Best modeling technique for further unwrapping 
29 Oct, 2011 zero

Hi renderstuff good day, I just to ask if you have a tutorial for unwrapping just like what you did on your models.Thanks in advance and more power.


πŸ€– Kitchen sink 3d modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 Ilya

I have great difficulty modeling in 3Ds Max. I repeat as a parrot other's tutorials, but when I try to make a model that I need, I immediately block. I already wrote many times here on the forum and I was helped all the time, but I still can not understand the basic principles of modeling. Following Alekh's example - "Do not be naughty and wait for you to be shown and taught, and take and do, showing others what you are doing."


πŸ€– Cell grid 3d modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 Ilshat

How to model uniform squares for car radiator grille?


πŸ€– Gillette-type safety razor 3d modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 Ilshat

Hello tell me how to simulate the beam that's it from the machine


πŸ€– Screw head SubD modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 zooxel

There is one lesson to create a model HiPoly cap screw / bolt / screw. Do not go out to do what is chamfered roughness obtained ...


πŸ€– Rolled paper manuscript 3d modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 Luska

Hi guys. Maybe you can help me. How to simulate here is a diploma as a scroll: According to the idea, it should be framed for the TV.


πŸ€– Worn fabric curtains 3d modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 Lusnyak

I'm not exactly new to 3ds max, but one can not seem to understand. I simulate the old library. So, there I need that would be torn fabric, flabby, old - tablecloth or curtains. I wanted to find an example, but nothing suitable found. I do not know could razyasnit or not, but I tried


πŸ€– Nautilus shell modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 Jane

It is necessary to dock the polygons that are spiraling upward to the restriction. Experience in working with the program is very small, but it is very necessary to do! : | Polygon with a red arrow pulled extrusion. I tried to connect the 2 ribs, but to no avail. It is necessary to merge the model, as it were put together ... If anyone can help, please describe for words teapot πŸ™‚


πŸ€– SubD modeling shaped hole on complex surface 
6 Apr, 2017 Usco (3d modeling expert)

There is a plane having a bevel. On the slant is a hole. Bevel crosses the hole below the center line. The problem at the intersection of the bevel with an opening - it is impossible to make the transition. It is necessary to overstie and was round and bevel did not lose stiffness. Method for TurboSmooth iter.2, without triangles.


πŸ€– Gun handle grip modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 ASRockus

Friends, who knows how to do such a thing? The second day I do not sleep😁 Who has any ideas


πŸ€– Lampshade with cutouts modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 Natali

The fact irregular grid. But in this case it has to do pravilnoy.Ya himself pattern profile made only with vertices Kohner to smoothing was not, and Boelen vychitala.Nu already even at this stage leave stains and all. And I would like to make another facet along the perimeter of the pattern)


πŸ€– Dotted Surface 3d Modeling 
6 Apr, 2017 Konstantin

how to simulate a handle to a mene number of polygons does not rolls over, and she looked beautiful, I have left about 100 thousand, and 10 of these pens in the viewport


πŸ€– Beer glass 3d modeling 
5 Apr, 2017 mOPs

Greetings. Interested question simulation patterns on a glass of beer. The very form clear how to do, not a problem. But those recesses made to break the brains, in search of the optimal method. But so far other than the method of Boolean objects is nothing faster does not come. Lord 3Dzhedai πŸ™‚ please share the experience of who and how such models.


πŸ€– Creating plants 3D models 
5 Jan, 2017 Olya

Hello renderstuff! You are my last hope! Prompt, point, give practical advice on creating 3d models of plants, elegant vases with flowers, trees of all yes, anything in this regard: Is that all you can create in Max as quickly as the other models of the same furniture or buildings.


πŸ€– How to apply a pattern of splines to the polygon 
11 Sep, 2015 Daniil

Hello everybody. How can I apply a pattern of the splines on the ground, in other words how to cut a polygon on the spline. I know that this is possible, just completely forgot. πŸ™„


πŸ€– Geometry Ceramic Tilework Tutorial πŸ“ƒ 
9 Oct, 2013 Denis (3d modeling expert)

Step-by-step instruction for creating a tile tile geometry.Hello to all the inhabitants of the resource, in particular to you Anna_b.As promised, I spread the instructions for creating a model for the kitchen apron tiles in your reference.In the course of the work, we will make two tile pieces of tiles: - a composite tile - a simple square. In the end, we will multiply them on the surface of the apron: First we need to determine the size of the tiles. Looking at the size of the space and the number of tiles in the row, then by simple calculations it is immediately evident that the size of the tile is 100 mm on each side. The thickness of the tile can not be determined, so we will ask about the approximate size, I took 5 mm. The size of the seams, I chose 1 mm, because in reality the tiles are laid, inserting plastic crosses into the joint space. They also have their standard size, I chose the smallest.Just wanted to make a refinement in size.


πŸ€– Wall socket 3d modeling in 3ds Max, mini tutorial πŸ“ƒ 
6 Apr, 2017 Usco (3d modeling expert)

AC outlet Modeling Mini Tutor. Here, I showed why I chose so many sides to the cylinder. Rosette is with 2 variants of the projections, "rectangular" and "rounded" (recently saw) as an example. 2-It is necessary to convert to Editable Poly. 8 One way to anchor when the alignment is relative any point. 13 This is necessary as only tsiindr napravlyayka for leveling points (16,17). After his prowess. 30 Repeat the previous steps. 53.71 rail wheels. These cuts 60 only to do, at step 62 Extrude. Without them there is no place it will move apart. [...]


πŸ€– Modeling bean-bag chair in 3ds Max, mini tutorial πŸ“ƒ 
6 Apr, 2017 Usco (3d modeling expert)

Hello! How to create a chair Bag (bulb)? On the Internet I can not find a tutorial for creating chairs pears: | As I understand it to create it is not very difficult (could be wrong πŸ‘Œ) and on the basis of the lessons which in the models did dents using BEVEL! I also tried to do so😁 but got a delirium πŸ™„ could, would not you tell me how to make a chair, not necessarily what is in the picture (sorry if I shall seem insolent πŸ‘Œ) Well, or at least, if you know where You can see the tutorial on how to make this chair, post a link. I hope you will help me πŸ‘


πŸ€– Using Attach command in Editable Poly, 3ds Max 
30 Apr, 2013 Yana

Greetings! Recently I began to explore such opportunities 3d max, both of PROXY , but not for the first time confronted here with what: before pressing the v-ray mesh export, the model must be "attach-pull the" what problems arise ... well if You can select all the polygons of the model once and just click Attach, but often grouped model of different objects, then it is necessary to click on a small square next to the attech, pops up a menu where you can specify that all components of the model you want to merge. The problem is that this is not always square (this function or menu) is displayed. Sometimes just the button itself and all ... Here it enters into a stupor. In my particular example, there is a model plant pots with flowers, you want to turn into a proxy, but highlighting the model by parts and applying to each of the associations attech I'll do. I still do not have experience with these programs function ...


πŸ€– How to paint the walls of particular room? 
25 Mar, 2013 Svetlana

I made the wall with the help of a spline and Extrude modifier. The house has several rooms. And the wall is built with one room and continue to another (the partition between them). Applying the material to the walls of a room painted a wall in another room. Convert all to Editable Poly, still painted all. To select only one wall of the room for painting?


πŸ€– How to make 3d model based on shape from Adobe Illustrator 
14 Feb, 2013 YaNOT

is a model of the stencil in .AI format in 3dsmax need to make the panel in 1: 1 scale (2240h1340 mm) panels, which feature holes cut in .AI file, how to do it? I tried ShapeMerge and then transfer to editpoly - does not go out? buggy shapemerge, and then buggy editpoly ^ ((


πŸ€– Separation of the 3d model by Material ID 
5 Jan, 2013 Dmitriy

Hello, I have a problem: there is a single object with multiple superimposed on it Material ID, and I need to divide it into several separate objects so that each of them had only one Material ID. I usually do this: apply Unwrap UVW, turn on the editing of polygons allocated desired by pressing the Select MatID, then top to apply the modifier Edit Mesh, turn on polygon level and separates what is highlighted (that is what I and isolated Unwrap UVW). But this method works strange: quite often the allocation does not go into Edit Mesh and I get that allocated 0 polygons, respectively, I can not separate them. Tell me, please, another way, or am I doing wrong in this. Here are the screenshots if you want to:


πŸ€– Best way to model and texture floorboard 
11 Oct, 2012 Darya

Good day, Dear! Designers love the floorboard! And I do not know how it correctly models. Size 3 m 30 cm. I usually do on the plane and pull nΡ‘Ρ‘ texture. It turns out like this: How do you think it looks like on the floorboard? In-HETE is hard to find good texture floorboard (can advise?) In contrast to the brick, for example. Maybe all the normal people do it geometry, then its texture? For example, I have a great library Arroway Textures tree. Share your experiences πŸ™‚


πŸ€– Modelling interior walls in 3ds Max 
26 Sep, 2012 justaperson

Hi) Please help me, how do I properly set up a wall? Point out my mistakes in every paragraph, if any. Start with a simple simulation of the room. I choose the method Poly modeling: 1 - Box, segments 1x1, specifying sizes, convert to editable poly. 2 - Select the desired side polygons me, and used me Extrude the desired distance. 3 - Extrud`om built room box. 4 - After selecting the edges of walls, Connect`om took advantage to create windows of segments, with the right dimensions. 5 - Creates a window of existing edges, using the Bevel, Outline, Extrude, Connect. 6 - To create the glass, I contributed Windows polygons, and pressed of Detach, and applied Material - Glass. 7 - The same thing I've done for window frames - Detach, Material - wood. At the rear window could not seal the edges, not Bridg`il Bridge πŸ™„ always worked, so I did! Question 1: But honestly, I now think, why bother of Detach, it somehow affects the further texture mapping?


πŸ€– Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max 
26 Aug, 2012 Nikk

I want to learn how to model cars. From time to time there are problems and neponyatki while drawing. Can I run the theme here, and will periodically upload screenshots and questions? Draw decided Audi R8. Here are photos of the car. Here are the initial mesh Normally I do it? Or are there any comments? In some places, the grid floats slightly - I understand where there are three- and five-way summit. And isoline turned on in the settings turbosmooth is clearly visible (1,2,3). Also, in these locations significantly dazzled surface (4.5) How to avoid these problems?


πŸ€– How to cover something with feathers in 3d max 
22 Aug, 2012 Kant

Hi! I've heard that you can create feathers using the Vray Fur, Fur If not possible, there are still some plugin that allows you to do this? ... thank you!


πŸ€– Modeling facade with shaping in 3ds Max 
1 Jul, 2012 Alex

Good day. Tell me, please, how to simulate kitchen fronts with milling? How to create a depressed area or holes with smooth rounded edges on the surface of the facade?


πŸ€– Add road to landscape in 3ds Max 
16 Apr, 2012 Irina

Hello! Thank you very much for all the previous help !! Please tell me how to relief, made with the help of DISPLACE modifier, apply the road? I did the following: painted road lines, then BEVEL modifier and the resulting "road-plate" bent on the relief points. But it turns out not very nice. QUESTION: to do the same method, but bending thoroughly with a large number of CMV points, or you can make the roads in another way? (Comes to mind: the same incident tablecloths: ie if the road "dropped" on their form of relief). Attached is a picture that is impossible to me. THANK YOU!


πŸ€– Tiling three-dimensional surfaces in 3ds max 
1 Apr, 2012 Naugal

Good afternoon, RS, and forum users. Interested in how to create a realistic decorative stone material, for use in the interior scenes. There is such a texture I tried a variety of ways: bump, diplacement in the material, VRayDiplacementMod ... their personal and diversified combination of realistic does not come out, it turns out nonsense type How to be? What and Who is to blame?πŸ™‚ Could do with geometry for less realistic result? But this zhesh ... hoo! ...) Can a generator that artificial stone then there? In summary, I ask the Council: who and how does this solve the problem? Share your experience!) How can I improve the realism of the material?


πŸ€– Modeling fabric fringe in 3ds Max 
11 Feb, 2012 Denis

Hello RS! Always tormented by the question how to simulate elements of decoration, such as tassels and fringe. 1. 2. 3. Several ways I met (with the help of Hair & Fur'a, Scatter'a, grouping splines, etc.), but it all concisely described and the method itself was never caught. I would like to know, in general terms, as you do, and what method is the most rational in this regard.


πŸ€– Sub-elements in 3ds Max'es Editable Poly 
4 Feb, 2012 blackew

Hello experts RenderStuff! My samouchenie presented me another headache for seemingly trifling matter ... When modeling complex with lots of details and polygons, proves very useful ability to assign multiple ranges as a single element or object by Detach to Element / as Object. When doing this, you must select the desired polygons, but it is not always possible to do exactly as intended, ie, it happens that some relevant polygons remain outside the separation, for example, because they are too small or simply placed under the difficult angle for viewing. Hence my question is how can then create a new item to add to it the missing polygons, so that would be all that was one element? Of course the first thing that came to mind in zalest Attach and find something like Attach the Polygon, but for some reason there is not provided. or another solution ... how you can cancel the created element, ie, cancel the operation on the selected polygons Detach to Element?


πŸ€– 3ds Max Loft on multiple splines at a time 
1 Feb, 2012 Edvard

Good time of day) and thank you that you are!) The question is ... There are a number of splines (12), for example the cut profile pvc door. Using the method Loftinga make them the door itself, but it is necessary to apply this method to each of the splines, and whether they can unite as a thread, and then again proloftit disconnect for texturing. To all at onceπŸ™‚πŸ™‚ I hope it is clear the issue wrote, worn out with these doors already, firebrand does not cook ... In advance thank you very muchπŸ™‚πŸ™‚


πŸ€– Subdivision Surface: tips and tricks of SubD modeling 
24 Jan, 2012 mOPs

Hello everybody. Max, I'm not the first time I hear about modellingu quads, and so he modelil the familiar sofa "chester", but why quads? Instead of such triangles? Or octagons? πŸ™‚ It can be a bit of theory to understand?


πŸ€– Realistic snow in 3ds Max 
12 Jan, 2012 Ilya

Good afternoon ! Recently discovered your site - it's really a godsend for nakinayuschego modeller !!! At me here what question arose, how and what you can do here is:


πŸ€– Performing tile or brickwork in 3ds max 
19 Nov, 2011 zakazchik81

hi all .... 3deshnikam need to decompose properly and more bright tiles in san site ... What plug-ins, scripts to use .... And if you can popodrobnee.Srochno necessary.


πŸ€– How to use Sweep modifier in 3ds Max 
14 Nov, 2011 Artem

Hello. Recently discovered here is such a jamb using sweep modifier and setting the parameters of more than 300 mm. When you approach it is clear that there is not clear displacement of the upper belt of the points relative to the lower ... can somehow get rid of it? ... Oh, it's very easy to use a modifier. And I love that the scene was all vertex in the vertexπŸ™‚πŸ™‚


πŸ€– Modeling forged shapes in 3ds Max 
17 Oct, 2011 Margarita

Please tell me how to simulate the staircase with wrought iron railing. How to simulate the forging? I looked through many lessons, but could not find how to model. Thank you in advance.


πŸ€– Loft instrument in 3ds Max, details of usage 
11 Feb, 2012 Denis

Hello the RS, modeled on section and path (splines), by modifier "loft", the cover of the cupboard and now faced with wrong display of faces after lofting resembles inverted normal (normal check - it's OK). Do not tell what I did wrong, how to get rid of these defects or reset the display Polycom model. Screens enclose: 1. - View in viewport 2. - Render in sermate and HDRI map surrounded by 3. - Render the tree pictures and HDRI map in the environment.


πŸ€– Modeling classical furniture in 3ds Max 
29 Jul, 2011 Yellesar

Again Hello πŸ™‚ I have one question arose again, and I could not find the answer in Google, sings ask it here) in the past two months, doing modeling of classic patterns and make any pattern already nesostavlyaet problems but was very interesting how to build the forms of furniture? toyst something on which all patterns are hanging, for the forms is quite interesting and I would like to talk about their creation. here are a few images for which there is a form of: I beat bi uslishat very happy to answer πŸ™‚


πŸ€– Details of using Spacing Tool in 3ds Max 
24 Jan, 2012 mOPs

Question by modeling Spacing Tool. I draw two lightning link (top + bottom), I draw a spline path. Opt Spacing Tool pointing the way. All is fine, but the trouble is the fact that all the units look strictly one-way: And I would like that they were rotated according to the track. When activated, the parameter Follow (follow), they line up, but are folded into a horizontal position: Turning the sample did not give the desired result: (Links are set manually)


πŸ€– Polygons smoothing on 3ds max models 
24 Jan, 2012 mOPs

Question on the low poly modeling. For example, 3d models of kitchen hoods Falconi . In modeling circles or rounded areas on the model, there is a question about the optimal choice of the number of edges (polygon) - how much better and how best? In one of the models hoods Falconi seen on the grid (see. Screenshot below), the number of ribs, adjacent to the area of ​​the circle is small and the final rendering can be seen that this is enough. On the other models, the number of edges is much longer, but the quality circle (according to final render) the same. So how do you still choose the optimal number, really only the "eye"?


πŸ€– Assigning Material ID to polygons in EditPoly 
24 Jan, 2012 mOPs

In many classes faced with the fact that the object is created, such as Box, further converted into EditPoly allocate part of polygons, open Material Editor and assign the selected polygons of the material with a certain texture. Then invert the selection and the remaining polygons are assigned a second material. That is happening texturing / assigning materials to individual polygons, so to speak - directly. No matter how many tried to do like - it does not work. I use 3ds Max Design 2009 + VRay 1.5 SP2 only way I know - it is in operation with polygons EditPoly modifier rollout settings Polygon: Material IDs assignment of a dedicated group of polygons separate ID (ID1 and ID2 in the above example, as materials 2) later in the material editor assigning each group of polygons (each ID) of its material by Multi / Sub-Object material.


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