Set files association to particular software version

24 Apr, 2013 gus_ann
24 Apr, 2013 # Re: Set files association to particular software version
Prompt, and how to specify the Association of files to startup * .max file, the default does not run in 2013 and 2009? I do exterior, Forest Pro plug-in could not be found for 2013, should be done in 2009, and I have some confusion because of this.

24 Apr, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
24 Apr, 2013 # Re: Set files association to particular software version


Nominally this is done like this:

- the file of the desired format (* .max) is selected in the explorer file and the right key is pressed

- there is a context menu in which you need to select the "Open with ..."

- Then opens the same window and there is a list of applications that can be associated with this type of file

- To specify an association with the desired type of program, it is enough to select it from the list and then turn on the checkbox "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"

That's it, those are the file associations in Windows.

After that, always, by launching the file of the selected format, this application will be launched.

If the desired application is not listed, you can select the executable file for the desired application by clicking the "Browse" button and specifying its location on the drive itself.

As for your situation, or rather the situation with different versions of 3ds Max in the system, I also encountered such a problem and, if I'm not mistaken, then the * .max association can not be assigned to the file through the above described function, even with the help of "Browse". 3ds Max persistently ignores the association change and runs the * .max file using the latest (by date) version of Max installed. Apparently, the installer 3ds Max in the registry prescribes associations, as a result of which the system does not have the concept of Max version, there is simply 3ds Max application and everything, and what is 3ds Max application, is prescribed when installing the max itself 🙄 I would call it "gnarly "The implementation of this function, but maybe I'm wrong and there is some elegant solution. But I do not know.

In this connection, the most rational (without the need for manual editing of the Windows registry) is a banal rearrangement of the required version of Max, after which the last version installed in the system will take on associations. In my opinion, if you put max on top of Max, it will not affect the plugins, nor does it require re-activation. So this way of "assigning an association"😁 will be the least painful.

24 Apr, 2013 gus_ann
24 Apr, 2013 # Re: Set files association to particular software version
Anton, a question-I did exterior 9 version, postponed, the period does not work on the scene put maks2013, after which all the old files created in the 2009 version, have become an icon 2013 - oh. If you reinstall the 2009 Max, the old files created in it can I open in the 2009 version, or they will be opened only in 2013?

24 Apr, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
3 Oct, 2013 # Re: Set files association to particular software version
Icon file is assigned or not according to the type of program in which it was created, it is assigned a mechanism for file associations and all. This applies to any association. For example, if you have a * .tif appointed of Photoshop, as the default program for this extension, it does not matter where the TIF is created. At Corel, Illustrator or 3ds Max, it will be assigned the default icon for that file type, that is to open Photoshop and it will Owned it. In your case, after installing 3ds Max 2013, this mechanism (asotsiator Windows File) believes that all of the files with the extension * .max belong to 3ds Max 2013, but this does not mean that by some miracle all the scenes created in other versions of the extinct 2013😁 As for the possibility of opening scene in the 2009 version, it does not become of nowhere and now. Discover the 2009 Max and throws him in the scene 2009th. As regards the possibility to associate with the stage 2009th 2009m and 2013m 2013ogo with, then it is not. The system may only be specified a default program for this file type.

24 Apr, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
19 Jul, 2014 # Re: Set files association to particular software version


Once again faced with the problem described gus_ann, namely installing 3ds Max 2008 after an already established earlier 3ds Max 2013 - * .max files persistently began to open in 3ds Max 2008 by default, instead of 3ds Max 2013.

I decided as follows:

1 - Download a program Open With for-purpose associations.

2 - It in the main menu via the "Add" to ".max" extension added 3ds Max 2013 by specifying let his "3dsmax.exe".

3 - A «Open with ...» appointed only use that association created to «* .max» files (instead of 3ds Max, in the menu has two options).


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