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Free Golden classic sconce 3d model rendering image

Golden classic sconce

3d model of a classical forged gold wall sconce in the form of candlesticks pair. In this model, even the lamp bulbs elongated shape, when lights, reminiscent of the bright flames of real wax candle. The forged fixture frame is metal. The surface of the forged part is covered with smooth polished gold and partly it is antique old. Patined metal in its structure reminds of a rust. All 3d model of the sconce abundantly dotted with pendants of faceted massive crystals. However, the crystal is not transparent and has an amber color of light brown tones. In the center of construction is a round decorative base, which is actually a sconce’s wall-mounting. This 3d model of a sconce is from the single collection, as a luxurious ceiling chandelier 3d model of caramel color. They both can be used in your interior design 3d rendering lighting without losing the overall style of light sources. 3d model has professionally-tuned material and is fully prepared to render. Also, in current free 3d model, elongated bulbs have an imitation of the glow of the filament, and you do not need to imitate this effect through the tedious post-processing after the final rendering. This 3d model will look great even without compositing. One thing to remember is that to light the room and lit the adjoining wall, it is necessary to install spherical light sources inside the glass bulbs. One light in each bulb. The most colorful effect can be achieved by giving the glow of the light sources not white, but a slightly orange tinge. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Double sconce with black lamp shades 3d model rendering image

Double sconce with black lamp shades

Free 3d model of a dual wall lamp with silk shades. On the wall, a base of gilded steel holds the sconce. From the base of 3d model the two metal branches with forged petals come out. On each of the lamp free 3d model petals, a decorative clear and black crystal are suspended. In addition, a large gem with diamond faceting is suspended from the bottom of the base. Attachment twigs gradually come into cylindrical candles made of yellow translucent plastic. The effect of subsurface glow and light scattering in candles material made using a special shader. In particular, there is activated and configured Translucency option of VRayMtl material. Top of the candle covered with conical shades, trimmed with black slightly iridescent silk. A characteristic feature of these shades is that to reduce the absorption of light energy from the lamp inside the lampshade, the inside is covered with yellow cloth. Despite this, outside the yellow cloth cannot be seen and ceiling appears to be completely black. Only at high mounting options or just with a low camera view, the frame of 3d rendering may catch a yellow inner fabric. However, it fit perfectly with the yellow gilt sconce frame and will not be out of the general composition of the light, but only accentuate its stylish design. Also, be sure to look at the 3d model of a floor lamp with a black satin shade. It is from the same collection as this lamp, and certainly, it will look good in your scene. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wall-mounted light in a Greek style 3d model rendering image

Wall-mounted light in a Greek style

Free 3d model of a stylish wall lamp. It is made in the form of half-cup, fastened to the wall. The lamp is ceramic. Its lower part is covered with gold, specially worn antique. At the top of the bowl the image is an old picture. Lamp itself does not have transparent parts, which let the scattered light pass. Light comes out of its upper part, illuminating the wall and part of the ceiling. Thus, the light draws a vivid pattern on the wall, like a flame, and through this, it illuminates the room with a soft diffused light, slightly stained in the shade of the wall covering. Working lamp visually almost completely copies of ancient Greek bowl with burning oil, while being modern and completely secure appliance. Electric cable, supplying power to the lamp fixed on the premade groove into the wall and sealed with wall coverings. This 3d model will be a wonderful decoration of a hall or corridor. This 3d model can be used for both practical and the purely decorative lighting of the interior. Keep in mind that in the case of practical illumination, light from the lamp is not direct, but reflected from the walls and is a global illumination. To simulate a bright glow inside the 3d model, you should establish a spherical light source with a slightly yellowish tone, for example VRayLight in Sphere mode. In renderer other than the V-Ray, of course, you should use a similar effect on light. Its brightness should be selected in accordance with the exposition setting of the scene, in which it is used. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wall golden sconce with bow figure 3d model rendering image

Wall golden sconce with bow figure

Beautiful classic sconce. The base of this lighting 3d model's construction is the forged heart of a long form. At first glance it looks like the antique collection blade. This element is a fastener, which is attached to the wall and keeps the all sconce construction. The lower part of the forged pith is cone-shaped, with pointed by a vertex to bottom and by the flat part to the top. From the planar part of this distinctive cone the long high element raises and it's topped with a nice decorative lace that tied in a form of a bow. Despite this lace made of the forged bent metal, it looks very airy, making the whole construction of the sconce 3d model light and elegant. The bent decorative lampshade holders are coming out of the blade-like base. The lower part of the each fastening has a nice twisted element that resembles the vine rod. At the opposite side, on the top of the base, the ceramic bowls are, like the ones that collect the melt liquid wax in the classic sconces. All the forged frame metal heart of the free 3d model of this wall sconce is covered with leaf gold. The big and clearly evident worn spots on the gold give the model the special charm. They rather look like deep black cuts, saying about battle knight past of this pompous wall girandole. They saturate this 3d model of a chandelier with the medieval castle spirit. The ceramic 3d model's cups weren't made accidentally in the form of the wax receptacle. The construction, which the lampshade is attached to, intentionally made as a candlestick, where instead of the classic white wax candles, the gilded candles with the electric lamps of an oblong shape, looking like the flame's tongue, are placed. The bulbs have a warm yellowish shine with an original flame imitation and this creates the surrounding warmth feeling. The bowl's ceramics has an image of the old picture, immersing one to an antique luxury even more. The spice of this sconce 3d model is a form of the lamp shades, which are made in the shape of the halves. Such a form lets to illuminate by a full lamp power the wall, what the sconce is fastened to, making the bright yellow halo. In the same time, the lampshade halves diffuse the light rays that pointed to the interior center, removing the overbright on the wall and softening the concentrated light from the flame-like lamps. The 3d models of the half-lampshades are moved up as much as possible to the wall, which the sconce is hanged to, what practically eliminate the situation when the glowing lamps are visible. Because of this, and for not overloading the model's mesh, the bulbs models are absent. But instead of them the spherical light sources must be placed to a model for imitating the bright warm illumination. The material of the lampshades 3d models is half-transparent and knowingly meant to use with a such light sources placing. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wall sconce with black silk shades 3d model rendering image

Wall sconce with black silk shades

Austere wall sconce with two shades made of black matt silk and double gird with golden circles. Solid shade fastening presented as two decorative gold patined candlesticks. This gives the model typical classic elements antiquity. The base of each holder has plastic details which imitate the wax candles. Their whitish pink has a translucency and the model itself has an evident melt wax streaks. This like sconce will suit an austere decoration of the hall and successfully complement the composition of the classic cabinet. The worn spots on gold made with a raster map set in the Diffuse, Reflect and Bump material slots. The material of the candles plastic includes the turned on Translucency for the imitation of the subsurface object light passing. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Bathroom mirror sconce 3d model rendering image

Bathroom mirror sconce

The modern light sconce for lighting a bathroom. Has the necessary level of moisture resistance, allowing the water to be on the light surface. The most successful is the placement of the lamp on the right, left or both sides of the mirror. Such a decision would not only be original in appearance, but also will be practically useful by illuminating the face of the viewer when looking at himself. Torchiere in this 3d model has a translucent material that beautifully diffuses the rays from the source of light set into. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Spherical wall lamp 3d model rendering image

Spherical wall lamp

Elegant original design wall lamp 3d model, with a lampshade of a spherical shape. The feature of the lamp is a decorative crystal pendants located inside the lampshade, giving it a special charm and appeal. To create the glow on the visualization, the visible spherical light source should be placed into the lamp model, and the model of a lamp must be excluded from the lighting and shading. This trick will reduce the time of calculation of the final image and will save its visual quality. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Picture frame with picture light 3d model rendering image

Picture frame with picture light

Picture frame with picture lighting 3d model. Simple elegant picture frame with glass which prevents the ingress dust on the paintings canvas. the picture lamp is used for the lighting the painting. This lamp can be used as lighting for paintings, as well as illumination near mirrors. The image can be replaced by any other, simply replace the current map with one that you like. The self-illuminating material VRayLightMtl is used to simulate a light bulb. However, the small light source that will simulate the direct light should established for greater realism. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Wall Classic Sconce 3d model rendering image

Wall Classic Sconce

Wall classic sconce with gilded carriage and two glass ornamented lights 3d model. Geometry only, the light sources must be set manually at your discretion. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Golden strawbs sconce 3d model rendering image

Golden strawbs sconce

3D model of wall sconce with classic unusual style. Gilded carriage with a semi-color glass figures that look like strawberries. Multimaterial contains last sub-material named "Additional". Drop it instead of first "gold" submaterial to get silver carriage. This is a wall-hanging variation of the already present Golden strawbs chandelier 3d model. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.