Realistic snow in 3ds Max

12 Jan, 2012 Ilya
12 Jan, 2012 # Re: Realistic snow in 3ds Max
Good afternoon ! Recently discovered your site - it's really a godsend for nakinayuschego modeller !!! At me here what question arose, how and what you can do here is:

13 Jan, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
13 Jan, 2012 # Re: Realistic snow in 3ds Max


Generally nominally, snow is small particles, frozen droplets of water, fluffed with air. So, that the "destiny" itself tells us to make the snow a particle system. Moreover, 3ds Max has a lot of tools for working with particles.

I will not describe this method in detail, I just advise you to read the lesson about the creation of snow from Adam Zimirski.

In general terms, the essence is:

Choose the right object. You enter the polygon editing mode. Activate Ignore Backfacing (so that only visible polygons are selected and those that are ignored are ignored) and select the entire object from the Top Viewport. Only the upper polygons of the current object are selected.

Then, on the selected polygons apply a system of particles PArray, which "builds up" on their surface a grid of particles it has generated.

Then you have a kind of snow lumps on the tops of the object.

In principle, the same can be done with the help of Particle Flow.

However, there are more automated ways. For example, a special plugin SnowFlow, which automatically generates snow on the right objects:

Perhaps this is the most rational way to create snow. And the easiest 🙂

But, I believe, there are other tricks, for example, the same selection of the upper polygons from the top, then deach them (Detach) them into a new object and apply them to the deactivated shalla polygons (Shell modifer). After that this, already a three-dimensional shape, will remain smoothed out and a kind of snow clod will also turn out.

The last thing to mention is the snow material. Everything is simple.

In the simplest case, it's a white mat with a secret photo of snow on the bump (Bump) and, with a small percentage of the application, it's on the diffuser. For realism, you can still add blurry reflections to make the snowball glow slightly.

For even more realism, of course you can, besides the bump, use the display.

That's actually all in general terms😉

12 Jan, 2012 Ilya
15 Jan, 2012 # Re: Realistic snow in 3ds Max
Many thanks for materyal !!! I mean particle system like that and not think😁 And the plugin very interesting, thank you!

12 Jan, 2012 Ilya
15 Jan, 2012 # Re: Realistic snow in 3ds Max
And please tell me, Max Max 9 and 2009 are two different versions, and how compatible plugins for them?

13 Jan, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
15 Jan, 2012 # Re: Realistic snow in 3ds Max

Yes, different .

In any case, this issue is beyond the scope of discussion, "snow", if you want to ask a question on this subject, then do it in a suitable discussion or create a new , if not find the right😉

28 Feb, 2012 Sergej102
28 Feb, 2012 # Re: Realistic snow in 3ds Max
Hello, I would like to create in 3DS MAX photorealistic animated snowy storm that could be operated (position, shape, intensity). Here I do not know which way to look 🤔 But VRay render clearly. The same particles? 🙂

28 May, 2014 Helga
28 May, 2014 # Re: Realistic snow in 3ds Max
Thank you! very lucidly and competently!

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