Save and load own materials materials in 3ds Max - Mini-Tutorial

7 Jan, 2015 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)


Mini splint is dedicated to all who do not understand it well with the materials editor, namely, how to create a library of materials. To do this, create the material, I will not create, but .... You then need to .... Press the button "Put in a library":

A window will open, if there is already started mats library, then ask where to record (current library):

We write all the materials that are needed from the current scene.

Next, it is necessary to maintain a library with a unique name, because then we will use it and assign it a name:

When you save a library of materials, you can choose the name of the library and load the project:

And enjoy !!! Also because a new scene, you can add materials to an existing library! Very comfortable, enjoy !!!!

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