Saving results of interrupted rendering

20 Nov, 2012 Nick
20 Nov, 2012 # Re: Saving results of interrupted rendering
Is it possible to save the results missed the render? For example, I put render interior. The payment time - 4 hours. It remains to half an hour - and suddenly the problem - the lights go out - UPS ground beeps - it is necessary to cut down the computer. The horror in one word! Can I somehow save the results of the renderer, in order to finish the job quickly when electricity will be? Prosschitannye card IM and LC can be saved from the corresponding menyushek Render Setup window. And what about the very result of the calculation? and a bit offtopic, since the iron 3d closed. What power output should have a UPS, to have time to complete the work? PC similar to that described by you in optimal koonfiguratsii - Phenom II X6, radeon 6770, etc.

3 Dec, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
3 Dec, 2012 # Re: Saving results of interrupted rendering

You know that's right. You can at least keep the GI maps.
You "squeaked» UPS, then you just take it and keeps himself in rendering the form in which it is you have.
After power-on has appeared, loads a previously saved GI maps from the disk and re-render the final render, but in the opposite direction. That is, go to the Settings tab, scroll Unfold «V-Ray :: System» and tick «Reverse sequence» in it. Then the buckets will run to the other side and will render the other half (a part of) the rendering, to which you have not yet reached the first set.
When you see that the buckets had already gone to consider that part of the picture that you have already been calculated before, rendering stops. Keep pictures, throws it and the previous one, with the first half render in Photoshop, and then do one of two full-fledged. All.

Why not in one renderer is still no adequate mechanism for storing intermediate results render incomprehensible 🙄 But there it is.

As for the question about the power of UPS is not necessary to do a dump and hang several different questions in one subject. For questions about the computer. technique, we have a special section 3d iron . And it is not closed, only some of the topics covered in it, do not confuse😉

20 Nov, 2012 Nick
12 Feb, 2013 # Re: Saving results of interrupted rendering
Thank you very much, like myself, this thought had not occurred 🙄 Accordingly, in order to simplify your gluing possible, it is better to set the sequence settings Vray render top-bottom. and yes photoshop, power, often saves from various minor bugs when rendering. (And on the big problems, too). I should not have its significance in 3d previously underestimated 🙂

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