Simulation of modeling process on render

30 May, 2012 Gorman
30 May, 2012 # Re: Simulation of modeling process on render
Who knows how to animate in 3D max modeling process, ie, show the appearance of edges, points and new landfills. I want to animate as the cube of the new extruded polygons (extrude), now connects the point (weld), there are new rib when I have them now connects (connect), in short, to animate all the actions performed in the edit poly graph. animation in the first frame must be as the second frame is to be such the third Well, the last But autu key or set key animation do not do these processes

31 May, 2012 Maks (Staff Author)
31 May, 2012 # Re: Simulation of modeling process on render

Hello, Gorman!

The task, to put it mildly, is very unusual😁 Nevertheless, without going into the details of the goals, I can confidently tell you that no animation modes allow you to perform this simply. In order to simulate the modeling process in 3ds Max with the animation of 3ds Max, you have to adjust the individual objects that simulate the work of the viewport.

For example, you can create exactly the same object as you do on the third frame, assign it a mesh material in 3ds max and animate its vertices. Most likely, the upper quad, which is shown in red, should immediately be painted in the red Material ID, and then animate its material. What will it give? We get an object in which there are all the vertices. From it you can make all four frames by their usual movement of vertices in the AutoKey mode. On the first frame, all the peaks forming the "pyramid" will be stretched at the corners of the initial box. Further, the vertices extend to the middle along the plane, this will be an imitation of the Inset. In the third episode, four more peaks extend upward, imitating the work of Extrude. In the fourth episode, all the top vertices are positioned at the center point, this will be an imitation of Collapse.

How to show the very tops, it depends on how important it is to show them. You can copy this animated object in Reference mode and drop the Lattice modifier from above. In it, specify that you want to display only connections. This will be some kind of imitation of vertices, and these vertices will follow the real tops in the original object. How to imitate their selection (all blue, and highlighted - red), this is also a matter of importance. It's easier to do this in the software, in which the post will be processed by the video. If you want to do this in 3ds max, then over Lattice you will have to assign different materials to individual vertex groups and animate their shift at the right time. If the rendering is done in V-Ray, then on the first two frames, coinciding in position and diameter, the vertex simulators will be rendered in black. To avoid this, separate groups of vertices will not only have to be "decorated" in different IDs, but also slightly scaled so that their polygons are not superimposed.

Do not forget that you will also have to show the movement of the cursor and its appearance, depending on the task at the moment. Here, most likely, without compositing outside of 3ds Max can not do.

In general, the matter is not simple. It's easier to record the process of modeling as everyone does with a screengrabber, for example Camstudio😉. And, if you need any changes, both in the form of animation, and in its duration - do it all in the video editor.

30 May, 2012 Gorman
31 May, 2012 # Re: Simulation of modeling process on render
thank Max, I thought that no one will

4 Feb, 2013 Daymler
4 Feb, 2013 # Re: Simulation of modeling process on render
and can not simply be a program such as Fraps, make a screenshot of the video, so it is not easier?

4 Feb, 2013 Daymler
4 Feb, 2013 # Re: Simulation of modeling process on render
and yes, I was a novice, would like firstly to thank the creators of the project, though the best that I have seen in the internet, and a thousand times more professional

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