Smart usage of V-Ray Frame Bufer, RAM savings

24 Jul, 2011 mOPs
24 Jul, 2011 # Re: Smart usage of V-Ray Frame Bufer, RAM savings
Good afternoon. The translated Help for V-Ray read the following:
For technical reasons, the original 3dsmax frame buffer remains, and will be created. But this V-Ray will not display any data in it. it is recommended to reduce memory usage, set the image size in 3dsmax a very small value, for example: 100x90 and disable 3dsmax frame buffer in a section of the common all 3dsmax render
Is this true and how many "snap off" memory original 3dsmax frame buffer, if VFB ticked "to take the dimensions of the image buffer 3dsmax"? Or in other words - how much will save memory if you install in a standard buffer such as 1 to 1 ps?

24 Jul, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
24 Jul, 2011 # Re: Smart usage of V-Ray Frame Bufer, RAM savings
Hello, mOPs. In general it is better not to read the translation of something stupid on the farm 😁 But, if on the question, yes. As stated in the official HELP under the V-Ray frame buffer ' , despite the fact that enabled V-Ray frame buffer, for technical reasons, will still be created and 3ds Max frame buffer, just his visually not visible (not start his window ). And, of course, its creation will be consumed part of the RAM. That is why, it is advised to go in the Common, windows Render Scene tab (F10 key) and there set the low resolution, such as 100 by 100 pixels, and disable itself 3ds Max frame buffer, removing the check mark from the option Render Frame Window. Of course, to implement such an approach, in the settings of the V-Ray frame buffer should be disabled Get resolution from MAX function and puts it right you permission, then, in court and will be conducted the final rendering. In fact, in situations where the rendering is performed at high resolutions, the most effective way to render the frame buffer, bypassing described in the topic of how to render high-resolution images in-Ray the V . Despite the theoretical allegiance to the proposed HELP approach is rather a waste of time, because have each time to fiddle with setting different resolutions without any significant advantages in the aspect of saving memory. If you talk about high resolutions, the savings alone 3ds Max frame buffer is also of little help.

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