Quality shelves and bookcases 3d models for download

The 3d models of the bookcases and shelves. Bedside drawers, TV and office equipment stands, ladies dressing tables, cabinets, clothing storage, kitchen and bathroom units, walls for living and bedrooms, cases for cabinets and conference-halls.

Free Four-section TV stand 3d model rendering image

Four-section TV stand

The free 3d model of a big wooden television stand. This stand is used for placing different electronics, for example, the receiver 3d model, the 3d model of DVD-player and just a place for keeping video materials. The stand is fully closed. The actual TV can also rest on this stand, or it can be suspended above on the adjoining wall. The tv stand 3d models has character wooden texture and is covered with mid-gloss finish. The right and left doors of the stand are considered to open horizontally, while the two middle ones are vertical. The classic look and big dimensions of this furniture piece let to use one of the sections as a mini-bar. This can be quite appropriate, as such stand along with the TV would be the center of attention in any living or bedroom. Between the section of TV stand 3d model there are two cylindrical posts. The each of the doors has beautiful decorative handles at the top. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wooden gold TV stand 3d model rendering image

Wooden gold TV stand

Free 3d model of the wooden TV stand. TV stand is essentially just a large three-section cupboard for office equipment. The main purpose of such furniture is to store home videos and audio materials. The shelves inside the cozy stand can hold hundreds of CD and DVD discs. Feature of large TV stand is that they can fit not only the media but also playback and reproducing sound devices such as receivers 3d models or DVD player 3d model. They will be safely hidden in cabinets and will not break the idyll of the classical interior 3d rendering by their excessive technical appearance. This 3d model is completely symmetric in the horizontal plane. Left and right of the stand there are large single doors, covering the shelves inside. In the center are the split doors, which meant to be open outward, and the side doors has the spherical knob in a form of golden ball in the upper corners. The doors themselves are also facades with decorative punching and small patina. The highlights of this free stand 3d model for TVs are decorative balusters, built into the body of table. They are located between the central and side sections and they make this element of the interior truly a classic. The leaf gold covering emphasizes and complements the classics of the 3d model, which cover the facades, especially they decorate the balusters’ ornaments. Top of each of them is a large golden flower. In addition to simple storage of discs, inside cabinets, the tabletop of a TV stand will provide an excellent support for a large plasma 3d TV. Nightstand is made of dark brown with reddish wood, covered with brilliant transparent protective lacquer. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Night stand Atlantique 3d model rendering image

Night stand Atlantique

Stylish bed stand of rectangular shape, made based on the popular bedroom collections Atlantique of known Italian firm Florence Collections. Free 3d model of night table is an angular rectangular shape and is made in Art Deco style. The 3d model has a white-silver color scheme. The stand is installed on a carved base, colored in pearlescent paint with a golden tint. The actual 3d model has a parallelepiped shape. The main frame of the stand made of light wood with a shallow horizontal structure, with a glistening pearl varnish. From the same wood, the facades also were made. Nightstand has one drawer. Its elegant decoration is the bent handle of a dark yellow brass, in art deco style. Also, the top drawer front is embossed with metal inlay from the same dark-yellow satin brass. The main highlight of this free 3d model and a real piece of furniture is a side upholstering and two vertical decorative facade linings of favorite Florence Collections designer’s material, the expensive lacquered white skin, embossed like crocodile skin. A room decorated with such furniture makes it look like stylish decorated VIP hotel. Usually such things are not accustomed to seeing in the homes or apartments. This chic rather inherent in expensive yachts and luxury villas by the sea. Design of this night stand is impregnated by American art deco influence, but in its modern, more tolerant variant. Matt colors and shiny metal of the 3d model conjures pleasant memories of the warm ocean breeze and white sand. This cabinet will serve a great bedside table or a decorative stand for table lamp or vase with a gorgeous floral bouquet. The archive of free 3d model of the tables contains all the relevant textures of wood, leather and metal. 3d model has set mapping. However, the true size of the image of leather and wood textures in the material chosen by the horizontal and vertical tiling value of the texture. This may be important for non Vray users of a MAX file of this free 3d model. For example, for users of generic OBJ or FBX file formats, as well as for 3d artists, who use renderer different from V-Ray, such as mental ray. In any case, pattern of textures perfectly repeated and it should not be difficult to select the desired size of the texture, just pay attention to this feature of current 3d model. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Compact light brown wood kitchen unit 3d model rendering image

Compact light brown wood kitchen unit

Compact kitchen unit, consisting of upper and lower modules. Free 3d model of the lower cooking unit consists of six sections, and in fact represents a cupboard, which can hold kitchen supplies such as napkins, pots, forks, spoons, coffee makers, coffee grinders and much more. The module is equipped with six horizontally opening doors that are both decorative kitchen facades. Feature of the facade of the 3d model is a black decorative band, which is located almost on the perimeter of each of face. Base of the module is a continuous one fifty-five-inch plinth, made of two long horizontal bars. On each side of 3d model of the module are two round decorative balusters, visual trailing the edges throughout its construction. All doors have horizontal oblong brass handles. At the top of the lower unit kitchen countertop is made of beige marble. To the left in its 3d model is an opening for installing the kitchen sink 3d model, which should be centered on the two left side doors. As a rule, left behind one of the doors there is a auto-opening dustbin. To the right of the hole for kitchen sink, the 3d model has one rectangular hole to install 3d models of the built-in kitchen stoves, electric or gas oven and cookers. This hole is at the center of the two big door facades. Here is the place for the internal built-in dishwasher. Over the entire back wall of the kitchen 3d model and the right of the sink the marble apron is installed, it not only prevents the grease on the walls of the cooking food, but also prevents the splashing of water from the tap outside the kitchen sink. It is for this protective near-wall apron has an additional side branch in the kitchen sink. Top kitchen module consists of five main sections and is a mini-bar or sideboard for storing dishes. Left and right vertical cupboard doors are the same and serve as places of spice storage and kitchen cabinets with installed inside the dryer for dishes. Further, the upper kitchen module has two oppositely arranged compartments with glass inserts in the front, through which can be seen the yellow lights. In fact, it has built a mini-bar. His lighting is designed to give special charm to the glass or alcohol in beautiful glass bottles, which can be placed there. The center of the 3d model of the upper cooking unit has two horizontal facade, closing an embedded module in the hood. On each side of the upper module, as well as at the bottom, there are two decorative columns, balusters, visually finishing its construction. The entire structure is made of brown wood lacquered in protective slightly glossy finish. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Dressing bathroom table with mirror and wash basin 3d model rendering image

Dressing bathroom table with mirror and wash basin

Large luxury bathroom table of ivory color. Dressing table made of the dense and smooth wood. The wood of the vanity table is painted with a light beige paint with a bit of a greenish tint, which is characteristic for finishing of the rich white chess figurines gift collection. Grooves on the inner perimeter of the facades of this dressing table free 3d model are brownish scuff imitating aging of the natural materials. The special charm to this mirror gives a matt protective varnish, which the all the painted wood covered with. This not only emphasizes the effect of oldness, inherent to all classical expensive things, but makes the wood abrasion and moisture resistant. Base of the dressing table 3d model is a large cabinet with seven facade elements. The four lower front of them are opening doors and the top two are the drawers. The third upper facade, located in the middle of the cupboard, is blind and serves a decorative function, closing the inside of the sink and plumbing communication. On the right side of the 3d model's top drawer, there is another, additional one. It expands the design of tables, based on the elegantly carved baluster leg. This design allows not only to increase the size of the mirror and table tops on the boxes, but also visually makes the design more elegant and easy, eliminating the feeling of unwieldiness. All functional facades of the vanity table equipped with the forged brass handles of a round shape. All dressing table 3d model covered with a solid marble table top, light brown in color with black and green stripes. Table top has a rectangular shape, except for the blind zone of the facade. There, it bends a little, as well as the actual blind facade with two lower curved doors. In the center of the bend of the 3d model the table top has a hole for the sink. Actual sink is a large, built-in cabinet ceramic wash-basin, on top of which the mixer for water supply is located. 3d model of faucet is purposely excluded from the washbasin model, for the ability to install the any faucet from the corresponding collection, which is used on all other models of the current toilets facilities. This will allow even more succinctly write 3d model of the mirror in the interior of any bathroom. Inside the sink the drain grating is closed with a flat circular protective cap made of bronze. It completely prevents the solid foreign objects, such as accidentally slept gold ring, to get into the drain pipe. The cap lets to pass only the liquid. On top of the marble countertop 3d model the large mirror is set, which consists of two main and two additional sections. Characteristic features of the main sections is not only their size but also the bronze rim, applied around the perimeter of the each mirror. At the corners of mirrors, this rim is rounded and smoothly transits into a beautiful pattern in the form of petals. The two additional mirror sections are divided into three equal parts horizontally, two shelves on each of them. Shelves 3d models made from the same painted wood, like the overall construction. They rest on the decorative wrought-iron legs made of bronze. All design of the sectioned mirror of the dressing table 3d model is topped with a horizontal apron, inside which there are three spotlights with halogen lamps of a cold bluish glow. The actual apron, as well as shelves, supported on decorative wrought-iron legs of bronze. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wooden wall TV cabinet 3d model rendering image

Wooden wall TV cabinet

Classic all-purpose wall cabinet of a dark walnut with a TV zone. All the facades of the free wall cabinet 3d model have the same workmanship in a form of four rounded wooden bars, which border the whole rectangular cap made of the natural walnut. The each door and the each drawer are closed by the bronze key-like handle. This is not only the decorative design method, but also are the functional keys that can be removed from the keyholes to remove the access to the particular cabinet section. Totally, the cabinet wall 3d model has five main sections. The first section is closed by the two big blind doors to the all cabinet height. It's the first wardrobe wall zone, designed for storing the clothing and bedroom linen. The second section is the book shelves combined with two multi-purpose cupboards. The lower one includes three horizontal drawers. They can serve as for the storage for the jewelry, writing materials as well as be the shelves for the underclothing. The upper cupboard of the second section is closed with the two rectangular facade doors. Usually, this cupboard is used for keeping tableware, such as dishes, tea sets, spoons, forks, crystal goblets, and others. There are bookshelves in the middle of the cabinet wall 3d model. They can place the books, the interior decorative items, statuettes, figurines, jewelry boxes, table clocks, and candlesticks. The third section includes top and bottom cupboards with three doors and opened TV area. The both cupboards 3d models are identical. The lower one serves as the TV and video equipment support, like AV-receivers, DVD players, and may be a zone for keeping home video and audio collection. The top cupboard is out of rich of children and can be a mini-bar for storing alcohol drinks. The fourth and fifth zones are symmetrical and similar to the first and the second accordingly. The wall cabinet is set over a single plinth. The overall construction is topped with a long horizontal decorative raising that completes and gives this furniture module the integrity. This free 3d model is universal and any wall cabinets may be assembled from its done sections. Suffice to remove or add the needed zones using Slice or Symmetry modifiers. This also can be simply done with the base skills of using Editable Poly tools. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Natural wood bathroom sink cabinet 3d model rendering image

Natural wood bathroom sink cabinet

Big bathroom cabinet for sink in a classic style. Used for storing washing accessories and covering the sink pipeline and technical parts. There are the natural wood panel and the elegant legs in the base of the cabinet. The case and the facades decorated with the natural brown veneer sheets of the different structure. For the esthetic attractiveness the directions of the veneer structure has been positioned in different ways, making the completeness of the composition. The cabinet has five main sections. The four of them are closed with a nice bent facade doors. The each door is opened with a handy gilt handle. The five section is a horizontal box. Its facade has the decorative function only and do not hide any drawer behind. All of the internal space of this section is occupied with a sink and technical utilities. The case and facades of the cabinet are covered with a water-resistant lacquer to protect the wood from the destructive water exposure. The top of the cabinet is equipped with the beige marble tabletop. There is a white ceramics sink in the center of the tabletop. For better comfort of the hygiene the big mirror is recommended to be present on the adjoining wall. This will let not only to make the more comfortable usage, but also will add an suitable decorative element for a bathroom. The mesh of the 3d model is optimized and any change of it may break the veneer mapping. For the freeness of the choice, the 3d model has no tap element. The mixing faucet should be merged separately. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free White pier-glass with drawers 3d model rendering image

White pier-glass with drawers

The classic pier-glass for storing ladies items and cosmetics. The base for this pier-glass is the middle-sized vanity table with a thin decorative legs. At the bottom the legs are connected by a curved horizontal architrave making the table more steady and creating a comfortable footrest. The legs hold the tabletop with a three sliding-out drawers. There is the one more level with the sliding boxes that are connected with a figure cap which is also a shelf on the main tabletop. Specially for the makeup there is an ellipse rotating mirror in a frame. It supported by two standing balusters that are on the figure cap of the table top. The wood of the table is covered with a white artificially patined paint to make an old style effect. The decorative frame made with the dark gold leaf. All drawers of the pier-glass are equipped with a gilded spherical handles. This interior element can be a perfect beauty corner in any woman's bedroom. Having no character age-dependent design elements, it greatly fits to a austere classic bedroom and at the same time to a quite modern interior in a youth style. The patina in the 3d model's material made with a corresponding raster map in a Bump and Diffuse slots. To make more or less evident the effect of the oldness, it is needed to simply increase or decrease the applying percent of those map slots. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Classic bedside stand 3d model rendering image

Classic bedside stand

Brown natural wood bedside drawer. This classical object of the interior luxury finished by joiners masters hands. The nightstand has two big and one little sections. Each one of them pulled out by the rich bronze handles. The side stands of the drawer decorated with the elegant forging in the petals form. The facade is made with the nice symmetrical patterns of the light-colored wood. The drawer is useful not only as a bedside cabinet, but as a good pedestal for a night sconce or a bedroom flower bucket. In a not very big interiors, it may be used as a compact vanity table if supplied with wall mirror and soft pouffe. The raster maps for this 3d model made in detail and mapped to a model using the Unwrap UVW. The UVW mapping and detailed textures are present not only for a wooden parts, but also for a bronze handles what gives the model the exclusive realism and accuracy and allow to use it as a attractive first plan object in your renderings. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Low TV Unit 3d model rendering image

Low TV Unit

Low dark wooden TV-unit 3d model. Can be used also as an independent floor standing shelf. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free High TV unit 3d model rendering image

High TV unit

High dark wooden TV-unit 3d model. Can be used also as an independent cupboard. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Black kitchen module 3d model rendering image

Black kitchen module

Arca Victoria black complete kitchen module complete 3d model. The back elements aren't cut off and can be used with different module depths. Oven and cooking surface can be found in Appliances Models section. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Old styled TV shelf 3d model rendering image

Old styled TV shelf

The 3d model of old style TV shelf. Model is regular and doors can be opened. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Old Card Case 3d model rendering image

Old Card Case

A 3d model of old card case. By using a "Symmetry" modifier you can create as many sections as you need. The texture wouldn't brake. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.