Quality other electronics 3d models for download

3d models of electronics, which haven't entered to a main categories of the RenderStuff 3d stuff library, such as acoustic systems, players and receivers, phones, pc and tv. All 3d models, that ambiguously related to these categories, are in this special by name other electronics.

Free Digital Conference System Delegate Unit 3d model rendering image

Digital Conference System Delegate Unit

Modern fully-functional desktop conference system (congress-system) with language channels switch. Intended for speech communication in difficult acoustic conditions, at conferences, symposiums and business meetings. Placed on the table in close proximity to the speaker. It has a low sensitivity to mobile phones interferences. The 3d model has a built-in flat closing speaker with Pivot Point Center located exactly on the axis of rotation. This allows you to change the pitch of the dynamic, placing them in the most suitable position. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wireless vocal microphone 3d model rendering image

Wireless vocal microphone

Wireless karaoke vocal microphone 3d model. Equipped with the on-off switch to be able to disable the transmit-receive signal path. Designed for professional vocal sound in the recording studios and on concert stages. Has a built-in wind protection. Model has been fully implemented by geometry (Poly), without using transparency maps on the protective microphone grid, which makes this model very photorealistic. This allows you to use it even on the ultra close-ups. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Mirror split air-conditioner 3d model rendering image

Mirror split air-conditioner

Wall split air-conditioner Samsung Vivace Mirror. The main highlight of the air conditioner is colored reflective surface on the front cover. This surface nicely reflects the interior making it more elegant. Basic color of conditioner is gray. However, if arises the need to change its color, all you need to do is to replace the gray-blue Diffuse color of a plastic material. Thus, this air conditioner fits elegantly into any interior color scheme. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Big desktop calculator 3d model rendering image

Big desktop calculator

The old big CITIZEN calculator 3D model. It's pretty big. Includes only a blend-map for digits and letters. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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Qulity 3-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motor 3d model rendering image

3-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motor

Highly detailed 3d model of stationary electric motor. Entire steel frame of the motor, that is painted with blue oil paint, is an one-piece mesh with the correct tri and quad topology. Everything including radiator fins, fillets, fastening elements are made by pro 3d modeler using real blueprints. Every detail of this 3d model is ready for subdivision with any iterations number. It comes in a base mesh so you can adjust its detail level on your own discretion. For convenience, each model has UVW Mapping modifier applied after the subdivision modifier to prevent texture distortion on any detail level. For better realism, 3d model has a white plastic fan, which is definitely seen through the back openings of the motor. The fan, as well as the rotor shaft, has the correct pivot points for making animation easier. Other internal elements that cannot be seen from the outside of the motor, such as rotor, stator, winding, bearings etc., are absent in this 3d model. There is a typical for this kind of devices aluminum info label on the right side of the motor’s frame; it contains connectors markings and power supply options. Naturally, the info written there may not be technically correct and serves as an original motor look. The shape of this electric motor is very typical, so similar product can be found in virtually any producer in any country all over the world. This fact lets one to use this 3d model in visuals and 3d animations of various technical processes for different companies without (or with slight) shape and materials altering.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.