Ship Bell 3d Model Shiny

14 Dec, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
The 3d model of bronze vessel or ship bell. It is a very simple sound-producing instrument, which consists of dome, fastened by a lug to an L-shaped stand. The 3d model of the stand comes with the 3d model of the actual bell. Inside a dome there is a 3d model of metal beater, which in the real bell, used to hit the bell, making it vibrate the surrounding air. These vibrations are nothing else but a ringing, which we are able to hear. The special feature of this beating bar is the presence of the fabric handle, made as a red braided rope. In a real bell, this is good because the user does not need to grab a cold metal, and this makes the ringing better, because the hand not damping the produced sound. The displacement makes the relief of the braided rope on the hanging handle. The actual bell has the name “SHIP BELL” on it. This inscription made using Blend material with a corresponding texture brass-bl.tif, coming with the model. This texture map is made in Abode Photoshop in a TIF format as an editable text on a separate layer. This lets you change the image on a bell on your consideration. As a rule, the ship bells have the ship’s name or the decorative image on it. What will you place on this blend-map depends on the scene this bell is present. The bronze of the bell’s dome is yellow, almost gold. This is the special alloy of the copper and tin, called bell metal. Such bells are usually polished until they become shiny, to improve their look.

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