Site is in the testing mode

10 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
10 Apr, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode

Hello dear visitors,


As you may have noticed, RenderStuff site has a raw look.

We are currently in a process of transition to a new technical and visual implementation to make your experience more positive from all the devices. Also, the content is being reviewed, so some old messages can be moved to the new places. If you don't see your old message at the previous location, it is ok.

And, while you see the very minimalistic design, which would be improved over next few months with the hard work of   Maks (RenderStuff), all internal functionality is kept.

Search box coming soon.

If you notice any technical or logical problem on site, please report us in this post.


Have nice renders! ✌️

18 Apr, 2017 Lionya
18 Apr, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode


19 Apr, 2017 Liza
19 Apr, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode

It was better before, revert back

5 Jul, 2017 Photo-Graph
5 Jul, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode
So, ideally, it was worth leaving everything as is, and the test site rolled out on a separate sub-domain, so that there was an opportunity to both use the old resource and test a new one. Successes in development, of course) Just a site at a similar stage is not rolled out for everyone) There is a closed test (between mods, developers and resource administrators), there is an open testing of the already finished product. A little inconsistently approached the topic🙂

14 Aug, 2017 Flowerkl
14 Aug, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode
In my very good and now read, without advertising and superfluous around🙂🙂.

28 Aug, 2017 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
28 Aug, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode

Where are the emojis now?

10 Apr, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)
28 Aug, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode


We decided to move away from the concept of placing a limited number of supported emoticons inside the message sending form. The new site engine now supports all types of emoji’s, which are essentially special characters. You may choose any character you want and paste it in the message. Many sites offer a rich set of that kind of special symbols, for example, like this one:


At first it may be unusual, but I think with time pass, most of a people accept this concept.


Between us, recently I by myself overloaded almost every of my message with a bunch of "laughing faces" even in pretty serious topics. The emoji usage turns to bad addiction. So I hope the permanent absence of emoji’s in the message form will be actually a benefit for all 👾


15 Sep, 2017 Cyber4ainik
15 Sep, 2017 # Re: Site is in the testing mode
It's cool. Here the avatar generator) Generally an interesting forum

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