Retro TV 3d model

8 Oct, 2009 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Old black and white portable CRT retro television receiver Comet 3d model. Certainly the modern television shouldn't be viewed on it :) , but it would be an ideal complement to the interior, that decorated in the spirit of retro. Elegant design will fit into the disco-bar and give it a unique eighties atmosphere.
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1 Jun, 2010 Marty
1 Jun, 2010 # Re: Retro TV 3d model
Wow its a old school Comet MT!


15 Jul, 2010 TOMM
15 Jul, 2010 # Re: Retro TV 3d model
How can i attach the textures (in Photoshop cs4, or directly in maya), sorry im not an expert artist.

15 Jul, 2010 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
15 Jul, 2010 # Re: Retro TV 3d model
If you plan to use this model in non-max software, you only need to work at the "RenderStuff_Retro_TV_blend.jpg" texture. This texture is a blend map, that separates two different materials and tells the software how to show one material under the another. You need to apply this texture to a TV control panel using the similar composite blend material in Maya. Unfortunately, as far as we know, Photoshop do not allow to use this like materials.
Regarding the other textures - they are usual diffuse and bump maps that do not require any complex actions to apply them to a model.

15 Jul, 2010 TOMM
16 Jul, 2010 # Re: Retro TV 3d model
thanks for the quick answer and congratulations for your work, im from argentina here is my site im not a 3d artist, i do postproduction but i need a tv like this, tks again.
iwill try.

12 Oct, 2010 ²ube
12 Oct, 2010 # Re: Retro TV 3d model
Sweet!> !_-Thx-_!

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