Realistic chrome material

19 Feb, 2012 Tanganika
19 Feb, 2012 # Re: Realistic chrome material
Hello! I need to create a similar picture chrome fan. I use the ready material, but does not work as realistic. I understand that a lot depends on the reflections, but I do not have that reflected there anything in particular, just glare, etc. Tell me, what kind of light used, VRayLight, Sun, whether the subject be placed in an enclosed space, and there is need to adjust the light? Do I need to use some sort of reflection maps? Thank you.

19 Feb, 2012 Tanganika
19 Feb, 2012 # Re: Realistic chrome material
Here's a

23 Feb, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
23 Feb, 2012 # Re: Realistic chrome material

By itself, the material is extremely simple chrome.
The V-Ray is created based VRayMtl material.
Its color is Diffuse set pure black.
Reflect - light gray. The brighter, the stronger the reflection metal.
Refl. Glossiness - 0.95 -0.8. The lower the value, the more blurry reflections, but also noticeable Highlight highlight .
That's all, about himself chrome mat.

Chrome-plated metal can also have anisotropy . Judging by the picture that you showed this material shader has a slight curvature of the anisotropic highlight. I believe, Anisotropy value at 0.3.

Creating metal, it should be clearly understood that there is no as such "color chrome." Chrome is essentially a reflection. According to this, to a greater extent, then, as to render thy metal will look like depends on that it is reflected. That is the quality of chromium, almost entirely, will be determined by the quality of what will be his reflection.

Regarding reflection, then, if the object is fully chromed, in fact, no need to even use the light sources or turn of Global illumination . Simply reflections card slot Environment Map, Environment and Effects dialog box. To put it in there, PUSH 8 on the keyboard and invest the required card in the specified slot. Better if it will VRayHDRI map with the corresponding HDR (* .hdr) texture😉

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