Sofa 3d model semicircular furry large

21 Apr, 2009 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Large Furry Sofa with semicircular form 3d model. Scene contains two sofas with different sets of pillows. Fur made with VRayFur. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

14 Sep, 2010 Borneva Margarita
14 Sep, 2010 # Re: Sofa 3d model semicircular furry large
Hello! Is it possible to save the model is still in the expansion of gsm?

15 Sep, 2010 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
15 Sep, 2010 # Re: Sofa 3d model semicircular furry large
Margarita, hello! Unfortunately, 3ds Max does not have built-in support conservation models in this format. In addition, we do not have plug-ins to work with the gsm, from which the exported models could equally satisfactorily perceived by all applications that support the opening of the file extensions. We hope that the application you are using, opens versatile formats and models in OBJ or 3DS formats will be useful to you😉

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