell. Despite the ship origin of this light, it can be perfectly used as a lantern in the stairwell or hallway or even as a hand lamp (without fastening mesh parts). Another advantage of this lamp is that its cover is humidity resistant and it will make the lantern usable for exterior 3d renderings.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.
Qulity Realistic Life Saver 3d model rendering image

Realistic Life Saver

The 3d model of a modern plastic lifesaver. A characteristic feature of the 3d model of this flattened life ring is the presence of four special recesses with holes for fixing a rail, which goes through all of them. Rail is a waterproof flat braided rope stretched across ears of ring buoy, both ends of which form a knot. In addition, the entire rail is tied into knots on the all lugs to improve the reliability of fastening and to prevent its movement. The actual rescue ring is made of red plastic and holds on all four sides the reflecting film. To make this individual floating craft handy in case of emergency, its fixing must be both reliable and extremely simple. Such a fixing is a simple mounting hook on which life saver 3d model hangs. Mounting hook comes with this 3d model of a life buoy as a separate object. In particular, you can look at the photo-realistic 3d rendering of the composition, in which this 3d model of a life buoy hangs on the dock, or, if you want, on a stone pier. How this ring buoy 3d model looks like in a studio environment, you can also see on the photo-realistic previews.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.
Qulity Old Rescue Ring 3d model rendering image

Old Rescue Ring

The 3d model of the old ring buoy with wall mounts. Lifebuoy is a large floating object in a shape of a donut, outside covered with a layer of dense frosted plastic of red-burgundy color that performs a protective function. Outside, the life buoy ring holds four shiny reflective light gray tape pieces. This red and white coloring makes clear that this is a security tool, causing a direct association with brightly colored ambulances. In addition to the associative, these tapes perform quite practical function. They just like a bicycle reflectors reflect light, making it easily visible the life saver even in poor viewing conditions such as fog or at night. This subject will be hard to miss even in an emergency. In addition to white ribbons, the 3d model of a life buoy has a «RESCUE RING BUOY» inscription, clearly giving to understand what is this subject. The material on 3d model of a life buoy is a very realistic and simulates the wear and tear, giving the impression of a very useful and practical thing, battered by time. In particular, the surface of the plastic sheathing is purposefully old, and a label stamped in black, barely noticeable because of the deterioration of paint. On the reverse side of the rescue ring, there are eight lugs for mounting a rail, which is also present in the 3d model. Note that only the basic form of a rail is made with geometry, while the small details that show the structure of the woven fiber cable made by the displacement. In addition to actually circle with a rope, this 3d model includes wall mount, which is made as three hooks on which a ring buoy 3d model hangs. They are made of brass, like the rings that support the rail. This buoy is designed to equip river and sea vessels, as well as to equip the beaches and recreational areas. Front and rear side of the life buoy 3d model in studio lighting and semi-exterior on-ship composition, you can see in photo-realistic 3d rendered thumbnails.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.
Qulity Decorative Ring Buoy 3d model rendering image

Decorative Ring Buoy

3d model of decorative white life buoy with a red cloth bands. 3d model itself is a life belt made with molded foam plastic in a form resembling a flattened donut. The buoy’s perimeter holds the support fabric cable rail with four bands of thick red cloth. The main purpose of the white floating circle is to maintain the floatage of the human body on the water surface what often can be life saving for a drowning man. Rail is needed to make sure that the several people can use it at the same time. Typically, these lifebuoys, lifejackets, along with boats equip emergency and safety corners on pleasure boats. After all, this life ring along a safety function, looks very nice and festive. Unlike the classic lifesavers, which design is usually very strict and plain, the white circle is always hanging in a prominent position, carrying not only practical but also decorative features. It is so flavorful and is a stereotype that it is the perfect decoration on board the ship and as an inner decoration of interior spaces decorated in marine style. Life ring will take its rightful place on the wall next to the picture of the sea or near a clock in the form of antique schooner rudder. Note that the base mesh of the rope around a 3d model of a life buoy implemented by geometry, but the texture of the rope is made with high quality displacement tiling texture. Above all, interior or marine use it is not an exhaustive list of situations where this saving belt may be appropriate for the use. It can be used to decorate interior or exterior of the pool 3d rendering, letting this ring buoy 3d model float on the water. To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.