Sound system 3d model Acoustics

30 Jan, 2009 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Stereo sound system of type 2.1 trifonic complete with front monoblock. Free 3d model of the acoustic system consists of two front phase-inverting circuit speakers, which uses two midrange and a woofer 3d models, bass and rear speakers. A distinctive feature of trifonic is that the low-frequency works in the frequency range of 20-160 Hz, in a separate enclosure and forms a so-called subwoofer. In this frequency range the human ear can not distinguish between the stereo, so for good reproduction of low frequencies one speaker is sufficient. System is complemented by another 3d model of a small front speaker with two midranges and tweeters one. Such a loudspeaker is usually used in home theater, specifically, to play the voice frequency range, thus simulating the sound of voices coming from the movie heroes of the TV screen. The bodies of speaker sound system made from chipboard covered with plastic laminitis, with a pattern simulating a wood structure. Included with the free 3d model columns in its 3d scene 3ds max format, there are three laminate material: beech, cherry and graphite black. You can use any on your taste, simply by applying the right material at the 3d model of the acoustic system. At the front speakers are protectors of the acoustically-transparent fabric. You can remove the tissue lining on the sub-object level mesh front speakers to make them public. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

16 Mar, 2010 Duncan
16 Mar, 2010 # Re: Sound system 3d model Acoustics
Looks like a nice model, look forward to using this in my scenes.


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