Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max

26 Oct, 2012 Mariya
26 Oct, 2012 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Welcome RenderStaff! Previously, the window always appear at the rally Max information exactly where the backup is stored. Recently cleaned C drive like no maksovskie folder is not touched, but now nothing will not saved. Prompt how to restore such preservation? And tell where the autosave?

27 Oct, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
27 Oct, 2012 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Hello! The option that is responsible for the auto-save (Backup) in 3ds Max is in the Customize => Preferences => Files, section Auto Backup. «Enable», see if a check mark is worth. Other settings, just intuitive by name. As for the folder in which 3ds Max saves a backup copy of it: the C: UsersAdministratorDocuments3dsmaxautobackAutoBackupHH.max So that if you cleaned the C: and did not touch only Max folder in Program Files, then you can easily remove the above folder backups 🙄

26 Oct, 2012 Mariya
3 Nov, 2012 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Yes, it is thanks!

18 Jan, 2013 vika
18 Jan, 2013 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Thanks for the tip ..... I was useful information)

14 Apr, 2013 Roman Sinica
14 Apr, 2013 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Hello, I'm always at work creating Set prodject folder before avtobeki kept there by default. Faced with this problem, a new project that is saved in the previous and so every time. To have to prescribe the way Costomize => Configure user paths => modify. Sometimes I forget and you can say goodbye to avtobekami on past projects, and suddenly that ?! Prompt how to establish reasonable preservation. With respect, Roman.

27 Oct, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
21 Apr, 2013 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max


To be honest, some kind of strange approach to the concept of auto-save😁

The essence of auto-backup is that 3ds Max in the background, with a certain period, makes a temporary copy of the scene in case something goes wrong and 3ds Max crashes with an error. Not only that, in the background, it still does a limited number of backups (by default 3) and constantly re-uses them after this number of times is saved.

Of course, the automatic saving function is configured to save temporary backups to one folder. By default, this is c: UsersAdministratorDocuments3dsMaxautoback ... There's no point in changing its location, moving it from documents to the project folder.

Judging by your description, you do not need auto-backup, but simply the story of working with the scene. That is, you made a key step - made a copy of the scene, namodelil something else important - made a copy of the scene. To do this, 3ds Max has a special function: Save the current 3ds max file under an incremental name. It is located in the FileSave AsSave Copy As menu.

The essence of this function is that by saving the scene with the Save Copy As command, instead of the usual Save or Save As, 3ds Max saves it with the current name, but assigning it a numeric index. For example, if you save as a copy, the scena.max scene, it will be saved as scena01.max to the same folder as the original scene. The main charm of this function is that if you save it as a copy again, the max will automatically offer the name scena02.max and so many copies.

I always keep in the project folder, along with the original scene, 10-20 copies of it, made using Save Copy As. It is very convenient. First, copies do not with a period in time, but when necessary, at key moments. Secondly, there is no need to suffer with all sorts of ways, all copies are in the project folder. Thirdly, regardless of the background, the same 3ds Max Auto Backup works, in case the program crashes until the main scene or step (copy stage) is saved.

12 Jan, 2014 Yana
12 Jan, 2014 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
thank you so much)

13 Feb, 2015 oxio2007
13 Feb, 2015 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Thank you for it! 🙂

2 Aug, 2015 cerridwen
2 Aug, 2015 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Guys, trouble, trouble ... direct working with the scene, there was an error at the beginning of the rendering and max left ... Well, I'm not too upset and got into avtobegi, and I there last saved even O_O morning and that I was still working all day - it somehow passed by cash ... is there a possibility of data recovery, or do I just score and do it all over again?

20 Jul, 2017 Olga
20 Jul, 2017 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max

Thank you 🙂

20 Jul, 2017 Irina
20 Jul, 2017 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Guys, pliz, and how to increase the time of autosave, I have 300 msec, I understand that this is every 300 seconds, just constantly hangs

20 Jul, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)
20 Jul, 2017 # Re: Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max
Irina, for example, in me In 3ds Max 2017, the auto-save time is set in minutes: Backup Interval (minutes). 5 minutes with SSD and optimized scenes is absolutely acceptable. (300 seconds = the same 5 minutes)

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