Range 3d Model Gas Stell with Five Rings

17 Jun, 2012 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The photorealistic 3d model of steel cooking panel with gas burners. It is rectangular and has the control panel on the front. It is made as a advancing triangular profile with five gas controlling taps. The taps has original shape and is made in a form of metallic black cylinder with stainless steel inset. The surface of cooktop is also finished with steel. This gas appliance is equipped with four burners of moderate and big sizes by the both sides. There is a big crown burner with double rings of flame in the very center of the cooktop 3d model. Note that all the flames of gas in this hob 3d model are made using geometry and there is no need to use any non-3d effect to achieve realistic gas burning. In addition, all the flames are separate objects so they can be easily hidden for turning on the one or another ring’s gas. Also, as well as all logical parts, the gas metal taps are made as separate objects with correct pivot points. With such realization of the gas cooking surface you easily can turn off the gas at the actual burner and imitate the same by turned tap. This heating panel is tabletop and can be easily installed without a need of cutting out the working surface.

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