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Free Wine red curtains with golden tieback 3d model rendering image

Wine red curtains with golden tieback

Chic opaque night window blinds. The front side of the curtain, is the avant-garde material of burgundy silk embroidered with golden petals on him. The reverse side of a drapes, is made of brilliant golden fabric, with the explicit net structure. The 3d model of curtains itself collected at the lower part by tie-back in a forms of thick gold lace, which is like the aiguillette with two large soft tassels on the ends. These decorative tassels give the entire tieback a special stylishness and completeness. Laces are attached to the wall behind the curtain with a small ring hook, mounted in a wall on the similarity of building anchor. Tieback gathers the curtain, forming its beautiful puffy folds. This assembly allows the fabric to get rid of repetitive cloth pattern, making the drawing on it more chaotic and unpredictable, and the actual blinds very much heavier. Feature of this 3d model of curtains is that it is not just a two-sided plane, wrinkled using reactor, but is literally a realistic model of curtains with front bend. That is, the lateral part of the fabric tuck so are visible both burgundy front silk and back gold satin. Such a fold can make a nice contour on the curtains, emphasizing its a gathered form. A characteristic feature of this 3d model is its fastening. This curtain is designed for mounting behind the cornice, when the mechanism of suspension is not visible and is completely hidden. But the main highlight of this 3d model is its photorealistic material of vanguard silk. It looks cool even on the of the material editor sample sphere! If you do not know how or do not want to spend time creating complex material for any other model of curtains, you can easily use this material for your photo-realistic 3d renderings. Color of material can be easily changed in Photoshop, simply changing the color of the diffuse texture. This could save you a lot of time. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Transparent flower patterned tulle curtains 3d model rendering image

Transparent flower patterned tulle curtains

The half-transparent blinds models of a bluish polyester organza. The curtains pattern is the decorative petals like-designs. It gives a curtain refinement, lightness and forms a beautiful shadow in a shiny sunny day. Besides, the blue organza color will filter the hot summer yellow sunrays and will make a coolness feeling in the interior. The tulle has a specific soft shine. Such a curtain is a good decoration for the window opening and it adds completeness to an any textile composition; from a rich austere curtain with lambrequin and fanciful brushes and bows to a simple straight night curtains. The curtain should be suspended by a sewed to its upper part hooks to a nickel curtain wire of a suspending system with injection dowels, which hold a great stretch load. The lace curtain usually in hanged behind the night curtains, but the modern window decorating tendencies allow to place the lace curtain over the main curtains. The curtain 3d model has the tiled texture maps and, even more, the model itself made as a well-matching mesh pattern with a perfect horizontal tiling. This lets to collect the curtains 3d models of the any length easily. To do this, you need to convert a model to the Editable Poly and use the Array from the standard 3ds Max tools. Using it, you need to clone the model for a needed number of times with a 1930 mm step. Do not forget to set the Copy for the Type of object. Then, select one of the arrayed models and attach all other clones using the Attach button in the Editable Poly instruments. The last thing to do is to select all vertices and Weld them with a minimum threshold. Curtains 3d model is one-sided and this appreciably lightens the mesh. The main 3d model material is half-transparent with the specific organza reflections. It's in the Front Material slot of the pseudo translucency VRay2SidedMtl shader. This allows to get the strong window lighting on the backface of the one-sided model. To increase or decrease this effect, you need to tune the Translucency color in the VRay2SidedMtl material. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Plastic windows kit 3d model rendering image

Plastic windows kit

A set of plastic windows. The entire set consists of three 3d models. 3d model of a single single-window sill. 3d model of a triple tricuspid window sill. Also, free 3d model of a large plastic door to exit to the balcony or loggia. A feature of this set is that new windows are covered with laminitis, simulating wood. He has dark brown with a slightly pronounced structure of noble wood. However, we need only to remove material from the slot Diffuse 3d model of plastic windows bitmap texture of wood and you get new windows in white. Those are the most classic windows that are installed in most homes and offices. This model is so versatile, that can arrange window portals 3d scenes of both classical and modern interior. All the 3d models of windows and doors are equipped with 3d models of rotary handles. To fit the windows 3d model at the geometry of the window portals, we should go to the level of sub-object 3d models and adjust the boundaries of the object by moving part of its vertices. Otherwise, for example, by using transformation tools, we can disrupt the proportion of thickness of the element 3d models, windows that may look incorrect on photo-realistic 3d rendering. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.
Free Air curtains 3d model rendering image

Air curtains

Smooth translucent blinds of white tulle. This 3d model is one-sided and for a realistic glare at side from the window, for example, from the sun, in this 3d model is a special shader of pseudo translucency VRay2SidedMtl is used. However, if for some reason, you prefer to use a conventional transparent material, then all you need is to apply for this 3d model a translucent material that is embedded in the Front slot of the material. It is for this purpose, tulle has turned upside down polygons - with backfaces inside. This trick, as well as in the case of VRay2SidedMtl, will provide a realistic lit up at the free 3d models of tulle from the window. The lower part of the 3d models is bent under and creates the effect of hemmed bottom edge. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray. Check out this new perfect fully tiled tulle curtain!