Should I buy a laptop to work in 3ds Max?

11 Nov, 2012 daint
11 Nov, 2012 # Re: Should I buy a laptop to work in 3ds Max?
Hello! I do not like my new laptop to work in 3dsmax 2013. So long and tedious ... all have the following questions: 1. for better laptop or Dive Computers? 2. I have a laptop now! ASUS X53S Geforce GT540M, INTEL Core i5, 4gb Memory. This is a weak laptop for Max? 3. And the last question, if the PC will be better performance, what sistemnik I can take a 30-000r? it will be better? or we need more money? 🙄 Thanks if you help.

12 Nov, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
12 Nov, 2012 # Re: Should I buy a laptop to work in 3ds Max?
Hello! 1. There is no doubt, to work with 3ds Max best desktop computer. Not least because that will simulate just sitting at a desk and using a good mouse. That already puts into question the "plus" of mobility. Furthermore, any cell processor significantly inferior to its prototype table, it is worth significantly more expensive in view of its compactness and power consumption requirements. The same applies to the video card. Actually as a monitor, a similar situation. The bigger, the better. 2. Yes, it is a weak computer for 3ds Max. For many situations of commercial rendering, you need at least 8 Gb of RAM, as well as thereof processor Core i5 2200-2500 MHz is not enough for an acceptable rendering speed. 3. The more money - the better (this is not sarcasm). No kidding. In terms of specific recommendations, all of them more than detailed in the next topic of choice or laptop computer to operate the Max 3ds c . There's a lot of pages. If you want to invest wisely - read all. Repeating will not😉

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