Rendering entire floor of a building

19 Dec, 2011 Ilya
19 Dec, 2011 # Re: Rendering entire floor of a building
Good day! Surf the Internet, often ran into here are the plans: In this connection, I ask - is some kind of specific program with ready units (furniture, plants, cars ..) or can in 3ds Max that something like this create? Just at the initial design stage, with a floor plan in 2D, sometimes you need to quickly sketch 3D, to have a general idea of ​​the site for future line-up. In such cases, you do not have a photorealistic image, as well as little time spent. Once I started to learn 3D Max and vray, I would like to know if it is possible to create a floor plan it. If there kakiya a special technique, it is particularly interested in how to make a cross-section of the walls. Thanks in advance!

19 Dec, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
19 Dec, 2011 # Re: Rendering entire floor of a building


The plan in the picture is the usual interior of the room where there is no ceiling and which is not removed from the inside, but from above. The work to create such a plan is equal to the work to create a full-fledged interior. This is created, as in all other cases of 3d visualizations, that is, a full-fledged interior is created from scratch.

As a rule, such a plan is a secondary goal. It is done after the full visualization of the interior is done, just to show more information about the designed interior, it is taken from above "without a roof".

If it's just a sketch, "anyhow" that is less complicated software. For example, such as PRO100. This is not photorealistic modeling and rendering. It will take much less time to master it, in fact, as well as to create different sketches in it.

This will be less time spent and not a photorealistic result.

In any case, you should understand that there can not be ready blocks for all cases. Just because the furniture is millions of units. Actually like the rest of the filling. And if you look for ready-made models of furniture for a program in the network, then this is the usual meringing of models. Most (85% -90%) visualizers work just like that. They simply download free 3d models or buy paid and quickly fill their scenes with them. Of course, that the walls themselves will have to be erected manually.

In the event that this plan is primary for you, then you can just rationally approach its creation and figure out what details will be visible from the "bird's eye view" and which ones will not be visible from this perspective. This will allow you to reduce the detail of the scene and, accordingly, save time, while getting a pretty decent image. Even if very conditional😉

20 Dec, 2011 gibson1980
20 Dec, 2011 # Re: Rendering entire floor of a building
There's not only the ceiling is not there as they say, "Paul, the apartment disappeared" Lovely 🙂 turned out, it will be necessary to saw my apartment like a 🙂 By the way, the ceiling there probably still there, just removed from the visualization, as well as some of the walls. Similarly, it would be correct.

19 Dec, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
20 Dec, 2011 # Re: Rendering entire floor of a building
Yes, I think it was more logical, would leave the ceiling, simply exclude it from the visualization, but then at the edges (cut) will be black mud walls (in places of contact with the walls of the ceiling). In addition, the light inside the box is just out of the windows, and will look very strange. Interior box is open, and inside the darkness, and only the light near the windows. For example, in this regard, the garage would be almost entirely black. It would be possible to include interior lighting, the opit, we have seen the upper part of the lighting fixtures, hanging in the air and preventing the review 🙂 I, for example, in such oblique plans to try to combine the light envayromenta and light from a window. That is, I do simply open the box, which illuminates the white environment, but in windows I still put lajty. Then comes implausible plan without the crown, in dark areas of the windows, but at the same time with the bright glare from lights o in the window openings.

20 Dec, 2011 gibson1980
20 Dec, 2011 # Re: Rendering entire floor of a building
Indeed, without a ceiling will be much sleeker look 🙂 About the blackout that I did not think 🙂

18 Nov, 2012 Ilya
18 Nov, 2012 # Re: Rendering entire floor of a building
Hello! I'm trying to make a 3D plan of the apartment, but there were some issues. In order to get the look like in the picture above I need to create a camera or simply render viewport without a roof? Then, I need to use the scheme VraySun + VraySky, but in this case, the whole scene is rendered without a roof illuminated. Thanks in advance!

19 Dec, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
19 Nov, 2012 # Re: Rendering entire floor of a building
Hello! On good, any rendering is always done from the camera. This not only gives you more flexible control over such perspective distortion, but will also lock the desired form, which will not be lost when working on the scene. As for the lighting settings, then you need to do instead of the roof Plane and simple to disable its visibility on the render, so you and the interior is not all overexposure and see what's inside😉

18 Nov, 2012 Ilya
20 Nov, 2012 # Re: Rendering entire floor of a building
Thanks Anton, really with the camera much easier. Here is the first draft, draft: Instead of the roof created a Plane, which is excluded from renderingda, but not sunlight passes through the windows and through the Plane. How do I solve this problem? Maybe it's because I screwed it up with units. The fact that the DWG plan was in centimeters, and I imported it into Max in millimeters. Now when I insert VraySun has great range in comparison with the plan. It is possible in 3Ds Maxe scale'om plan to increase 10 times?

20 Feb, 2015 Sergey
20 Feb, 2015 # Re: Rendering entire floor of a building
With the exclusion of the roof need to remove the object properties visibl the camera. Then the problem will not be. 👍

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