Quality tables 3d models for download

Table 3d models of various shapes and purposes. Here may be found classic rectangular dining carved tables of a natural lacquered wood, low coffee tables of a metal and glass, also the different vanity tables, round tables for kitchen and console tables for an entrance hall decoration.

Free Dining table with carved legs 3d model rendering image

Dining table with carved legs

Free 3d model of a large dining table for six persons. The table is very beautiful and state. It stands on four carved legs, fretted by skilled carpenter. At first glance, carving looks like separate piece in a form of a big leaf glued to the leg itself, but in fact it is one-piece model, made of one non-braked continuous mesh. 3d material of table is quite complex that simulates a darkening in the pits and on small details, and a two-layer lacquering wood. The map of the wood has a mixed texture, which has at the same time the texture of rich wood and scratches texture, mimicking table’s old age. On the free table 3d model preview you can see how it looks in the entourage of classical kitchen. To be more precise it is a popular nowadays the so-called studio with a combined living room and kitchen areas. It is also easy to see how stylish and beautiful reflection on the tabletop surface is. It is enough to serve this table with kitchen stuff 3d models, as its cover in a moment will be especially fascinating. This is clearly illustrated by the reflections from vase and backs of chairs, which stand near the kitchen. By the way, the 3d models of these cool classic chairs you'll also find in the pages of our library. This is exactly the same chair, for the only difference that the material of the soft part is even more complex and attractive. This table is perfect in the kitchen and the living room on your 3d renderings. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Small hallway table with single leg 3d model rendering image

Small hallway table with single leg

Free 3d model of a round table. Usually these like tables are called coffee tables or telephone tables. The second name it got because of its most often placing, it is area near to the entrance door in hallway or corridor. People put the keys or gloves on it, or just place there the stationary phone 3d models. This is very handy and practical. However, no one say anything bad if you put the vase 3d model with flowers on it. The table itself made of solid mahogany wood and toned into the cherry tint. But, its single leg that situated at the center of the circle table top, is painted black, as well as the lower part of its triangle-shaped base, which stands on the floor. The 3d material of this 3d model imitates the wood, covered with the protective lacquer and it shine brightly, giving the table’s look a special lustre. The universal 3d model of this table is made in a very strict style without any unnecessary decoration elements and it will surely find a place for itself in your 3d renderings ;) Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free White hallway table 3d model rendering image

White hallway table

Free 3d model of classic white table for hallway or corridor. This 3d model has a material of a smooth painted white color wood with little darkening on the corners and concave areas. 3d model of table stands independently on four baluster legs. The each of them decorated with beautiful carvings, which inside is covered with brown lacquer. Such a color composition, the black coffee with the snow-white cream, gives this model a very attractive look. Beside the decorative carving, the table is scattered with the brass mouldings. Also the few elements of the hallway table 3d model are also in brass, they are base and the upper parts of the legs, side and central patterns, and the lower rim of the tabletop. The central brass patterns are reminiscent of something middle between bunch of grapes and the multi-leaf petal. Brass has the special for it pale yellowish color saturated with the glossy interior reflections. To make the whole construction stable, at the bottom are the stiffening cross. At the area of bars crossing the decorative sphere is placed, which is decorated with brass. Their external look is much like the crimped spheres at the base of each table leg, by which it touches the floor. The white festive and affable design of this free 3d table model will be beautifully accomplished with the bucket of red of pink rose flowers with the green leaves in the transparent crystal vase. Such a set can sully decorate the hallway by itself. Beside this model, you may also like the free 3d model of a console table for hallway. Also, in the most of the interior 3d renderings this table has a great look in front of the big classic 3d mirror. Such 3d model is the inalienable, nice and the practical attribute, which meets everybody near the entrance door. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Dining table with curved tabletop 3d model rendering image

Dining table with curved tabletop

Large dining table of brown polished wood 3d model. This desk free 3d model has a slightly elongated shape. This length easily lets to stand up to six large classical dining chairs to it. For example, the chairs like this 3d model of wooden chairs with soft armrests. One of the main attractions of the 3d model are carved decorative legs, decorated with leaf gold. The gold is artfully glued into the recesses of the grooves on legs and they look very stylish and expensive. The actual legs 3d models made in the form of balusters, tapering at the base and expanding closer to the tabletop, what resembles a royal mace, inlaid with jewels. The mace head of the legs 3d models smoothly flows into a rectangular timber, inside which there is eight-leaf lotus flower, sacred in Buddhism, which embodies the charm of joy and wisdom, and are the symbol of purity and chastity. Rectangular beams are in the body of the 3d model countertop, whose base is topped with carved gilt triangles pattern. Free dining table 3d model has a dense grid, mainly in the area of these triangles, which are entirely made with geometry. Deepening parts of the decorative carving of the table that are not covered with gold have a darker color than the main 3d model brown wood color. This accentuates them, giving the 3d model bigger relief and detail. Carved top base, decorated with triangles, assembled from four arcs located on each of the four legs and four straight lines. This technological feature of really existing table is clearly shown in this 3d model. The tabletop 3d model itself has rounded edges in the style of the base, and its smooth upper surface is polished to a shine. This table, complected with a few chairs, is a beautiful kitchen unit or a dining set. It can easily fit into the interior in neoclassical style, austere and imposing baroque or even a luxurious rococo. Beautiful tablecloth or a large bouquet of roses must emphasize elegance and sophistication of this dining table free 3d model. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Half-round console hallway table 3d model rendering image

Half-round console hallway table

The console table of semicircular shape of a natural lacquered wood. Obviously, this free 3d model is actually a cantilever fastened to a wall, just not in a form of a decorative lug, but made as a furniture element, still keeping the same console function. Current 3d model of a console table made in a form of attached corbel, looking like table, cut in a halves and put by a sawn end against a wall. The table stands on a half-rounded base, at the bottom of which there are three little cylindrical legs. The actual base is carved from a complete wooden piece in a shape of a semi-disk. On the half-disk's 3d model stand the four massive curved bent legs. They straightly keep the main tabletop. The 3d model has a tabletop with a shape similar to the one at the bottom, with the only difference in the surely much bigger radius. All construction made in brown old-stylized natural wood and covered with transparent protective lacquer. This furnishing 3d model is a nice table, top for corridor or hallway, on which is always handy to put the keys, gloves, or handbag for freeing the hands while taking off the footwear after entering indoors. Also, the free console table 3d model is a great decorative and functional pedestal for big beautiful flower vase or the telephone set. This 3d model of a console table nicely fits with a wall-hung mirrors, making of them both the some kind of vanity table, letting the user to brought himself up, for example, to set the hat straight before leaving. Since it is a wall-based half construction, the console table can not stand independently, that's why it must be well bind to a wall and the fastening skillfully hidden. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Big writing executive desk with natural leather tabletop 3d model rendering image

Big writing executive desk with natural leather tabletop

Massive brown wood directors table. This free 3d model will adorn any office or home cabinet, accentuating the wealth of the owner and taste of the designer-decorator. 3d model of the table stands on two massive rectangular piers, stands. Each cabinet has a door locked, and a drawer with brass round shape handles. Handles, which open doors, are keys, inserted into the lock keyholes. Both the doors and cupboards are equally stylized facades. All the cavities and recesses of the facades have a characteristic inherent to antique painting things as dark areas on the tree. All the facades are assembled from four bars, what is clearly seen in the 3d model and gives it realism. Tables themselves are in the rectangular bases, which are not only decorative, but also give the whole structure stability. On all four sides of the 3d models pedestals, on front and rear parts the carved decorative mouldings are installed. Both drawers on the back side of the table pulled together with a decorative carved architrave, covering the legs sitting on the back side of the table and provides a much rigidity. In addition, between the piers 3d models, just below the top, there is a large rectangular drawer. Like on the pedestals doors, the key, inserted into a keyhole, perform the handles role. Availability of lockable doors and a drawer with a lock will fearlessly keep important documents and valuables, acting as a bureau and a kind of basic security safe. Pedestals base, strapped to each other with a side-bar and drawer is covered with a carved solid counter top. Feature of the table top is its division into three zones. Each zone of 3d model tabletop is decorated with a rectangular flap of green leather linings from cow hides. The leather lining itself is attached by brass glazing beads, nailed to the table surface around the perimeter spots. The purpose of these green spots are not only to beautify complement the color scheme of brown wooden desk with green matte tone, but simply to increase the convenience for touching your hard and cold-lacquered table top, and keep the hands on the soft leather surface. In addition, such a surface increases the frictional force preventing documents to slide along the tabletop surface. All wooden parts of 3d model of a desk covered with brilliant transparent protective lacquer. Manager table must not contain unnecessary stuff, because it reflects the approach of the owner to the business. In this 3d rendering the suitable things are lied on a desk such as 3d model of a written set of marble and a 3d model of a simple diary, which you also can find on the RenderStuff 3d models library pages. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Dressing bathroom table with mirror and wash basin 3d model rendering image

Dressing bathroom table with mirror and wash basin

Large luxury bathroom table of ivory color. Dressing table made of the dense and smooth wood. The wood of the vanity table is painted with a light beige paint with a bit of a greenish tint, which is characteristic for finishing of the rich white chess figurines gift collection. Grooves on the inner perimeter of the facades of this dressing table free 3d model are brownish scuff imitating aging of the natural materials. The special charm to this mirror gives a matt protective varnish, which the all the painted wood covered with. This not only emphasizes the effect of oldness, inherent to all classical expensive things, but makes the wood abrasion and moisture resistant. Base of the dressing table 3d model is a large cabinet with seven facade elements. The four lower front of them are opening doors and the top two are the drawers. The third upper facade, located in the middle of the cupboard, is blind and serves a decorative function, closing the inside of the sink and plumbing communication. On the right side of the 3d model's top drawer, there is another, additional one. It expands the design of tables, based on the elegantly carved baluster leg. This design allows not only to increase the size of the mirror and table tops on the boxes, but also visually makes the design more elegant and easy, eliminating the feeling of unwieldiness. All functional facades of the vanity table equipped with the forged brass handles of a round shape. All dressing table 3d model covered with a solid marble table top, light brown in color with black and green stripes. Table top has a rectangular shape, except for the blind zone of the facade. There, it bends a little, as well as the actual blind facade with two lower curved doors. In the center of the bend of the 3d model the table top has a hole for the sink. Actual sink is a large, built-in cabinet ceramic wash-basin, on top of which the mixer for water supply is located. 3d model of faucet is purposely excluded from the washbasin model, for the ability to install the any faucet from the corresponding collection, which is used on all other models of the current toilets facilities. This will allow even more succinctly write 3d model of the mirror in the interior of any bathroom. Inside the sink the drain grating is closed with a flat circular protective cap made of bronze. It completely prevents the solid foreign objects, such as accidentally slept gold ring, to get into the drain pipe. The cap lets to pass only the liquid. On top of the marble countertop 3d model the large mirror is set, which consists of two main and two additional sections. Characteristic features of the main sections is not only their size but also the bronze rim, applied around the perimeter of the each mirror. At the corners of mirrors, this rim is rounded and smoothly transits into a beautiful pattern in the form of petals. The two additional mirror sections are divided into three equal parts horizontally, two shelves on each of them. Shelves 3d models made from the same painted wood, like the overall construction. They rest on the decorative wrought-iron legs made of bronze. All design of the sectioned mirror of the dressing table 3d model is topped with a horizontal apron, inside which there are three spotlights with halogen lamps of a cold bluish glow. The actual apron, as well as shelves, supported on decorative wrought-iron legs of bronze. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Natural wood bathroom sink cabinet 3d model rendering image

Natural wood bathroom sink cabinet

Big bathroom cabinet for sink in a classic style. Used for storing washing accessories and covering the sink pipeline and technical parts. There are the natural wood panel and the elegant legs in the base of the cabinet. The case and the facades decorated with the natural brown veneer sheets of the different structure. For the esthetic attractiveness the directions of the veneer structure has been positioned in different ways, making the completeness of the composition. The cabinet has five main sections. The four of them are closed with a nice bent facade doors. The each door is opened with a handy gilt handle. The five section is a horizontal box. Its facade has the decorative function only and do not hide any drawer behind. All of the internal space of this section is occupied with a sink and technical utilities. The case and facades of the cabinet are covered with a water-resistant lacquer to protect the wood from the destructive water exposure. The top of the cabinet is equipped with the beige marble tabletop. There is a white ceramics sink in the center of the tabletop. For better comfort of the hygiene the big mirror is recommended to be present on the adjoining wall. This will let not only to make the more comfortable usage, but also will add an suitable decorative element for a bathroom. The mesh of the 3d model is optimized and any change of it may break the veneer mapping. For the freeness of the choice, the 3d model has no tap element. The mixing faucet should be merged separately. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free White pier-glass with drawers 3d model rendering image

White pier-glass with drawers

The classic pier-glass for storing ladies items and cosmetics. The base for this pier-glass is the middle-sized vanity table with a thin decorative legs. At the bottom the legs are connected by a curved horizontal architrave making the table more steady and creating a comfortable footrest. The legs hold the tabletop with a three sliding-out drawers. There is the one more level with the sliding boxes that are connected with a figure cap which is also a shelf on the main tabletop. Specially for the makeup there is an ellipse rotating mirror in a frame. It supported by two standing balusters that are on the figure cap of the table top. The wood of the table is covered with a white artificially patined paint to make an old style effect. The decorative frame made with the dark gold leaf. All drawers of the pier-glass are equipped with a gilded spherical handles. This interior element can be a perfect beauty corner in any woman's bedroom. Having no character age-dependent design elements, it greatly fits to a austere classic bedroom and at the same time to a quite modern interior in a youth style. The patina in the 3d model's material made with a corresponding raster map in a Bump and Diffuse slots. To make more or less evident the effect of the oldness, it is needed to simply increase or decrease the applying percent of those map slots. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Coffee and milk table 3d model rendering image

Coffee and milk table

Coffee table with coloring scheme of coffee and milk 3d model. The original table with two legs coffee and milk colors with a transparent glass lid. Table made in a style of the original table of the famous American architect and sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wooden classic bar counter Set 3d model rendering image

Wooden classic bar counter Set

Classic wooden counter 3d model. Can be placed in any interiors with the recreation zones. Bar is used like a rest for different drinks. Set contains two classic bar stools with leather seats and wooden feet supports. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Rectangular Coffee table 3d model rendering image

Rectangular Coffee table

Rectangular dark wooden polished coffee table 3d model. Suitable for living rooms and lobby interiors. Chairs are instanced. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Rectangular dining table Kit 3d model rendering image

Rectangular dining table Kit

Rectangular dark wooden polished dining table with white farbric chairs kit 3d model. Chairs are instanced. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Round Kitchen Table and Covered Chairs 3d model rendering image

Round Kitchen Table and Covered Chairs

Round kitchen table and chairs 3d models. Performed with dark polished wood, the chairs covered with white cotton cloth and decorative cylindric pillows. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Nazo Square Classic Coffee Table 3d model rendering image

Nazo Square Classic Coffee Table

Classical wooden square coffee table 3d model. May be used with different color and material variations. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Round designers coffee table 3d model rendering image

Round designers coffee table

Arredamenti Cavoir round coffee table inexact 3d model. Made with polished wood and decorated with golden ornaments. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Veranda Table and Chairs kit 3d model rendering image

Veranda Table and Chairs kit

White marble-like table and chairs 3d model. May be used in exterior scenes. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Square-glass classic coffee table 3d model rendering image

Square-glass classic coffee table

Middle-sized wood and glass classic coffee table 3d model. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Classic cabinet desk 3d model rendering image

Classic cabinet desk

Classic "boss" :) wooden desk with a cap tree-root texture 3d model. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Old-style classic table 3d model rendering image

Old-style classic table

Classic Desk for reading books and reference documents in the home office. Free 3d model of table is made of natural wood. Table legs 3d models have a beautiful shape, tapering at the bottom and widening at the top, a smooth transition into the frame of the table on which lay a solid lid. On the sides of the legs and the perimeter of the lateral parts of the frame table is a golden edge, emphasizing the elegance of lines and classic styling of this free 3d model. Legs and frame 3d models connected together so that was not visible seams, which creates the impression of structural integrity, as if the frame is carved from a single wooden beam or machined out of black marble. Frame 3d model is painted with black paint, which is covered with a thin layer of transparent protective lacquer. This gives the 3d model's black tree a shine. Tabletop also is wooden. It is made from solid wood boards, pasted on the perimeter of the rounded bead that serve as a decorative edge. Wood countertops of free 3d models so bright colors, with the structure of a coniferous tree, and covered with a transparent shiny varnish. The body of the 3d model of this table are two drawers with a beautiful ornate wrought handles. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.