How to make selected object transparent in the viewport 
18 Jan, 2017 Serega

Hello, I'm trying to make a person's face in 3dmax.I've put the photo of the face to front window! Doing mesh, but to create a face the mesh should be transparent, while mine is opaque! Yes, when I press wireframe, the mesh becomes transparent, but then the picture disappears! What should I do make object transparent and see the photo at the same time?


πŸ€– Delete an item from a drop-down list next to Render Preset in Common tab 
1 Oct, 2015 Timofey

Hello! To bring order to the rollout preset, for beauty😁, faced with the problem of removing items from it (at the bottom of the scroll Render setup / common): If you select a preset already loaded, it hangs max and only a reboot helps. In general, after some time I have found a solution. The fact that the preservation of the scroll shows where the file and it can be removed simply. Perhaps someone will come in handyπŸ˜‰


πŸ€– Black polygons after editing geometry 
12 Jan, 2015 lis

Hello! I have come across such questions. But then they did not interest me, and now are interested, but can not find them. The problem follows. There are plane. I made two points chamfer angle, and condensed grid. Then, when you try to pull the outer edges necessarily appear black polygon: Reworked all over again several times. Black polygon is always in the singular, always one of the ribs, which were obtained by applying to the chamfer command points. Dual no points. All quadrangular polygons. No concave polygon. Tell me, what is the catch?


πŸ€– 3ds Max ignores texture updates 
31 May, 2013 akella

Good afternoon. There was a problem that could not solve Google. In the object is assigned texture. If I edit it, for example in Photoshop, then when rendering no changes! Shown is the initial version, and helps only restart max appointment or other images. Even in the material-Editore preview image shows the original version. I take a screenshot. Here is the first version of the texture: For example, to mangle it, and open the image selection window in the diffuse slot. Here you can see that the texture is actually changed: After selecting we observe that no changes in the preview there and render it too will not: Watch it in the 2013 and 2014 versions of 3ds max. I assume that the matter in its settings, tell me how to fix this, restart max tired after changing textures.


πŸ€– 3ds Max viewport loses textures 
23 May, 2013 Polina

Hello This problem - creating a scene, appoint texture, do visualization, save the scene, close the program, and when re-open the scene flies texture with patterns, not otobrazhaetsya cash material.


πŸ€– Why are reverse sides of polygons transparent? 
30 Apr, 2013 Mariya

Hello! Why model does not appear completely? those. consistently one of the parties becomes clear: How to get it back to normal?


πŸ€– Black color of Vray spheres in Material Editor 
20 Apr, 2013 Tatyana

Help. Has M. Vray open and there all materials vireevskie black balls. How do'd seen was ok?


πŸ€– Cannot apply texture - gray object in 3ds Max 
23 Mar, 2013 Svetlana

Good afternoon! Please tell me what to do in this case. Has 3d max 2012 dizain, texture slot is displayed, and the facility is gray, without texture and color. What to do? Prompt.


πŸ€– 3ds Max arrows gone! Help! 
19 Mar, 2013 Irina

Help! Pozhalusta how to return the cursor to the previous form, to simulate the bad without it. But how to get out of my head, although once knew: | instead it is now red stripes πŸ™„


πŸ€– The 3ds scene file size increases after each save 
30 Apr, 2013 Mariya

Hello! There are two problems: 1) Note that inadequate rapidly increasing size of the stage, it is worth even add a couple of primitive boxes. This Reactor - Collision - Do not store. Yes, in a scene of almost all simple boxes, a pair of uploaded models, and weighs 185 MB. Well too. Help, the reason may be what? 2) That you wrote a letter, and return to the project can not immediately flies. And so every time. Previously, this was not. I think these two issues are related. Help me please.


πŸ€– Control 3ds Max Camera like in FPS video game 
11 Jan, 2013 Sergey

Hello! how it caught the eye of a lesson on creating a controlled (cursor arrows) the camera in 3ds Max. Type in 3d games in the first person. Is it possible to do something like that or I got it wrong? If yes, please tell me where to dig? Thank you!


πŸ€– Vertices and edges no longer move on certain coordinate axis 
10 Dec, 2012 FanSun

Hi, the problem is that the vertices, edges, etc. stopped moving for a certain coordinate axis. screen:


πŸ€– Uneven scaling of the finished models 
22 Nov, 2012 Vladimir

Good den.Est question? I'm on the scene zakiduyu door model it is not ambitious, I know the size of the doorway let 2100h900 how to fit in the door aperture to match the size of the data may then ask them where? Probyval otmashtabirovat tool (sElECt Andes Uniform) created boxing 2100h900 and tried to adjust the zoom but exactly in exactly can not get any bindings need to include? Now the question of how to adjust the size of the objects under the right door this matter or any other element.


πŸ€– Light without light source?? 
10 Nov, 2012 Mariya

Hello, in the final stage (collection Evermotion) can not find the source of light. At rendering all nice, but they like as there is in the project near the lamps. Where is the light? It seems ies, but it is not in the archive. Materials on the lamp all VrayMtl. Some kind of secret?


πŸ€– Materials in Material Map Browser are not showed 
27 Oct, 2012 AnyKey

Hello comrades! Prompt, who can faced with glitches: All the checkboxes are enabled. What to do and who is to blame?)


πŸ€– Set up AutoSave in 3ds Max 
10 Nov, 2012 Mariya

Welcome RenderStaff! Previously, the window always appear at the rally Max information exactly where the backup is stored. Recently cleaned C drive like no maksovskie folder is not touched, but now nothing will not saved. Prompt how to restore such preservation? And tell where the autosave?


πŸ€– How to use Cut tool from Editable Poly in 3ds Max 
27 Oct, 2012 AnyKey

Hello! Prompt how to use Cut'om, I often appear superfluous peaks, even if binding included how to deal with it?


πŸ€– Merge menu gone when pasting object into the scene 
5 Jul, 2012 Naugal

Hi) There was such question: sometimes in the course of work with a scene selection menu disappears insert an object of type "Open-file, Merge file, XRef file, Cancel" object merzh immediately to the scene and becomes the origin. It is not that critical, but quite uncomfortable. Hence the questionπŸ™‚ How to return to the accursed place? In google could not find something ...


πŸ€– Lights gone in the 3ds Max scene 
24 Mar, 2012 Nik

Good afternoon! Prompt please, the light sources in the scene (vireysan, vireyligt) but they are not visible in the viewport as to enable them to display them?


πŸ€– Cannot save settings of 3ds Max Hair and Fur 
5 Mar, 2012 Denis

Hi guys. I have not saved presets Hair & Fur modifier. As I understand this bug is my version of V-Ray'ya (v2.10.01 for 64-bit OSes). Anton, are you telling me that there is a feature to save presets in the unfinished version, and that this bug can be worked around. So I would like to learn how to do it correctly.


πŸ€– How to save separate models from the 3ds Max scene 
19 Feb, 2012 Valeriya

Hello! not the first time encounter. From scene to take the lamp board. Removes everything except the lamp, save that then merge to make the desired scene. It turns weighs 133 mb. What is the problem? already used it thought could help, to no avail.


πŸ€– Texture display in 3ds Max viewport 
5 Feb, 2012 Vladimir

Hello! To start a huge thank you for all that you delaete.Uzhe month sitting on your site, I just zahvati. Show you how to turn on the texture on VrayLightMtl in the viewport.


πŸ€– Scene saves very slowly, 3ds max freezes all the time 
30 Jan, 2012 GSasha

Hello, the problem is that every n number of minutes, completely freezes 3d max, an indefinite number of times, 3-5, 10 minutes. And further along the same lines. I read that because of the autosave can this be - changed interval, ie kept it at me every 5 minutes, this comes out that preservation takes a very long time. The problem again. Change the interval to 60 minutes, max restarted. Then in the assault 3d forums came across such a thing as a conflict, found them in the reactor (max I 2011 design.) - To remove them does not go there all inactive! Further, not the top of the helpers do not - such a thing had met, they seemed to be the same as in the conflicts appear because of the older models in the scene; from libraries across Merdja many models put, apparently that is too much and picked up. I rocked scripts, tried as advised on their forums to remedy the situation.


πŸ€– Working with large scenes in 3ds Max 
29 Jan, 2012 Nikita

It has long been interested in the question, how big can be the scene in max in size? For example, I want to make a model of the city. Total. With the surrounding area, etc. Using natural size. To the camera from a distance it flew in its center and revolves around some buildings. On the experience I did not just stage a radius of more than a kilometer, and then have had difficulty in displaying scenes. It may be enough to increase in direct proportion to the amount of RAM and a video, and then we can make the scene even on the floor of the globe in natural size? Or maybe there is some degradation teksur technology and models, such as in Google-land? Or is it the prerogative of special engines, and an animation in max of this magnitude and not worth thinking? Is inevitably use different scenes - for large and close-up alone? It would be wise to know your opinion, as is done by professionals? Thank you. Sincerely, Nikita.


πŸ€– Force 2-sided in Nitrous, 3ds max 2012 
21 Jan, 2012 blackew

Good afternoon! I use 3ds max 2012. The screenshots depict the model audio speakers ... The first screenshot shows that the left column is not displayed properly (can not see well, or very difficult to see the holes in the personal training ground), the right everything is fine, the difference is that I turned on the left column (flip normal) polygon that It is inside the object. On the second screenshot is the same scene, but in the render, so to render the display of normals correctly, as they should be colorless (black) due to the miss them light, I light is not done in the scene, therefore rendering can say shows in shaded mode , the same proizoyded if shaded in the viewport to put in place realistic. Here is a graphic example: The first screen - just boxing, a second screen - I was inside the box, and that's my question, why do I see the texture inside the box, because there has to be dark and how to configure it?


πŸ€– Out-of-memory error occurred and 3ds Max crash during modeling 
8 Dec, 2011 Mihail

Hello! Perhaps I'll start, here's the thing: modeled in 3ds Max 2012 design, when the complexity of the scene comes to a certain limit, Max begins to kick and an error, if you click "OK," then with the scene file will be destroyed, if canceled, the max just closes but the file will not hurt. I would like to know the source of the problem and how to resolve it. It does not give complete project takes off in 2-3 steps. I tried to do the same project in the 2011th version of the same story. Here is the text of the error: "Out-of-memory error occurred Message:. Bad allocation Please save your scene immediately and shut down 3ds Max Press OK to continue or Cancel to terminate the application.." Thank you in advance!


πŸ€– Technical problems with 3d Max viewport. Scene display bugs 
5 Nov, 2011 max1ch

Welcome RenderStuff! Recently, I faced with a serious problem. It's like some kind of a bug: when you change the size and location of the object, the other windows are starting to shake, and then take the form of a window, in which I work. When Clicking on the windows, they changed back to its previous form. Sometimes other windows flicker during the mouse to one of them, and during the transition to the Max window - focus on the screen copies the previous screen from the browser. I 3ds Max 2012 of the plugins is V-Ray 2.0 color correct. Tell me what could be wrong?


πŸ€– Customizing 3ds Max UI 
1 Oct, 2011 Artem

Let's share your interface settings, can someone somewhere found a interesting reshenie..i it useful to others?)


πŸ€– Cannot group-ungroup in 3ds Max 
27 Jul, 2011 plotnik

plotnik: I can not create a group object -sulfonic door with stained glass, etc. venzelyamii , Details a lot, it does not offer any group or ungroup. RenderStuff: That's really not even a topic name. Please create a new topic with the laconic title Thanks for the answer to the first question -razberus, the second question ... succinctly? Or "group-ungroup"? Bukaf much ... πŸ™‚ I'm trying to group objects, and max does not react in any way, ie not active or no GROUP UNGROUP. It is a door with a bunch of items, stained glass, monograms ...


πŸ€– Assigning hotkeys in 3ds Max 
27 Jul, 2011 plotnik

Hey. 2 questions: 1. Max does not respond to F10. After rendering-render setup on the panel all OK. 2. I can not create a group object -sulfonic door with stained glass, etc. venzelyamii , Details a lot, it does not offer any group or ungroup. Thank you...


πŸ€– Problems in the 3ds Max viewport 
27 Jul, 2011 plotnik

When approaching, moving, rotating wheel, if approached closely, moving is sooo slow, as well as quickly adjust the wheel to reduce a step closer as, for example, in Spanish. Vrayphiscamera - to avoid jerks?


πŸ€– Vertices move in wrong direction, 3ds Max 
11 May, 2011 mOPs

RenderStuff Good nightπŸ˜‰ Vertex'y suddenly stopped listening to me😁 allocates the top, pull strongly on the X-axis, the apex moves in all three axes anywhere ... Here screens: Do not tell me where the dog may be buried?


πŸ€– Import various formats to 3ds Max 
5 Jul, 2012 Naugal

Good day, ladies. In the process, faced with the problem of the import of objects (furniture) in the simulated bCAD. When importing * * dxf and 3ds files, for example, cabinet furniture panels are 6 independent planes rather than polygonal object (or mesh). Maybe you tell how to deal with a disaster? Or someone from the users share the experience? And anyway, it would be useful to know which format is better to save and import 3d objects modeled in third-party products for further work in the most convenient 3d max?


πŸ€– Increasing the number of Material Editor spheres 
2 Mar, 2011 Mat

Hi, how I can do it? I am really cannot cope with the only six of them πŸ™‚


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