How to save the 3ds Max scene AutoCAD format?

18 Jul, 2015 Olga
18 Jul, 2015 # Re: How to save the 3ds Max scene AutoCAD format?
Hello! The customer asked for a super-image picture quality, but says that he needs the files in AutoCAD or Revita format, so that he could make small changes, and I'm going to do in max + verey. What do you think is it possible to maintain a ready maksovsky file in one of these formats with textures without loss of quality? If so, how? Thank you in advance.

19 Jul, 2015 Anton (Staff Author)
19 Jul, 2015 # Re: How to save the 3ds Max scene AutoCAD format?
Hello! Do I understand you, the customer, "Render" from AutoCAD wants to get the same picture that you will do it in 3ds Max + V-ray? That is, you do it in max photorealistic Raeder, and he to you not to worry, he wants to have to make changes and get an improved result (photorealistic rendering), but only using AutoCAD and without your participation? If this is what you want, then this is not possible in principle. The fact that the "picture" gives the renderer, in your case, V-ray, while the exchange between 3ds Max and AutoCAD geometry can only be, even with the textures. While all super photo quality depends only partly on the beautiful geometry of the same work based materials and shaders make the right lighting, which are not transferred between these programs in principle. Since the main purpose is to create a form of AutoCAD, the possibility of "rendering" there is only formal and certainly nothing to do with not having to photorealism. As an alternative solution to the question, can you give the client a model in which he would make the necessary changes to it, then get this model with revisions back and re-render the current scene in the old. That is, it changes the geometry will make the client, and will be engaged in rendering still you. Can perezamenyat old model in the scene manually, just remove the old and new merdzhnuv the scene, or try to deal with the work of XRefs: 😉

19 Jul, 2015 Maks (Staff Author)
19 Jul, 2015 # Re: How to save the 3ds Max scene AutoCAD format?
The main methods of creating 3D objects in AutoCAD and 3ds Max, as, indeed, and the appointment of the two programs differ fundamentally. When it comes to photorealism, the objects in 3ds Max will be made in the polygon mesh format. At the same time the work is aimed at AutoCAD format NURBS Surface. This can create insurmountable difficulties in editing AutoCAD 3dsmaksovskogo file. By the way, and vice versa, of photorealism 3dsmakse avtokadovskih models 90% impossible. Thus, AutoCAD, 3ds Max interoperability is very conditional and is a must to provide.

20 Jul, 2015 Aleh (3d modeling expert)
20 Jul, 2015 # Re: How to save the 3ds Max scene AutoCAD format?
As far as I know, arhivizery who is present in the Pipeline revit (revit it, like AutoCAD does not apply) are just a bunch of Revit, AutoCAD-virey. That is, they base model in Revit, connected with Max, in which Revita base materials replaced with vireevskie do render in virey. Changes to the geometry can be made in Revit. I do not think that will be a bunch of work, if the change in the geometry of the max. But renders in this case are not super realistic due unpretentious revitovskih meshes. Even after the changes have pererenderivat in max with Vir. So, I think, nothing good will, if you give the customer base geometry in Revit. You can look at the youtube do, what people do, and that comes out in the end, it was full of vidos on this topic

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