Seeing maps samples in 3ds Max material editor

17 Nov, 2011 plotnik
17 Nov, 2011 # Re: Seeing maps samples in 3ds Max material editor
Hello! Tell me, please, do not understand ... I found myself in a long time the downloaded folder "Vray_carrymax" materials. Adds a mateditor, normal jpg, it completely covers the slot-without a background, it looks like quality, ... and everything. I can not apply to the object is not active, rise above the parent too. Diffuse-bitmap-jpg. What was it? Nearby there are still samples (sample) in the form of balls, also, as I understand it, -bamp, I displace ... How to work with them, and is it necessary?

21 Nov, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
21 Nov, 2011 # Re: Seeing maps samples in 3ds Max material editor
Hello! Everything is very simple. Throwing raster map in the Material Editor, right on the ball-sample of the material you did not apply it to him. You just put in the sample as the card itself, and now, instead of the sample material on the ball, you see a map. You can not rise to a higher level, simply because it is not a card inside the material, and a map. She does not have the levels because it is not a part of the material. To use the map to the material, you must select a sample of the material (ball) and reveal its parameters. Then carry out transfer card is not on the ball, but directly into the correct slot of its parameters. If you do, the card will be in the right slot of the material. And if you do this you pull the card slot again on the sample material, then you'll get the same thing as in the case of transfer of jpg file on the ball.

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