Realistic Sofa Creation in 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer, V-Ray from scratch πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

I am presenting to you the tutorial on 3d geometry modeling of the β€œFoliage” sofa created by famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola for the popular Italian furniture brand Kartell. Β  Β  By designer’s idea, the style of sofa symbolizes a tree, where legs are the branches and the leaved canopy is the cushioned leaf-shaped fabric. The real sample of this sofa has been presented on the April exhibition Salone Internazionale del Mobile which took place 2011 in Milan. Its complex shape, the featured tufting, and the abundance of folds cut even the experienced modeler’s claws, say nothing about novices. At first, I couldn’t decide myself from which side to start the modeling from. However, if you look closely, everything is not so complex as it seems. This is what I plan to show you in this tutorial. Let me assure you that this sofa can be done by anyone who has basic skills of 3ds Max and Marvelous Designer.


πŸ€– Making Grass in 3ds Max 
17 Jan, 2018 oskar03154


πŸ€– Modeling Roman curtains: Rendering over window - Part 3 πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello everybody!As a final touch, I decided to write a final lesson in the series "Roman Curtain".From the lesson you will learn:How to implement a global substitution of material in the scene, as well as how to selectively exclude scene objects from this spoof.How to adjust the color of a bitmap texture using the ColorCorrection parameter map.How to create a composite Blend fabric material for curtains based on VrayBlendMtl.How to use the two-way VRay2SidedMtl mat and how to influence the power of the GI material VRayMtlWrapper.How to automatically detect overexposures in a scene using VRayFrameBuffer - Force color Clamping.How to use the Parametric Output map.How do the typical settings for the VRaySun and VRaySky ligament for the interior look?And of course in this tutor we will dwell on some of the problems that arise in the process of creating an interior, relating to the overshoot of the curtains themselves, as well as window slopes.


πŸ€– Mini excavator Hyundai R16-9 3d Model Making Of πŸ“ƒ 
16 Mar, 2015 Aleh (3d modeling expert)

Well, then. I'll try to do something like wipπŸ™‚ I hope this topic will help improve skills for you and me. I will make a model excavator, you will observe, ask questions, comment, advise and correct. I think everyone will benefit so much. In general, "the main thing to get involved in the fight, but there we'll figure it out."It is planned to do:1) High-poly model Hyundai R16-9 Mini Range Excavator for rendering.2) Low-poly model for the game engine UE4.3) Textures.4) Rigging.5) Animation.The plans are great, I hope that everything will be done.HUGE request: if you see that something done by me can be done better / faster / more optimal / cleaner, etc., please do not keep knowledge in yourself, share. I also want to be able to do better / faster / better / cleaner.Part 1. High-poly model.Something about preparations. First of all, I created a project folder in which I started creating logical folders: Separately for photo-ref, scenes of different polygonality, etc.


πŸ€– Questions about GPU rendering with V-Ray RT 
30 Sep, 2014 Primus

Hello! I am interested in the answer to the question regarding Vray RT GPU. Creating a scene, I had to use high-resolution textures in the scene (6000h60002048h2048, etc.). In my two graphics cards for 3 GB of graphics memory and render the image error takes to close vray rt rendering, and memory graphics card fits 3000 GB and abruptly collapses with etoi oshibkoy.Estestvenno no picture no. By using the "resize textures for GPU" even in the format of 2048 is still not render zapuskaetsya.Tolko if I change the setting to 1024, all rendered, but the quality is awful textures when rendering 6000h4000 permits, etc. If anyone encountered this problem and knows the solution, I beg you to help me !? PS I do not want to customize the rendering on the CPU, because the rendering takes forever.


πŸ€– Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 4 πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Depth of field - the artistic effect of blurring the foreground or background with focus on a specific scene can be done in two ways - use the deph-of-field camera setting or you can get a special Zdepth channel with which to process the image in Photoshop.Consider the first option of obtaining depth of field, namely the depth of field of the camera.I use the Vray camera in my scene.All depth-of-field settings are just for her. For a standard camera, the depth of field is adjusted differently.The depth of field in the Vray camera is triggered if several nuances are taken into account:Turn on the depth-of-field function: It is important to arrange the camera itself, namely - where its target is located, the camera's goal should be in the middle of the object, to which we focus, while the focus range will be the near and far boundaries of the camera.


πŸ€– Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 3 πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Creating a scene of the exterior. Lesson from gus_ann. Part 3.In this part of the lesson we will deal with vegetation. We will grow grass, trees, bushes, trees.There are many methods of propagation of grass on the surface, mainly these are various plug-ins.For this purpose I will use the plug-in "Forest Pro". "Forest Pro" is an excellent plug-in that supports Mental Ray, VRay, VRayRT, Maxwell Render, Octane, Arion, Thea Render and Corona Renderer, it allows you to propagate any geometry (bagels, teapots, carpet nap, or fallen autumn leaves, as in The example of Denis "visualization of the autumn park") on the surface (not necessarily even), but if you use the licensed version, you will have to pay about 190 euros.


πŸ€– Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 2 πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

In this lesson we will create lighting and consider an interesting way to create material for the road.Under the bench create Plane - a land of large size, put on it a texture of grass: I will assign the UVW map modifier, type Plane, size 2000-2000. Here's how it looks in the top view: Create a Vray Physical camera, position it so that you can see the shop. In the camera settings, I change the following settings: For fast test renders, I'll put the initial settings: Lighting.I'll go to Vray light sources and create a Vray Dome, set the intensity of its glow to 1: I have an HDRI image of the sky:Attention, the image below is not an HDRI image, it's a normal picture in jpg format. HDRI image should be in ROW format! There are many sites with HDRI panoramas of the sky, both paid and free. For example, you can download the HDRI sky map here http://www.graphixshare.


πŸ€– Creation the Exterior Scene Tutorial - Part 1 πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Creating a scene of the exterior. Lesson from gus_ann. Part 1.Hello everybody! We begin to make the exterior. This lesson does not affect the exterior, but it is still necessary to create the main element of the scene.BenchThe central object for my work will be a shop. I found a reference store, according to which I will model it:I will open 3ds Max, I will adjust the unit of measurement (I will work in mm, but it's not a matter of principle). Further, to make it easier to work, I want to upload an image of this shop to the Front window. To do this, I'll make the Front window active, go to views-viewport background-configure viewport background:A window will open where I press the indicated buttons one by one, and I will show the picture of the bench-reference. Click on Ok, and in the Front window I will see an image:If you look at the bench, you can disassemble it into very simple elements.


πŸ€– Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 5 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

As a rule, any rendering requires post-processing, there is always something to fix and improve.Post-processing images can be done in various ways. Consider the option of processing the HDR picture as the most literate and has wide capabilities on the example of a night render, it is most revealing.Render in HDR.To get an HDR render, follow the V-Ray rollout: Color mapping turn off the checkboxes:Sub-pixel mappingClamp outputStart the render, wait for it to finish, then save in the Open EXR format.When saving to this format in 3ds Max, a window opens, in which we must specify the saving options we need:Format - Full Float (32 bits / Channel)Compression - ZIP of any type.Type - RGB.Processing in Photoshop.Open the saved render in Photoshop:We will see that the picture is highlighted, it's not at all what we saw in 3ds Max while saving. Let's fix the situation: add a new layer "Exposure" and move the slider "gamma correction" to 0.45.


πŸ€– Correct 3dmax project structure, Set project folder button 
12 Nov, 2013 Demmax

Hello. Actually what's the point "Set project folder" button (3dmax 2011)? 3dmax that keeps itself in the project folder, and you need to throw in any sub-folders? The problem arose at work, structuring projects leaves much to be desired, I would like to somehow improve the situation. To each of us, workers could open the project colleagues, and projects themselves compactly, that is. in the project folder has a subfolder "files"? What's in it, who is that in there and it saves a file? Thank you


πŸ€– Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 4 πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

For a quick preliminary visualization, we change the scene settings to the primary ones specified in the first part, also we will not forget to change the size of the received image 640 * 480. Go into Environment and Effects, turn off the sky map, and turn off the sun in its modifier (who it's on): Let's change the picture of the background behind the window to the night one, I applied the image cropping to it, fitting it to the size of the plate outside the window: We reduce the strength of its glow by 3: VrayLight in the window, serving as a heavenly portal, turn it off, we do not need it anymore: Hide the curtain-tulle and do a test render: Well, it's night in our scene. I'll make the curtain visible.I'll put the sphere type in the VrayLight chandelier, the glow strength is 10 color 28,47,255. I'll make this VrayLight light me only a chandelier from the inside, playing the role of a light bulb.


πŸ€– Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 3 πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

In the process of work, I decided to change the wallpaper with the fish for the others:   And paste them all over the wall (for this, first remove all the modifiers UVWMap, Edit Poly, UVWMap) from the walls. Change the map of fish to a color map in the material for the walls. It is necessary to select the polygons of the wall, reassign them SetID. With the polygons selected, assign the UVWMap box type again, in the UVWMap modifier, place tiling 2 along the U axis. For polygons with plaster: add the Edit Poly modifier, select the polygons with ID = 1, assign UVWMap for the selected polygons, box type 800/800/800). I also changed the color of the dark curtains. Molding and plinth Draw the molding and plinth.


πŸ€– Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 2 πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

There may be questions: "But what about the arc behind the window? Why Plaine? "It all depends on the situation and the image that we use, or rather on its proportions. You can use the arc if you have a panoramic image, because In this case, the width of the picture will be much larger than its height. You can use a circle, then squeeze it out and also use a panoramic closed image (without seams), if we have windows on all walls. And you can then just substitute the background in Photoshop."If I use an arc, how do I correctly apply a background to it?"I have two versions of Max - 2009 and 2013. In 2009, the version somehow never had problems with overlay and texture mapping in the viewport, in 2013 the texture does not want to be displayed in the projection window and is not superimposed correctly. Why dont know. There is a way out of the situation.Create an arc, squeeze it to the desired height, apply our background material to it.


πŸ€– Modeling room in 3ds Max and interior rendering in V-Ray - Part 1 πŸ“ƒ 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello everybody!At the forum there are such questions:How to adjust interior lighting?Why do I have a light on the ceiling?Which settings are better for using in rendenge?How to properly model and text the walls?Where to begin?There are a lot of settings, all different, someone uses one, someone else ... So how to do it correctly?This is exactly what you are most interested in.So let us understand together how this is done. I'll show you openly how I do it. Since I really love the site RENDERSTUFF, we will use the settings that we are recommended in the lessons on lighting settings.Let's start from the very beginning.I drove to a stop, measured the whole apartment, drew a plan in the autocad and that's what I got: Above this plan in AutoCAD, I will draw only the contour of the walls with a polyline and save this file separately (removing all but the polyline).I want to make a children's room (the others I've already done). This room is upper left. Open 3ds Max and configure the units.


πŸ€– Black screen in both V-Ray RT and Production Render 
1 Oct, 2013 Alisa

Before, everything was normal, now do not want to work any V-Ray RT no proper Render .. RT writes in red font Unsupported: sub-pixel color mapping and Waiting for image data .. as usual, but the screen remains black do not expect much. If you turn it calculates Render the scene in 25 seconds and the screen is black. Logically, if you think the problem is in the color mapping, but dig deeper there, my "black problem" remained the same color .. Please help.


πŸ€– Creating a template scene for furniture rendering 
7 Sep, 2013 Maksim

Hello dear portal RenderStuff!First of all, I would like to thank you for the tremendous amount of work on literacy in V-Ray. Your articles touch on profound aspects, and all this in a simple and accessible languageπŸ˜‰ I use your optimal settings for 2 years, created comfortable presets based on them, so most renderers happen in 2 clicks πŸ™‚Recently I started to visualize furniture sets for the interior (kitchens, upholstered furniture, cabinet furniture, bedroom furniture, etc. But since there are a lot of sets, and the tasks are about the same, I thought about creating template scenes that are suitable for batch rendering of already created scenes .The first task is to create a render of individual elements and render assemblies in the collection (unfortunately I did not find the renderers in the assembly, but I think the essence will be clear). In the picture of course this is all poor, I need some reflections in the objects, the visibility of the texture of the tree, the clarity of the volume.


πŸ€– How to make Vray Mtl a default material 
1 Sep, 2013 Artem

Perhaps the question has already been sounded but as I can not find an answer. How to make material Vray Mtl default material in the window Material Editor? πŸ™„


πŸ€– Too much 3d max processes in Task Manager 
6 Jun, 2013 Mariya

Hello! I open the Manager, and then 8 apps 3d Max. The first takes 3GB, the rest 400-200Mb in descending order. I delete unwanted everything works fine. After some time, again climbs. What it is?


πŸ€– After minimizing 3ds Max windows, scene becomes non-responsible 
6 Jun, 2013 Mariya

Hello Renderstuff! Here's the problem: it is necessary to roll the scene as the back "unrolling" it no longer responds (the scene itself appears, but all black toolbar) .Such a problem on the laptop and on the new computer (Core i7-3770, at 3,4GHz, 8GB oper. Ge-forse 650 Ti). First order (300MB scene) done without any problems. But now (20MB Scene) climbed a problem. Help, please, impossible to work ....


πŸ€– ColorCorrect errors 
17 Jan, 2013 Serik

Installed color correct_v3.4.105.11_64bit Launch 3ds max 2009x64 Gives DLLfailed to initialize. Error code 14001 Failed to start the application, since its parallel configuration is incorrect. A max works I have Windows 7 sp1 x64.


πŸ€– Going from Vray to Default Scanline 
26 Aug, 2012 Mariya

Hello RenderStaff! Can I use the Default Scanline achieve similar Vray renderings? Let's not 100%, but decent. Yes, I'm not a pro, but it took me 2 days to the fact to deal with relatively VraySun, VraySky and somehow more or less put the light. The color of the texture in the viewport does not correspond to the color rendering. I have a lot of problems and issues Nemer. My designer, under the guidance of which I am trying to draw in order to validate the color 10 times changing shades textures, each time have to do render, even on low settings it takes a lot of time. He urges move to Default Scanline. Yes, everything is faster, and the light putting and renderki fast. But HORRIBLE. All lessons are devoted vireyu, so little information about the Scanline, this method is really quite hopeless? PS You too, so messing with textures achieving the right color, every time they render and viewing the result?


πŸ€– Downloaded 3d model is displayed black 
18 May, 2012 Vanda

How to make imported furniture has a color? Installed furniture displayed completely in black, and I would like in that color that originally downloaded the.


πŸ€– Using Blur texture parameter 
12 Mar, 2012 Oleg

Dear colleagues. As the parameter "blur" effect on the quality of the textures? I certainly understand that it does increase the texture more blurred, and the decrease - clear. But I'm wondering your opinion on this issue. Does it make sense to touch it at all and it does not affect whether a change to the rendering?


πŸ€– Cloth simulation in(for) 3ds Max 
21 Aug, 2016 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello, questions will probably just two, but one topic. As textile wrap like this: And that's how to do so, see salfenku under the lamp.: I know that it is necessary to apply modifiers apparel maker and cloth, to make the simulation, indicating a solid body to which the material will fall, but how to create folds? Especially interested in the option to the cloth


πŸ€– Cannot save setup presets in V-Ray 
23 Feb, 2012 Denis

Hi Max and Anton! As I promised start a new topic. Recently noticed shortcomings in the 3Ds Max'a and V-Ray'ya: when I use the Hair & Fur modifier and try to save the preset settings, in the end it does not appear in the list of presets (only available standard presets, those that come with V-Ray 'it), when I try to download, although maintaining all goes well. Also presets render settings are not saved, or rather when you save a preset in the list, but his future is loaded, nothing happens and the rendering does not change the settings. In work using 3Ds Max 2012 and V-Ray v2.10.01 for all 64-bit OSes. I thought that you might come across similar shortcomings, and there are some official patches or scripts or ways to address these shortcomings. I would like to get rid of these bugs, and do not waste time on stage to reconfigure or permanent perezalivaniya scene. Advise how to properly and safely eliminate these flaws developers.


πŸ€– Versions of 3ds max and their compatibility 
16 Jan, 2012 Ilya

And please tell me, Max Max 9 and 2009 are two different versions, and how compatible plugins for them?


πŸ€– Creating double-sided blanked in 3ds Max + V-Ray 
23 Nov, 2011 Ilya

Good day! During the creation of the interior was faced with the following problem. With the manufacturer's Web site downloaded a ready-made model beds in 3ds format. Now the texture odeala need to create a two-way, namely: Colorful top, bottom side, in turn, must be monotonic - for example blue. I can not imagine how it is possible to do something like that. Thanks in advance


πŸ€– Creating realistic flourescent light 
23 Feb, 2012 Denis

Hello RS! I am going to simulate a virtual project: the seat visualization subway simple tunnel based here this reference design to simulate the environment of the car. The most important part of the tunnel is the light from the fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamps), and then he will be viewed in the car windows. So I would like to learn how to properly simulates a light.


πŸ€– 3ds Max Script, where to start 
23 Sep, 2011 Andrey

Zdorovenko buly all! I recently asked a single question seriously - how to get the job done in a much more mobile chtoli Max? Well, or something like that) How long have heard of Max Script-e as that facility, which allows the mobility, flexibility, speed, and everything else, but there is always one thing. Namely - as far as I know scripting in itself - it is a simplified programming (self-programming is much harder on myself I know, he tried kak-to chto-to write in C + +, damn zadolbalsya😁, too much scientific Labuda need to know ) and therefore the question: How well do you have to be knowledgeable in matters of programming and mathematics in order to sit for Max Script?


πŸ€– How to create nice realistic carpets in 3DS MAX and VRAY? 
23 Sep, 2011 Andrey

Hello RenderStuff-y and all CG-odnopolchantsam! Guys - decided to put up for discussion in my opinion a very interesting question: how do the actual normal carpets in 3DS MAX-e, so much so that did not eat a lot of resources and looked fine, but not as a "biscuit". After all I tried to do himself in two different ways their mats - the first was the fact that I used the modifier displasementa and maps to create the effect of the roughness of my carpet, but it turned out not so hot as. Second method I call the use of the module generating fur Hair & Fur. But with the last coming true Armageddon - such carpets are rendered impossible for a long time. But I'm not completely figured out yet how to Use this Hair & Fur, but the network was reading a lot of information on this subject, there are many complained about the same problemtsu in principle - rendered long. Spread my two screens nedovedennyh to mind works and now this In both I used displeysement card + modifier.


πŸ€– Scripts, plug-ins, add-ons to 3ds Max. Who uses them? 
3 Jul, 2011 Artem

Good afternoon, I would like to know what uses renderstuff for simplification and better control over the work of a 3d package 3ds max as well as being v-ray. I think over the years and accumulated tons of experience you have something to share with us. Thanks in advance for the answerπŸ™‚


πŸ€– Materials MTL file in 3ds Max 
1 Jul, 2011 Aleksandr

Hello, a question, Entire Library to a file with the extension model .mtl. Here's how to apply it as a ispodzovat, please tell me πŸ™‚ thank you. PS I tried simply by importing the model, all odny folder, see such materials, but they are transparent and not rendered ..


πŸ€– Moving 3ds Max scene to another PC 
14 Jun, 2011 Dikij

Lord, tell me how to solve this poser. I myself am a beginner in max so sorry if I ask a stupid question. There are 2 computers, one weak, the other stronger. Create a scene on low, it works, but it is very hinders the system, copy the file with the extension max on the second computer and try to open it. The result was a sad, after the application downloads the computer hangs, and an error video driver, or even go on the restart. Before you downloaded previous versions of the scene it worked. Both computers should MAH9 and VRAY 1.5. He tried not to open the stage and add or import one result, all hanging. Somehow it turned open, worked all day, remained. Now, again, it does not open the scene already stored on your computer. As I understand the problem with the settings that are loaded along with the scene, but that's where it is to configure, and how to adjust, if the scene had not yet opened.


πŸ€– Create own material library in 3ds Max 
13 Jun, 2011 Yelena

Good afternoon! Tell me is it possible to create your own personal library of materials to keep to its already once customized materials and other people's favorite?


πŸ€– Drawing with size labels in 3ds max 
31 May, 2011 mOPs

Good afternoon, RenderStuff. The real question I think is clear, but that more clear, I will give an example. I have drawn, say, a computer desk. I liked everything, I want to do it yourself or order in a furniture company. Accordingly, the necessary drawings with all dimensions. Front, sides, top, is kind of like not a problem. But that's how this all dimensioning as drawings? Interested in is the ability to do this is by means of 3ds max, without exports in Autocad and similar programs. Can I?


πŸ€– How to optimize 3ds Max scene 
23 May, 2011 plotnik

If you hide the objects in rendering means they do not participate-not load renderer? If they are just not visible in the viewport - for example, behind the wall, they are still considered to render, ie, ext. load? Therefore, it is better to do? ALL translate into proxy? Objects should be on the low poly opportunities? What does the optimize modifier, how, where and when I use? What else? What else is used to reduce the load render = reduce rendering times? Correct vray settings, light -podrazumevayutsya.


πŸ€– What term resolution means in 3ds Max 
23 May, 2011 plotnik

About resolution. Please correct me: there are picture resolution, render, pattern, texture, frame buffer storing the image (in different formats), ... what else? How is it all right to combine for the best results? Exhibited in the frame buffer 2500 .. -vyletaet max. My iron is 2-3 years ago, I felt very good, it seems, no longer exists. And how to correctly set the resolution at all locationsπŸ™‚ where it is possible? Or render to a file? Or 24 hours for the final rkndera this normal? I tried their own words to describe the problem, although it is not a problem? Perhaps this is the basics of Max, but I do not understand them.


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