Render scene effect without rendering actual image

5 Nov, 2013 kukka
5 Nov, 2013 # Re: Render scene effect without rendering actual image

Hello, is it possible to render in V ray, let alone render images without glare? As well as this can be done with the help of the mental render subset of scene. I tried to render in the mental here on this Hyde: 

Have you ever wanted to get glare in your renders without doing it in a post app while rendering with Vray ? There is actually a pretty simple workaround for this using the Mentalray Glare shader.

1. Render you image (or images) in Vray.
2. Save your renders out.
3. Load your image (or images) into the environment slot in a fresh scene.
4. Set the renderer to Mentalray.
5. Disable Final Gather.
6. Make sure that the Glare shader is loaded into the output slot of the "camera effects" > "Camera shaders" rollout in the Renderer tab of the render settings.
7. Drag the Glare shader to the Material Editor and adjust the settings to your taste.
8. Render your image (or images).

One thing to be aware of is your gamma settings. If you are using gamma correction, you will need to diable it or your renders will get double gamma correction.

You can check the " Replace rendered image with glare only" checkbox to get the glare rendered by itself. You can then use this in PS or similar to comp in the glare.

but the desired result has not brought.

6 Nov, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
6 Nov, 2013 # Re: Render scene effect without rendering actual image
Hello! Someone's guide will not discuss , but answering the question, yes, you can. The rollout of Global switches , put a check Do not render final image, it will disable the final rendering. Then move on to the tab Render Elements and customize which render elements to consider, and where to save😉

5 Nov, 2013 kukka
10 Nov, 2013 # Re: Render scene effect without rendering actual image
Unfortunately render elements are not computed without rendenra final image and scene effect, too. just a black picture. render without GI helped to render more quickly but was not the one who needs to sazhaleniyu Results. because I would like to receive a glare-effect on a black background in the elements and it comes out already imposed on the final image. Probably not, allows to vray currently obtain such a result, or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Correct me if I'm wrong, thanks in advance.

6 Nov, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
10 Nov, 2013 # Re: Render scene effect without rendering actual image


Are you sure you do something wrong. As I said earlier, when you select the desired item, rather in its settings specify the path and name of preservation, while 3ds Max itself will keep the specified path in the above thee format desired render element, in the same form in which you did, and you want to get (not mixed with the finale).

Furthermore, it can be done manually, via frame buffer.

For example, if you use VFB , it will always default to show the final render, which in Do not render final image, of course, just black. However, all render elements are hidden and they can be viewed and saved by selecting the item in the drop-down list of items in the upper right of honor Vereisk buffer.

By the way if the new V-Ray 2.0 and above, there is even a special a button «Save all image shannels», which allows automatic save all render elements of the chosen path😉

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